The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 556 I Can Do Anything for Him

“Provoked someone who shouldn’t be provoked?” Darius frowned immediately when he heard that person’s words, thinking whom he had provoked during this time, and who has the ability to pick on the Sue family.

However, after much thinking, the only one who had the ability to unite these five ordering parties and make trouble for the Sue family is the Nelson family.

However, the marriage between the Sue family and the Nelson family had already been put on the agenda, no matter what, the Nelson family would not make a trip to the Sue family at this time.

He pondered for a moment, looked up at the person who had just spoken, and asked tentatively: “Is the Nelson family…that ask you to come?”

The man laughed and said immediately: “Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing to do with the Nelson family. If you provoke the Nelson family, we won’t come over and tell you about it.”

Darius got more and more confused. From their words, it seemed that he had provoked someone who was more terrifying than the Nelson family.

“I really can’t think of any big figure that I have provoked recently, please let me know.” Darius asked.
None of the five people spoke, instead they all stared at Darius with a smile, making Darius a little terrified.

“I didn’t expect you to be so stupid. You could not figure out who you have provoked. I really don’t know how you could become Mr. Sue.” At this moment, here came a woman’s voice in the private room.

Darius turned his head and looked around him immediately, and he was sure that the sound came from behind the screen of the private room.

Nadia walked out from behind the screen, staring playfully at Darius who was still in a spin.

Darius was taken aback when he saw the woman who came out after the screen, and then the memory of her appeared in his mind.

Chairman of Lan Couch Group, the well-known socialite in H city, Nadia.

How could she be here? Was it possible that these five ordering parties were cancelling because of her?

But Lan Couch Group was just a cosmetics company. Although Lan Couch was considered the leader of the make-up industry in H city, it was impossible for such a single company to have such a big influence.

In other words, each of the five ordering parties sitting here was comparable to or even stronger than the Lan Couch Group. With Nadia’s ability, it was impossible to persuade them to cause trouble for the Sue family at the same time.

If they were attracted by Nadia, this rare beauty, it was even more impossible. To sit in their positions, they had seen and played all kinds of women. It was impossible for them to do this because Nadia was a famous socialite and they were fascinated by her.

Darius squinted his eyes, and he said that he didn’t understand what was going on.

When Nadia appeared, the two who had been sitting in the middle of the table immediately got up and moved to sit on the far sides.

Seeing Nadia sitting down opposite him, Darius was a little confused, wondering whom the empty seat next to Nadia was for.

“Chairman Nadia, if my memory doesn’t go wrong, there was no intersection between our Sue family and your Lan Couch group? I don’t know how I provoked you to make you so angry to pick on the Sue family.” Darius asked, staring at Nadia.

Nadia smiled and said, “You didn’t provoke me, it was my Lord whom you have provoked, and I’m just working for him.” Darius furrowed further, and he didn’t expect that Nadia was not the one behind this, and there was another one behind her.
Moreover, Darius was unfamiliar with the calling of Lord, and he didn’t know what kind of person would be called in this way.
“Would you please tell me who is your Lord?” Darius asked.

At this time, the door of the private room was pushed open before Nadia was able to answer him. Scott, who came back from

the toilet, walked in and sat directly next to Nadia. After smiling at the people around him, he said, “I’m really sorry. I went to the toilet, and I came a little late, sorry for making everyone wait for such a long time.”

After speaking, Scott looked at Darius and said jokingly: “Mr. Sue, what a coincidence, we meet again.”

Darius froze at the moment Scott came in, watching Scott sit down next to Nadia, he was sure that Scott was the Lord Nadia mentioned.

At this time, he suddenly remembered that in the investigation report on Scott, it was stated that Scott had contact with Nadia and Walker after coming to H city.

At that time, he thought Scott was only acquainted with Nadia and Walker, and didn’t put that on mind. He didn’t expect Nadia to call Scott Lord now. It seemed that the relationship between them was not as simple as he thought previously.

“Scott, what do you mean? You arranged these?” After coming to himself, Darius looked at Scott angrily and asked. He wouldn’t be so angry if it was not Scott.

He didn’t expect this guy to be so difficult to get rid of. Scott went to his villa to make a fuss and then came to cause him such a big trouble.

He was thinking about some possibilities in his mind, and felt that Scott might have used the 100 billion to buy these people sitting here, otherwise, how could they listen to him, an outsider?

“What I want is very simple, Mr. Sue, now my wife is in your hand. So, I have to add some bargaining chips to myself, otherwise how could I sit here and negotiate with Mr. Sue?” Scott smiled and said.
Darius snorted immediately and said, “Do you think you are qualified to negotiate with me like this? I will tell you that your trick is

not enough for me.”

After speaking, he glanced at the people sitting there, and said: “Everyone, this guy must have spent a lot of money to invite you.
You should be clear that he is just an outsider. I am afraid that it will not take long for you to earn as much as he gave you. You are all local companies in H city. You should be aware of the importance of the cooperation with my Sue family.”

“As long as you promise me not to help him now, I can give you a 50% discount for the orders, and you will have priority in the cooperation with the Sue family in the future. You should know what this means. .”

Darius was very confident about the conditions he provided. What Scott could give was only some money, but what he gave was endless money. As long as they were smart, they must know how to choose.

The five people laughed after hearing what Darius said. The person who spoke at the very beginning looked at Darius and said: “Mr. Sue, the conditions you provided are really attractive, but we are not that kind of people. We were not bought by money, and we are willing to do so.”

Darius looked puzzled and asked, “Why? Why do you choose to give up cooperation with the Sue family to help this outsider?”

At this time, Nadia smiled and said, “Because the five companies all belong to my Lan Couch Group. They are my subordinates.
Naturally, they have to listen to my arrangements.”

Darius’s face changed, he looked at Nadia in disbelief, and exclaimed: “How is this possible! Your Lan Couch Group is just a cosmetics company, none of their companies is smaller than yours, how could they be your subordinates!”

“Mr. Sue, my Lan Couch Group is a cosmetics company indeed, but no one has stipulated that I can only have one company.
Don’t your family also hide your true strength? This kind of trick could only be used by your family?” Nadia teased.

Darius felt that his heart was exploding like a thunder. Nadia’s words really shocked him. He never expected that the Lan Couch Group, which had been unknown in H city, could be so powerful.

He forced himself to suppress the shock in his heart, after swallowing his saliva, he looked at Scott again and asked, “Then this guy is…”

“Please show some respect. Scott is my Lord. Everything I have belongs to him. As long as Lord gives his orders, I can do anything for him.”

“Including… eradicating the Sue family who took away Lord’s wife.”

Hearing Nadia’s words, Darius was frightened thoroughly and couldn’t help shivering.


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