The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 554 Forgive me, Lord

The next morning.

When Nadia woke up, the first thing she did was to lift the quilt and check her own body.

When she saw that all her clothes were still on, she felt disappointed.

“Is there anything wrong with Lord? He didn’t do anything to me at such a good chance last night? ” Nadia muttered.
She got off the bed, turned around her neck that was a bit stiff, and then went out of the room.

Just then, she remembered something suddenly, and her face was flushed. “If there is nothing wrong with my memory, I remembered that I wanted to go to the toilet last night, but I didn’t have much strength. I asked Lord to help me…”

With this in mind, Nadia looked down at her pants immediately to make sure that she neither wet herself nor dried her pant after leaking in it. After looking at her pants, she was relieved.

Since she didn’t leak in her pants, and she was too drunk to go to the toilet last night by herself, it must be Scott that had helped her.

Thinking of this, Nadia blushed. Even she had been a socialite, she was a little shy at this time.
After a long time, Nadia recovered and she went out.

As soon as she went out, she saw Scott, who also came out of the room just then. A bad smile appeared on his face suddenly.
She came to Scott and asked, “Lord, did you do anything to me last night?”

Scott rolled his eyes at Nadia and said, “No.”

“Oh, don’t lie to me. I remembered that I wanted to go to the toilet last night. At that time, if without your help, I couldn’t be able to go to the toilet my myself. Maybe I couldn’t even take off my pants. You dare say that you didn’t do anything to me. Lord, you are so naughty.” Nadia said so on purpose.

Scott showed a trace of embarrassment, and he coughed gently, and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. It had nothing to do with me if you had gone to the toilet.”

Nadia went up to Scott, reached out her hands and grabbed Scott’s collar and said with a smile, “Lord, I see. Since you don’t want to talk about it, I will stop here. This is a little secret between us…”

As soon as she finished, a woman came out from the room on the other side. Seeing Scott and Nadia “flirting with each other” seemingly, she turned around to return her room quickly.

When Scott saw her, he said immediately, “Come here.”

The woman had no choice but to walk towards them.

Nadia looked at the woman puzzlingly. She was the human resource manager of her company. Nadia didn’t know why she was here.

“Explain to her what happened last night.” Scott said.
The woman coughed for several times, and she turned to Nadia obviously frightened.
“Tell me.” Nadia said.

“Last night… Last night I was on duty in the company. When I went out to check that the power was off, I met this gentleman.
This gentleman told me that you were drunk and wanted to use the toilet, and then he asked me to take you to the toilet…” the woman explained with great care.

Nadia’s face turned blue suddenly. She didn’t expect that nothing happened last night. She thought that something embarrassing and interesting would have happened when Scott took her to the toilet, but she didn’t expect that Scott had found someone else to help her.

She looked at Scott bitterly, with mixed feelings in her eyes. At the beginning, because of Scott’s special identity, she wanted to try him, such as having a one-night stand or something like that. She didn’t resist such affairs, let alone he was the Lord of Guanling.

However, she did not expect that this Lord was really so determined that he had no interest in any other woman except his wife.

This aroused her ambition. Now she didn’t just want to have an affair with Scott. Her self-esteem told her that she must conquer Scott. Only in this way could she prove her charm.

“Well, don’t think about it anymore. What happened last night should have provoked the man named Barnaby. It seemed that he had brought people to your company to make trouble.” Scott said.

Nadia was full of anger and grievance at that time. Since Barnaby was looking for trouble, she would vent her anger on Barnaby.

After glancing at Scott with great proud, Nadia turned around and walked toward the other end of the corridor.
The human resource manager also glanced at Scott and then left.

Barnaby, as the boss of Fragrant Beauty Cosmetic Company, thought that he still occupied a certain position in the cosmetics industry. He was beaten like that by Scott last night, and then was made apologize. Obviously, he would not let go of this.

However, he didn’t know that Lan Couch group was just a disguise for Nadia. This woman didn’t put the Nelson family on her mind. How could she be afraid of a small cosmetics company like this.

In order to make himself more confident, Barnaby invited several company managers who had been drinking with him yesterday.
They had already reached an agreement to have a showdown with Lan Couch group to let Nadia understand her loss. In this way, as soon as she regretted, they would be able to get a lot of benefits from Lan Couch group.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Nadia took a very tough approach and shocked everyone.

After a whole morning’s negotiation, Barnaby and his party finally left the Lan Couch group building dejectedly. According to the security guard at the gate of the Lan Couch group building, the first thing they did after leaving the building was to beat Barnaby up.

In the afternoon on the same day, the media reported that Fragrant Beauty Cosmetic Company announced bankruptcy and the boss Barnaby was suspected of running away.

Although the companies of those who came with Barnaby did not go bankrupt, they also suffered a great impact. Hardly could they make profits again in a short time.

For Lan Couch group, the business of Fragrant Beauty Cosmetic Company could only be regarded as a Penny-ante. Neither Nadia nor Scott had paid attention to it at all.

Barnaby had been punished, so they would not take this matter seriously.

Now, the most important thing in Scott’s mind was to find Edith. Therefore, he must control Darius before he could carry out his further plan.

In the office.

Scott and Nadia were sitting opposite to each other.

Nadia was making tea. When the tea was prepared, she poured a cup for Scott.

Scott took a sip of the tea and then asked, ” Edith is in Darius’ hands now, so he is fearless. If I want to get Edith out, I must control Darius first. Do you have any specific methods?”

Nadia laughed and said, “I’ve never put my mind on the Nelson family. The Sue family is not even as powerful as the Nelson family. How could I not be able to deal with them?”

“Lord, as long as you promise to marry me, I’ll ask someone to destroy the Sue family and take Edith back for you.” Nadia said with a smile.

Scott glanced at her, then took out a token from his clothes, which was the Token of War representing the power of Guanling.
“What? If I want you to do something for me, I have to meet your requirements now?”

Nadia’s face changed when she saw the Token of War. She realized that she was joking too much, because Scott had been so easygoing these days that she almost forgot that this person in front of her was the one who had the power to decide her destiny.

She stood up from her seat, lowered her head, and reproached herself by saying: “Lord, I’m a little complacent. Please forgive me.”

“Don’t make such jokes anymore. I only have my wife in my heart. If you say that again, don’t blame me for not showing pity and tenderness to you.” Scott said.

“Yes.” Nadia nodded quickly.
“Tell me what you can do to deal with the Sue family.” Scott went on.

Nadia became serious this time, and did not dare to joke with Scott anymore. She said, “In fact, it’s very easy to deal with the Sue family. As long as you control the industries on which the Sue family currently depends, Darius will take the initiative to plead you.”

“I happen to be holding several large orders of the sue family in my hand. If these orders were cancelled, the Sue family will experience a very hard time.”


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