The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 558 The Similar Experience

Coming out of Beach Hotel, Scott and Nadia got in the car together and drove towards Lan Couch Building.
Scott let out a long sigh. He really didn’t expect that Edith’s matter was much more complicated than he thought.

Darius confessed to Scott that now the real head of the Sue family was Old Lady Sue. Edith’s marriage had already been a deal. Old Lady Sue valued the relationship with the Nelson family very much. Unless Scott really destroyed the Sue family, Old Lady Sue would never change her mind.

After learning about Scott’s strength, Darius’ attitude towards Scott also changed a lot. He knew that it was impossible to get tid of Scott, so he planned to stabilize Scott first and promised that he would go back to ask Old Lady Sue to see if there was any room for discussion on this matter.

Scott didn’t push Darius too tight. Darius told Scott about his delicate status in the Sue family. It turned out that Mr. Sue had a similar experience to Scott.

Old Lady Sue was also a person who liked to hold the power. After the death of Old Master Sue, Old Lady Sue took all the resources of the Sue family in her own hands.

At that time, Darius was still studying abroad. Besides, he was the only heir to the Sue family. He couldn’t come back at that time, so he felt that it was reasonable to let Old Lady Sue manage the Sue family.

However, when Old Lady Sue was in charge of the Sue family, she tasted the sweetness of being in a high position. During Darius’ study abroad, she developed all the important figures of the Sue family into her own confidant.

When Darius returned from studying abroad, the Sue family was completely in control of Old Lady Sue’s hands. Although Darius successfully inherited the Sue family and became the head of the Sue family, he found that none of the Sue family’s senior leaders listened to him. They must first ask Old Lady Sue for instructions before taking actions.

Although Old Lady Sue did not take over the position of the head of the Sue family, she was indeed the person in charge of the Sue family. Darius, the real head of the Sue family, was made a mere figurehead. He couldn’t decide anything.

He was not as miserable as Scott. Scott was kicked out of Davies family at first, and was even tricked to die for others. Darius became a head of the Sue family though his mother made him a mere figurehead, so Darius was relatively lucky.

At the beginning, Darius was also very depressed, and even argued with Old Lady Sue. However, Old Lady Sue said that he was still young and didn’t know how to manage such a big family, so she took care of the family first.
Darius simply couldn’t beat Old Lady Sue in the Sue family. After resisting for a period of time, he gave it up.

At that time, what Old Lady Sue tald him was if Darius was disobedient, she would send him abroad for further study. If there was no her order, Darius would not be able to come back.

But if Darius was obedient, Old Lady Sue would not send him abroad. She also promised him that after she died, the Sue family would definitely belong to him.

Only then did Darius compromise. He felt that she was getting older. It was estimated that she would die within a few years, but what he didn’t expect was that she had a tough physique. After so many years, she hadn’t had any serious illnesses.

This caused Darius’s awkward position in the Sue family. But after so many years, Darius had long been used to it.

It was precisely because Darius did not have the management power of the Sue family that he was idle every day. At that time, he had several mistresses. Edith’s biological mother was one of them.

Later, Darius married a tough wife. Darius didn’t dare to disobey her orders. He had no choice but to send all his mistresses out of H City.

After Scott listened to Darius’ recount, he was a little speechless at first, and then felt a little bit of pity for Darius who had the similar experience with him. Compared with Darius, Scott’s experience was a lot more miserable, at least Darius had been living so well for so many years. A long as he didn’t want the power of the Sue family, Old Lady Sue would not embarrass him.

It might be because of the similar experience between Darius and Scott, or it might be because Scott knew that dealing with Darius was useless, Scott did not deliberately embarrass Darius in the end.

He just warned Darius and asked Darius to take good care of Edith. If Edith got any hurt, he would immediately get even with Darius.

Nadia looked at Scott, who was sitting next to her, with a trace of doubt on her face. After a long time, she asked, “Do you need me to find a way to suppress Old Lady Sue and force her to give Edith to you?”

Scott smiled and shook his head, and then he said, “No, as long as they treat Edith well, I won’t be anxious to get her back.”

“Why? Didn’t you worry about her before?” Nadia asked.

“Because I suddenly remembered that this Nelson family is a family friend with the Turner family. They also participated in the death of my grandfather.” Scott said.

“You mean you want to take this opportunity to ruin the Nelson family?” Nadia asked.
There was bright light in Scott’s eyes. He nodded to Nadia.

“Now Edith lost her memory. She has no impression of me at all, and even has some misunderstandings to me. If I forcefully shoot against the Sue family and snatch Edith back, she might really think that I am plotting against her. This is very likely to make her resist to restore memory.”

“It happens that the Nelson family is also involved in this incident. It’s better to take this opportunity to find a way to get rid of the Nelson family. It just happens that I can also think of a way to help Edith regain her memory.”

Scott expressed his thoughts to Nadia.
Nadia nodded and asked, “What’s your plan?”

“Let’s watch the changes first. As long as the time is right, we can take action.”

At the airport in H City.
A private plane landed on the ground. Not long after, the hatch was opened and a young man in a white suit got off the plane.

This young man was tall and straight, with sharp eyes. He was walking domineeringly, giving people a feeling of being very difficult to get close to.

This person was the young master of the Nelson family, Rocco Nelson.

“Mr. Nelson, you finally came back. Compared to before you left, your aura is even stronger. You must have learned something.” An old man who was already waiting here immediately greeted him.

Rocco stared at him and said coldly, “Just a small achievement. But there is no one who can be my match in H Country. But compared with my master, I am still far behind.”

The old man smiled even more and said, “Mr. Nelson, you’re really humble. Based on your understanding of fighting, it is really difficult to find someone who surpasses you in H Country.”

Rocco snorted coldly, obviously disdainful of the old man’s flattery, “I heard that my father arranged a marriage for me?”

“Yes, yes, it’s the young lady of the Sue family. She has a very outstanding appearance. Mr. Nelson, you will definitely like her after seeing her.” The old man flattered.

Rocco curled his lips and said, “Women are nothing more than tools to vent my desires. No matter how beautiful they are, they are all vases. But since it’s my father’s arrangement, I can accept it.”

“Help me check the famous underworld arenas in H City. I am only interested in fighting. If I don’t fight for a day, I will be itchy all over. If you can’t find one, I will fight you.” Rocco said.

A cold sweat broke out on the old man’s forehead. Then he quickly said, “Yes, Mr. Nelson. I’ll check it as soon as I get back. Let’s get in the car.”


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