The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 553 Drunken Nadia

Barnaby stared at Scott. He had passed over his slap. However, he blocked his way and forced him to make an apology. It was unbearable for him.

“What are you talking about? I have already passed over your slap. Don’t push your luck. Now I have terminated my cooperation with Lan Couch Group, so I won’t care about Nadia’s feelings. You are just her friend. I won’t let you off.” Barnaby shouted at Scott.

“I have just given you the chance to apologize. But you didn’t cherish it. You ask for it,” Scott said tonelessly.
“So what? I want to sleep with Miss Sue. What could you do to me? Don’t be ridiculous. You are just a hobo,” Barnaby scolded.
Scott didn’t say anything. He just kicked Barnaby in the belly. His body was hit against the table instantly.

Everyone was startled by this scene. They ran to hide in the corner. Some people looked at Scott in terror. They didn’t expect that he was so powerful.

Barnaby fell on the table and moaned for a while. Then he gritted his teeth against the pain and sat up from the table. He looked at Scott with resentment and shouted, “You are looking for trouble now! Believe it or not, I’ll send someone to kill you!”

Scott twitched his mouth, walked towards Barnaby, and said, “It’s a waste of time for you to call somebody to come here. I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Then Scott grabbed Barnaby by the collar, pulled him down from the table, and began to beat him up.
Barnaby had no strength to fight back. He could only wait for Scott’s fist like a hammer to hit him violently.
All the people were scared when they saw this scene. Some people gasped and felt that it was too cruel.

For a long time, Barnaby finally couldn’t bear it. He waved his hand to Scott and said in a weak voice, “I… I’m wrong. Please, I beg you. Please stop. Otherwise, I’ll die.”

Then Scott stopped and said to Barnaby, “Make an apology.”

Barnaby suffered the pain and apologized with a bitter look, “I shouldn’t talk Miss Sue in that way. I am a bastard. I promise I will never say such things again. Please forgive me.”

Then Scott let Barnaby go, turned to look at Nadia, and said, “Let’s go.” Nadia nodded and followed Scott out of the room.

At the door of the KTV, Scott turned to look at her and said, “Thank you.”

Nadia smiled and said, “Boss, it’s my duty. I couldn’t help those foolish guys. But if you really want to appreciate it, you can date

Scott felt helpless and said, “Give me the key. I’ll go to the company. Just go home.” Nadia turned to be weak and pressed her body against him.

“Boss, Nadia drank so much wine. I felt dizzy now. Can you bear to let me go home alone? If I meet what gangsters on the way, it will be very dangerous.”

Scott looked at Nadia who was leaning against his arms. She seemed not afraid of falling on the ground if he dodged her. He sighed helplessly and supported her with his hands.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m also a gangster?” Scott asked.

Nadia giggled and said in a sweet and happy voice, “It is my dream to be with you. Boss, you can treat me like this. I like it.” Scott just wanted to push Nadia away and turn to leave here.

“Come on, stop saying these things. Give me the key. I know your driver must be around here,” Scott said.

Nadia looked depressed. She looked at him pettishly and said, “Since you are going to the company, I will go with you. Anyway, I want to follow you. The company is big, and I must ensure your safety.”

Then Nadia made a phone call to her driver.

They got in the car. Nadia asked the driver to take them directly to Lan Couch Group.

Scott was a little helpless. He didn’t know how to deal with her.

On the way, because she had drunk too much wine, Nadia felt dizzy and couldn’t help but fall down to the side.

She didn’t pretend it this time. She was really dizzy because of the wine.

She leaned towards Scott’s shoulder, and he immediately held her head and said, “Keep straight.” “Boss, I… I got drunk. How can you treat me so cruelly?” Nadia said weakly.

Scott frowned and found that Nadia was not pretending.

“You lean against the window,” Scott replied.

“You are cruel,” Nadia said and then pressed herself against the other side of the window.

When they arrived at Lan Couch Group, Scott got off the car. He saw Nadia lying in the back seat. He sighed helplessly. Then he went over and helped Nadia get off the car and said, “Give me the key. I need to open the door.”

Nadia pointed to her chest and motioned that the key was there.

Scott glanced at her chest and found a necklace hanging around her neck. If he guessed correctly, the key should be tied to the necklace.

He looked down at her breast and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He thought that she must put the key there intentionally.
He caught the necklace around her neck, pulled the key out of her breast, and then went to open the door.

However, if he released her, she would fall to the ground. He had to hold her and walked to the door, opened the door with the key, and took her in.

When they walked into the building, Nadia suddenly stopped and said to Scott, “I can’t walk, boss. I want you to carry me to walk.”

Scott stared at her and found that she was really drunk, so he had to lift her up and take her into the room.

Nadia smiled with satisfaction. She stretched out her hands and put her arms around his neck.

There were some special rooms for employees to rest in Lan Couch Group. Scott took Nadia to one of those rooms, pushed the door open, and put her on the bed.

Now there were only the two of them in this building, Scott and Nadia. She was a very attractive woman. When he took the key just now, Scott felt that he got erectile.

Therefore, Scott wanted to leave this room quickly and find another room to rest.
However, Nadia seemed to know that he was going to leave. She held Scott’s neck tightly and didn’t let him go.

They had stayed close to each other for a few minutes. Scott felt the faint fragrance of her body and the smell of alcohol, and his heart beat faster.

“Let go of me, or I will do it myself,” Scott said.

With her eyes closed, Nadia laughed and said, “You’ll do it? Great. Come on.” Scott was speechless. Then he grabbed her wrist and got her hands loosened.
When Scott started to walk, Nadia suddenly said, “Boss, don’t go.”

“Just sleep,” Scott said.

‘I can’t move and I am weak now. What can I do?”

‘It’s good. It saves my trouble,” Scott replied.

“But…But I want to go to the washroom now.”


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