The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 552 She Had A Bad Temper

Barnaby was hit on the body of another man who was sitting on another side of the sofa. He was dizzy and confused.
Everyone was shocked by this scene. Then they turned to look at Scott.

At this time, Scott looked cold and gloomy. He stood beside Nadia and stared at Barnaby fiercely.

Someone went to turn off the lights and music in the room. Now it was deadly quiet here. The atmosphere was very sutling.

Nadia frowned and sighed helplessly. She thought that Barnaby just asked for it. She had stopped him but he didn’t listen to her.
Now Scott was furious. Barnaby was in big trouble.

When Barnaby came to his senses, he immediately stared at Scott angrily. He shouted, “Are you crazy? How dare you hit me? Are you looking for trouble?”

Scott stared at Barnaby coldly and said, “Apologize to Miss Sue, NOW.” Barnaby got furious. He despised Scott since he told him that he was jobless. He treated him kindly just because of Nadia.

He had just contracted with Nadia today. He was the biggest client of Lan Couch Group among the people in this room. He should be the most respected person today.

Now Nadia’s so-called best friend slapped him and asked him to apologize to Miss Sue. How dare he! “How dare you to command me? I just made jokes. Do you let me apologize? It’s you who should apologize to me!” Barnaby shouted at Scott.

Nadia said to Barnaby, “Mr. Cox, you did something wrong. You should make an apology. You’d better apologize first, otherwise, it will be worse.”

When Barnaby heard her words, he thought that Nadia wouldn’t dare to irritate him because he was the client of Lan Couch Group. He said, “Apologize? No way! He is just a hobo. Look at the clothes he wears. Only beggars will wear such rags. I’m so polite that I could stand sitting with him. But he dared to hit me. He doesn’t know who he is.”

“Nadia, you called him here. Let him apologize to me, otherwise our contract will be invalid.”

Others thought that Scott should apologize to Barnaby. Barnaby was an important figure. Scott shouldn’t hit him.
“Chairman Nadia, you’d better let your friend apologize to Mr. Cox. It will do harm to your company if you offended Mr. Cox.” “Yes, Mr. Cox just made jokes. It had nothing with him. Does your friend love Miss Sue? Is it the reason why he hit Mr. Cox?”

“Man, apologize to Mr. Cox. Miss Sue doesn’t know you. Even if you like her, be aware of your identity.”

They began to speak for Barnaby. After all, he was an important figure who couldn’t be offended easily.

“Enough!” Nadia shouted.

Everyone thought Nadia was going to scold Scott for Barnaby. And they looked at him with gloating eyes.
However, Nadia glared at all the people present and shouted, “How dare you scold my boss?”

They looked at Nadia in disbelief.

Nadia turned to look at Barnaby, stretched out her hand to point at him, and scolded, “You bastard. How dare you to think Miss Sue like that? My boss just slapped you and let you apologize to her. He is very polite. Don’t push your luck. Do you think you can threaten me?”

Barnaby was stunned. Although he didn’t know why Nadia suddenly scolded all of them, he knew that Nadia was going to help Scott.

“Nadia, why did you talk to me in this way?” Barnaby asked irritably.

‘That’s the way I talk! So what? You bastard!” Nadia said angrily.

She had drunk a lot of wine and lost her temper now. She wanted to solve the problem for Scott.

Scott also didn’t expect Nadia to help him so much, and his heart was also a little surprised. However, considering that Nadia, the Blue Kou Group, was just a layer of disguise, her status as a socialite forced her to deal with these people.

She was arranged by Guanling to be in charge of the company in H City. She had a bad temper. At ordinary times, she would press her temper down. But now Scott was here, she didn’t care about others’ threatening at all.

“Well, you asked for it. The cooperation between my company and yours is terminated. There is no possibility of discussing it again. Don’t regret it!” Barnaby said in arrogance.

Nadia sneered and said, “I don’t care. Tonight, anyone who has spoken for Barnaby will be put on our blacklist later. We won’t cooperate with you in the future anymore.”

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that Nadia to do so. They are big and important clients of Lan Couch Group. What she did would destroy Lan Couch Group.

“Chairman Nadia, are you serious? It will cost great losses to your company. Do you really want to so just for this man?” A man asked.

Nadia laughed and said, “Don’t be ridiculous. All of you are just small businesses. I came here just for fun. Do you think that we will care about you?”

The man felt embarrassed. He snorted and stopped persuading her. Since she chose to do so, he wouldn’t stop her.

Barnaby also looked at Nadia angrily and said, “There is no need to talk about it. Our company will terminate the cooperation with you tomorrow. Nadia, I know you are still young and naive. You will regret what you did tonight in the future.”

Then he stood up from the sofa, stared at Scott, then he started to leave the room.

At this time, Scott blocked his way and said to him, “You haven’t apologized to Miss Sue. I won’t let you go.”


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