The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 557 Scott’s Self-confidence

After Nadia finished speaking, there was a brief silence in the private room. Darius was frowning, but Scott was smiling.

“Her words should have been very clear. Mr. Sue, if you still insist on not returning my wife to me, not only will you lose these five orders, but in the future, your Sue family will also lose a lot of opportunities to make money until you can never get any orders.” Scott said.

Darius immediately sneered and said, “Scott, don’t think that you can threaten our Sue family just because of those orders. I can give up these orders, which is just that our Sue family make a little bit less money. Just you guys want to give our Sue family a blow? You wish.”

Hearing Darius’ words, Scott shook his head helplessly, and then gave Nadia a look. Nadia understood, and immediately took out a stack of documents and placed them on the table.

“Currently, there are 136 companies cooperating with your Sue family. This is the limit of business that your Sue family can carry out. Eighty percent of the Sue family’s income is derived from the orders of those one hundred companies. Am I right?” Nadia asked.

Darius was slightly surprised when he heard that Nadia had found out the details of the Sue family so clearly, but it wasn’t a secret. So it was not so surprising that Nadia could know it.

“So what? You can deal with the Sue family after you know who the Sue family is cooperating with?”

Nadia said with a smile, “What I want to say is that of the 136 companies that cooperate with your Sue family, 83 of them are under the name of Lan Couch Group. Although they are called all kinds of names, they cover all walks of life. Importantly, they all belong to Lan Couch Group. As long as I give the order, they will immediately stop cooperating with your Sue family. I don’t know how much impact it will give the Sue family if more than half of the partners suddenly terminated their cooperation with the Sue family?”

Darius stood up directly from the chair. The chair moved back, rubbed the floor tiles, and made a sharp noise.

“You are talking nonsense! You are just the boss of a small cosmetics company. How can you control so many companies? You must have made it up to fool me!” Darius shouted anxiously.

Nadia did not panic at all. She picked up the stack of documents, handed them to Darius, and said, “These documents can prove whether the companies I mentioned belong to Lan Couch Group. If you don’t believe it, just have a look.”

Darius quickly stretched out his hand to take over the documents, and carefully read the contents above. Then he frowned.

What Nadia said was not wrong. These documents clearly showed the various relationship structures of the 83 companies. They were indeed affiliated to Lan Couch Group. Even if they were not affiliated with Lan Couch Group, it showed the relationship between the current holder of those companies and Lan Couch Group.

The most important thing was that among these 83 companies, there were a lot who were very important to the Sue family. If they suddenly terminated their cooperation with the Sue family, it would be a devastating blow to the Sue family.

Both hands of Darius holding the document began to tremble. He thought that although the Sue family hid the real strength in H City, his family was already regarded as the top family in H City. Only the Nelson family could overwhelm the Sue family.

Unexpectedly, there was still such a terrifying group in H City, which secretly controlled so many companies. With just one sentence, the group could drive the Sue family into desperation.

Even the Nelson family, the hidden king in H City, might not be able to do it.
It wasn’t until this time that Darius realized the seriousness of this matter and understood what kind of person he had provoked.

In other words, only then did he know what kind of person his daughter, who had been abandoned by him for more than 20 years, married to.

“Mr. Sue, I don’t know if you can sit down and have a talk with me about this matter now?” Scott looked at Darius’ reaction with a trace of joking on his face.

Darius stood there for a long time. His hands holding the document couldn’t help shaking. Now it seemed that Scott really had the strength to cause serious damage to the Sue family. Although it would not directly cause the Sue family to collapse, it was still pretty scary.

But if he really agreed to Scott and gave Edith to Scott, he couldn’t explain to the Nelson family. The mere fact that he concealed Edith’s marriage would be enough to arouse the anger of the Nelson family.

But once the Nelson family started to be against the Sue family because of this incident, the consequences were not much different from what Scott would give a blow to the Sue family. Darius was in a dilemma.

After a long time, Darius sat back in the chair again. He put the document in his hand on the table weakly, feeling a sense of powerlessness all over his body.

Since he became the head of the Sue Family, apart from when facing his stubborn mother, it was the first time that he had such emotions over the years.

“My condition is very simple. Return my wife to me. I will solve the problem of her amnesia. You only need to explain to her clearly the ins and outs of these things and explain her misunderstanding of me. Not only will I not let these companies terminate cooperation with your Sue family, but I will also give the Sue family more opportunities.” Scott said.

“Edith is your illegitimate daughter. You cruelly abandoned her back then. If it were not for her luck, she would probably not grow up at all. You have not performed any maintenance obligations to her for more than 20 years. But now you keep saying that she is your daughter. In my opinion, you are not qualified to say these at all. I believe Edith will have the same thoughts as me after knowing the real situation.”

“Mr. Sue, since you chose to abandon her back then, don’t ruin her life now. If you understand my meaning, just make a decision here.”

Hearing Scott’s words, a bitter smile appeared on Darius’ face. Then he murmured, “What you said does make sense, but now Sylvie’s affairs are no longer something I can control alone. There are a lot of things involved. It is not that you threaten me then I can give her to you.”

Hearing Darius’ words, Scott frowned and asked, “What do you mean? As the head of the Sue family, you can’t decide this little

thing? It shouldn’t be difficult to make a decision between giving Edith back to me and letting the Sue family get loss.”

Darius looked at Scott and said, “To be honest, we have decided to let Sylvie marry into the Nelson family. The Nelson family has agreed to this matter. Their young master is still in a foreign country. When he comes back, they will get engaged. There is no way to change the mind. If we regret it, the Nelson family will still not let the Sue family go, so even if we risk huge losses, I can’t give Sylvie back to you.”

Scott’s face instantly sank when he heard Darius’ words, and then he slammed his hand on the table. There were a few cracks on the table immediately, which shocked everyone in the private room.

“Darius, Edith is my wife. What qualifications do you have to let her marry the shit Nelson family?” Scott said angrily.

Darius had already expected that Scott would lose his temper. He said calmly, “At our level, personal destiny must serve the family. No matter what, Sylvie is also my daughter. I did owe her in the past. But I will give her enough compensation in the future. Let her marry into the Nelson family, which is also a good thing for her.”

“Shit! You use my wife as a tool for your Sue family’s development. If Edith was not in your home, you would already be a corpse now.” Scott said murderously.

Darius did not doubt what Scott had just said. He could feel the breath revealed in Scott’s eyes. It was the feeling of death.

“Of course, this is just my previous thoughts. After all, before today, I didn’t know your identity. If I knew you had such strength, I might have considered making friends with you directly. After all, your current strength is a little worse than the Nelson family.” Darius subconsciously judged Scott’s strength based on 83 companies. In his opinion, these 83 companies were just a threat to the Sue family. Compared with the Nelson family, Scott was a bit worse.

He didn’t know that this was just part of Nadia’s real strength.

“However, it’s too late now. The Nelson family attaches great importance to this marriage. It is impossible for me to suddenly change my decision.” Darius continued.

“Return Edith to me. I will help you deal with the Nelson family.” Scott said coldly.

Darius still shook his head helplessly, and said, “Now that things come to this point, I won’t hide it from you. Actually, even though I am the head of the Sue family, I only have a small part of the power of the Sue family. ”

“The real decision-making power of the Sue family is actually in my mother’s hands.”


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