The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 559 Vicious

In the Sue House.

Old Lady Sue was not used to living in the villa, so she had lived the original old house of the Sue family. The area of the house was not large. But after many repairs, it was very luxury inside.

Originally, Darius also liked the layout of the old house. But it was because his mother lived here so that he bought a villa outside.

As long as there was a chance, Darius would never want to see this mother who had robbed the power that should belong to him.

For this kind of thing, there was no family relationship between them. This was the cruelty of the big family.

At this time, in Old Lady Sue’s room, Darius was standing in front of Old Lady Sue respectfully. He slightly bent, looking very restrained.

Old Lady Sue looked graceful and noble. Although she was gray-headed, she dressed herself up well. She had all the jewelry she should have on herself, looking very rich.

“Mother, this is almost the case. The strength of that person should not be underestimated. If we don’t return Sylvie to him, he will attack our Sue family. I’m afraid that we will suffer a considerable loss by then.” Darius said.

Old Lady Sue had obvious disdain on her face. When she heard Darius’ words just now, she felt that this was all nonsense. Now, in H City, except for the Nelson family who had not participated in the power struggle, the Sue family was the most powerful.

Now Darius said that a brat who had suddenly appeared was in charge of more than 80 cooperative enterprises of the Sue family. From the bottom of her heart, Old Lady Sue suspected that this was a conspiracy that Darius had devised to fool her.

“Darius, you are already a middle-aged person in your forties. Don’t you have the slightest ability to distinguish what is true and what is false? Just think about it, you can know the truth. That person just told you such words. You ran to report to me. I didn’t want to listen to you talking about these useless nonsense. You can’t even deal with a brat who is not local people. How can I rest assured to hand over the Sue family to you in the future?” Old Lady Sue directly scolded Darius.

Darius was full of embarrassment on his face. The reason why he was reluctant to see Old Lady Sue was because Old Lady Sue would always find various reasons to belittle him to prove that he was not worthy to take over the Sue family.

“Mother, what I said is absolutely true…” Darius endured the unhappiness. He wanted to emphasize the importance of this matter again to Old Lady Sue.

“Enough. Since it was that the person who your illegitimate daughter used to know was making trouble, just kill him. There is no need to be so nervous. I don’t believe that my Sue family can’t deal with a brat from other cities.”

“The marriage between your illegitimate daughter and the young master of the Nelson family has been settled. It’s a deal. There is no room for any mistakes. If my Sue family wants to be among the top families in the world, we can only have some relationship with the Nelson family. If you have other thoughts, I advise you to put it away as soon as possible. If this major event is ruined, we will not have a good ending.”

Old Lady Sue looked at Darius impatiently.

“Mother, I really didn’t have any thoughts. Scott’s strength is really beyond imagination. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will suffer a big loss.” Darius became a little anxious, but he did not expect that he would not be able to convince his mother to trust himself.

“Enough! Even if the person you mentioned is really so powerful, he will definitely not be the match of the Nelson family. Your illegitimate daughter is the key to our friendship with the Nelson family, so she must stay in the Sue family. She is your daughter.
No one else can take her away. If he really dares to make some trouble to us, the Nelson family will take actions. You don’t need to worry about this matter.” Old Lady Sue said.

Seeing that there was no way to persuade Old Lady Sue, Darius sighed helplessly. He knew that his mother was so stubborn, and would never change her mind. Since she had determined that this matter would not have much impact, and suspected that this was Darius’ conspiracy, she would never be possible to seriously consider it.

“Fine! Anyway, the control of the Sue family is not in my hands, so let this stubborn old lady suffer a bit, and then she will regret

it.” Darius murmured to himself.

“By the way, Mr. Nelson has returned from abroad. I plan to arrange for him to meet your illegitimate daughter in two days. We must pay attention to this matter and let everyone know that the Sue family is going to have a marriage with the Nelson family.
So we need to arrange a dinner party for this meeting. This matter is left to you. Remember, you have to hold it perfectly.” Old Lady Sue continued.

Darius nodded to Old Lady Sue, and then said, “I see.”

“Okay, you go back first. Think of a solution to the matter you mentioned. If you can’t solve it, just use the Nelson family to suppress him. As long as he knows the status of the Nelson family, he will definitely retreat.” Old Lady Sue waved to Darius.

Darius curled his lips without a trace, thinking that Scott hadn’t taken the Nelson family seriously at all, so how could Scott retreat?

But now he could only think of a solution by himself.

After Darius left here, Old Lady Sue was still sitting in the room. After a while, a figure appeared in the room. It was Edith’s maid, Emma.

“Ma’am, I haven’t seen you in a few days. You look a bit younger than before again. If it continues like this, you will get younger and younger.” Emma said with a smile.

Old Lady Sue immediately laughed and said, “Oh, you’re so sweet! What’s wrong with your face? Why is it swollen?”

The smile on Emma’s face disappeared. She said angrily, “Don’t mention it. I was beaten by a bastard.”

Old Lady Sue’s eyes suddenly glared. She said angrily, “Who dares to beat the people from the Sue family? Doesn’t he want to live anymore?”

“Ma’am, don’t be angry. Mr. Sue will help avenge me, so you don’t need to worry about it.” Emma said.
“How about that illegitimate girl recently? Has she ever been obedient?” Old Lady Sue asked.

“Yeah. That woman is stupid, probably because of the sequelae of amnesia. She speaks so softly, and she can easily be fooled.
Basically, she can’t refute the decisions I made.” Emma immediately spoke with some pride.

When Old Lady Sue heard this, she nodded in satisfaction. This was exactly what she wanted. As long as she controlled Edith, everything was in her plans.

“Ma’am, what’s the matter that you asked me over?” Emma asked.

“Itis estimated that the illegitimate daughter was pregnant for more than three months. Darius still wants to keep the child. He’s really stupid. Only when he treats the Nelson family are all fools would he have such an idea. We can’t keep this child.” Old Lady Sue said.

“So?” Emma asked with her eyes widened.

Old Lady Sue took out a paper bag from her clothes, handed it to Emma, and said, “This is the medicine I specially found someone to get. You find a chance to let her drink it. Then her child will definitely not be able to survive. There is no hidden danger in this matter only if the child is dead. Do you understand?”

Emma immediately gave a smirk and said, “Yes, Ma’am!”


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