The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 560 A Running Errand-Scott

In Lan Couch Building.

Scott walked in the building. From time to time, someone walked past him. They would greet him respectfully, “Hello, Mr.

Because Scott had been in the Lan Couch Building during this period and often walked with Nadia, everyone in Lan Couch Group knew that his identity was not simple.

Some time ago, Nadia specially held a high-level meeting for Scott’s identity, telling everyone that Scott was actually the real behind-the-scenes boss of Lan Couch Group.

Originally, Scott didn’t want Nadia to do it. But Nadia told Scott that she had recently heard some rumors in the company that Scott was her toy boy, so she felt it necessary to hold such a meeting to explain his identity.

Scott saw that Nadia was serious, so he didn’t continue to stop her.

The fact that Scott was the real behind-the-scenes boss of Lan Couch Group was still quite shocking for the people in Lan Couch Group. Many people originally despised Scott a little bit, but after hearing this incident, they immediately corrected their attitude. Many people even came to Scott to admit their mistakes.

Considering that he still had to find a way to deal with the Nelson family, it wasn’t a bad thing that people in Lan Couch Group knew his identity. Besides, he needed to let all the forces that Guanling arranged in H City knew that he, the young master in Guanling, had already come, and needed their cooperation.

The effect of Nadia’s high-level meeting was good, but what Scott didn’t expect was that after Nadia announced his identity, the gossips in Lan Couch Group about him as a toy boy disappeared, but there were many people who said that Nadia and Scott were a perfect match. Nadia hadn’t found a boyfriend for so long, just because she was waiting for Scott.

Scott had a headache for others’ gossips. But he knew it was impossible to let everyone shut up. As long as he pretended that he didn’t know, it would be fine.
Nadia was very happy for others to talk about them like this. She even ran to Scott to show off, deliberately telling Scott that

those gossips were true. Because of shyness, she didn’t tell Scott straightly.

Scott glared at her at that time. If it were others, Scott would believe it was because of shyness. But he wouldn’t believe such a situation would happen to Nadia.

However, he also knew that Nadia was joking. This famous socialite, after Scott almost got angry with her last time, quickly changed the way she spoke. Every time when she joked with Scott, she wouldn’t be way out of the line. Not only would she not make Scott angry, but she could fully show her charm in front of Scott.

After a long time, Scott began to admire Nadia a little. He even imagined that if he hadn’t been married and didn’t love Edith so much, he would definitely be attracted by Nadia.

Although Scott was Nadia’s superior, this elegant and generous stunner had never regarded Scott as a leader, and even often regarded Scott as a running errand.

According to Nadia’s words, Scott had nothing to do in the company anyway. But she had to take care of his daily life. He had to do some work.

For example, today, there were a group of interns coming for interviews. The company needed a driver to pick them up. Scott was honored to be arranged as a pick-up driver.

Scott didn’t refuse it. After all, besides caring about Edith’s affairs, he really didn’t have other things to do here.

Arriving in the underground garage, Scott walked to the front of a 14-seater commercial vehicle, got in, and drove out of Lan Couch Building.

The place he was going to was not far from Fudan University. It was said that half of those who came for the interview today were students from Fudan University. As the largest cosmetics company in H City, whoever could come here for the interview were naturally the first-rate students.

At this time, a dozen people had been waiting here, where was the special place for those interns to go to Lan Couch Building.
Most of the people who were going to participate in this interview were girls. After all, only women understood women best. If one person wanted to run a good cosmetics company, it wouldn’t be lack of women.

Among the dozen or so interview candidates, there were two elegant girls who looked a little pretty than others. These two were Elodie and Nova who were studying at Fudan University. Both of them applied exquisite make-up today. Several boys who were going to the same interview couldn’t help but look at the two of them.

Nova looked at Elodie nervously and asked, “Elodie, do you think we can succeed in the interview today? Lan Couch Group is a very famous group in H City. I heard that the competition inside is very fierce. Even if we are students from Fudan University, it may not be possible to get in.”

Elodie smiled at Nova and said, “Don’t worry. Both of us have excellent grades. As long as we perform well in the interview, it will be not hard to enter Lan Couch Group. Besides, isn’t Aydin here? He has a relative who works in Lan Couch Group. He can definitely help us.”

A tall boy standing next to Elodie and Nova immediately smiled triumphantly. He patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve already asked my relative to tell the interviewer. When we have the interview, they won’t ask us too tough questions.”

When the people around him heard Aydin’s words, they all showed envy. They naturally wanted to make the interview easier, but they didn’t have ways to pull strings, so they could only rely on themselves.

Not long after, Scott’s black business car arrived at the place and stopped.
He got out of the car, glanced at the dozen people waiting here, and said, “You guys are going to Lan Couch Group for an interview, right? Get in the car.”

Everyone looked towards Scott. Elodie and Nova were both stunned when they saw that the person getting off the car was Scott.

“Scott? Why are you?” Elodie couldn’t help but asked directly.

Scott didn’t expect that Elodie and Nova would be among the people who went to the interview, but he was not too surprised.
He felt that there was nothing wrong with the two of them going to the Lan Couch Group for the interview.

“Um, I’ll take you guys to the company.” Scott said.

“You ran to Lan Couch Group as a driver?”

Elodie’s eyes widened. Actually, in her mind, Scott should have already run away after he offended the Sue family.
Scott didn’t want to talk too much to Elodie, so he said, “Get in the car. Don’t delay your interview time.”

Elodie curled her lips, thinking that Scott must have gone to Lan Couch Group to work as a driver. Because of his guilty conscience, he was embarrassed to answer her questions positively.

Obviously, Nova, who was behind Elodie, thought the same way, but her attitude was different from that of Elodie.

In Nova’s mind, Scott was actually a very nice person and also very powerful. She couldn’t figure out why such a person had to fight against the Sue family, causing himself to fall into such a situation.


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