The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 561 Self-righteous

After everyone got on the car, Scott drove in the direction of Lan Couch Building.

Elodie and Nova were obviously very concerned about why Scott became the driver of Lan Couch Group. So they would glance at Scott from time to time.

Aydin also noticed that Elodie and Nova knew the driver, so he asked in a low voice, “Do you two know this driver?”

Elodie nodded and said, “This person is Scott I mentioned to you before. I thought he has already run off, but I didn’t expect that he went to Lan Couch Group as a driver.”

Aydin immediately widened his eyes, and said with surprise on his face, “He is the Scott who donated one billion to our school? Holly shit! Why would he be a driver?”

Elodie suddenly said with a little disdain, “Who knows if the billion dollars is his own? Didn’t I tell you before that he was just a toy boy who was raised by a rich woman? Later, when I heard him lecture, I thought I might have misunderstood him. Now, when I saw him as a driver, I suddenly felt that his billion was given by someone else. Because he provoked the Sue family, his sugar mommy kicked him off, so he could only be a driver.”

When Aydin heard this, his face suddenly showed a contemptuous look. Then he said, “The man I despise the most is this kind of toy boy. He is a big man, but actually has to rely on women to support him. It is really shameful.”

“Don’t say that. Scott’s lectures are very well. He may just be confused for a while.” Although Elodie said bad words about Scott to Nova every day and now Nova had no good impression of Scott at all, she still couldn’t help but speak for Scott.

“If so, he is even more shameful. He clearly has the ability to make money, but he doesn’t make money by himself. He actually wants to be raised by the rich woman. This kind of person sucks. He is not a good guy.” Aydin said even more contemptuously.

Elodie nodded in agreement, feeling that Aydin said nothing wrong.

Although they lowered their voices, there was not much space in the car. So others could hear them clearly. Everyone sitting in the car heard their conversation.

Many people felt contempt for Scott. They never thought that the driver who came to pick them up would be such a person.

“Unexpectedly, there are such people in this world. They are obviously capable, but they have to rely on women to support them.
It’s shameless.”

“Such a person generally has no good endings. Even if he lived so well before, he still has become a driver now. This is retribution.”

“I didn’t expect this driver to offend the Sue family. I have to stay away from him. I can’t let him bring unluck to me.”

Listening to the people in the car, Aydin showed a sneer on his face. He had always been not afraid to cause trouble. Knowing that the driver was Scott who Elodie told him and he recalled what Elodie told him about Scott, he had an urge to mock Scott.

Thinking that Scott offended the Sue family anyway and was a driver now, Aydin felt that Scott would definitely not dare to be arrogant anymore. Besides, as a driver, Scott had nothing to be arrogant.

A smirk appeared on Aydin’s face, then he sat in the front seat, and said to Scott who was sitting in the driving seat, “Hey, man, I heard that you used to be awesome. You donated one billion to our school? But why do you become a driver now?”

Scott glanced at the boy in the rearview mirror. He also heard some of the words of those behind him just now, but he didn’t want to argue with some students who hadn’t graduated yet, so he just ignored them.

Hearing Aydin’s question now, Scott felt a little speechless. So he said directly, “Sit back and fasten your seat belt.”

Aydin laughed and said, “Why don’t you answer my question? Is it a guilty conscience? I heard that your billions were given to you by the woman who raised you. Is it true?”

Scott saw that the boy was out of line, then he replied, “No.”

When Aydin heard Scott’s words, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he felt that Scott was really a shameless person. But what was worse, this guy didn’t even admit to such an obvious fact.

“I have never seen such a thick-skinned person like you…” Aydin was not afraid to offend Scott. A driver who had provoked the Sue family didn’t dare to refute even if others mocked him.

But before Aydin finished speaking, Scott suddenly stepped on the accelerator, and then turned the direction suddenly, Aydin fell directly from the seat because of the inertia.

Naturally, it was easy for Scott, who possessed superb driving skills, let Aydin suffer a bit.
Aydin endured the pain and got up from the ground. He glanced at Scott viciously, and said, “Did you f*cking do it deliberately?” “I have told you to sit back and fasten your seat belt. But you didn’t listen.” Scott said.

Aydin immediately clenched his fists. If it weren’t for fear of affecting Scott’s driving and the safety of the people in their car would be threatened, Aydin might have already begun to take action on Scott.

“Enough. Aydin, come back and sit down quickly.” Elodie shouted at Aydin.

Aydin snorted coldly, sat back in his previous position, and fastened his seat belt.

Along the way, Aydin, Elodie and Nova were talking about Scott’s affairs. Because Scott made Aydin embarrassed at that time, Aydin did not care about Scott at all. He said it out loud on purpose. It seemed that he wanted Scott’s scandals to be shown in front of everyone.

Scott pretended that he hadn’t heard it. If he argued with a fool, he would become a fool.
Before long, Scott drove to the gate of Lan Couch Building. After pulling over, he let those guys get out of the car.
After Elodie, Aydin and Nova got out of the car, they all looked towards Scott.

Aydin gave Scott a vicious look, and said, “That’s not over. I will get even with you when my interview is over today. I have some relatives here. I must let him fire you. At that time, you can’t even be a driver. You will regret it.”

Elodie rolled her eyes and thought about for a while. Then she walked to Scott, and said, “I actually thought you were pretty good before, but what happened later let me know that you are just a short-sighted guy. ”

“Today we will be interviewing in Lan Couch Group. As long as we become an employee of Lan Couch Group, we will make a lot of achievements. As a driver, you can’t compete with us at all.”

“So I hope you think about your problems and don’t always be so self-righteous.” After speaking, she turned around and followed those people to walk into Lan Couch Building.
Looking at Elodie’s back, Scott laughed. The word ‘self-righteous’ would be more appropriate for describing her.

Scott really didn’t know how Elodie and the others would react after they learned that he was actually the boss of Lan Couch Group.


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