The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 551 He Is My Friend

Lan Couch Group.

Now it was getting dark. The street was noisy and full of traffic. There were few lights in the whole building of Lan Couch Group.
Most staff had already gone home, leaving only some who were on duty.

Scott stood outside the gate of Lan Couch Group, looking at the locked gate and thinking for an instant.
He had planned not to tell Nadia, but to come directly to her company and find a place to rest. It would save him the trouble.
But now Scott realized that he did not have the key to Nadia’s company.

When Scott asked Nadia for the key several days ago, Nadia said that she would give him a key, but she hadn’t given it to him.
Now it seemed that Nadia meant to do so.

Scott sighed helplessly then he took out his phone and called her.
‘I’m at the gate of your company now. I don’t have the key. Please let someone send it to me,” Scott said.

He heard the noisy music and people chatting loudly on the phone. Nadia said in her sweet voice, “I am busy in social engagement. You can come here to find me. The address is the Emperor KTV. I’m in the VIP room.”

Then she hung up the phone instantly.

Scott sighed again.

“I always sigh like an old man these days,” he mocked himself. Then he walked to the side of the road and took a taxi to the Emperor KTV.

It didn’t take long before he arrived at the gate of the Emperor KTV. He got out of the car and entered the place. He asked the waiter where the VIP room was and walked to it.

He intended to take the key from Nadia and then go back to Lan Couch Group, so he called Nadia to let her step out of the room.

Nadia told him that she got drunk, and the people who were drinking with her were all middle-aged men. She was afraid that she would be assaulted by them later. She asked Scott to enter the VIP room, otherwise, she would not give him the key.

Scott had no choice but to push the door open and get in.

There were dazing lights shining and the music playing loudly in the room. He saw these so-called successful people sat the sofa, female and male. Sitting inside are some successful people in the traditional sense, both men and women.

Nadia stood out among them. Scott saw her sitting in the middle of the sofa, with several middle-aged men staring at her lustfully.

When he appeared in the room, these people immediately turned to look at him. They looked puzzled because they didn’t know him.

Nadia stood up from the sofa. She walked to Scott and said with a smile, “Let me introduce him to you, this is my boy…”

Nadia intended to say that Scott was her boyfriend. But he glared at her before she said it. Nadia obediently changed her words.

“He is my best friend.”

At first, these middle-aged men looked bad when they heard Nadia said the first sentence. However, when Nadia finished her words, they looked better.

Scott looked at Nadia helplessly. He didn’t expect to be her best friend.

Nadia grabbed his arm and dragged him to sit on the sofa. Scott politely greeted the people around him. Now he had been here. He couldn’t leave. He could only wait for her and then leave here with her later.

He had just been understood and felt depressed. He decided to drink some wine to relieve his mood here.

“He is shy and says little. I hope you will excuse him. He came here to pick me up in case I get drunk tonight. I’ll drink the glass of wine as an apology. Have a good time.”

Then Nadia picked up the glass in front of her and gulped it down.

What she did impress Scott deeply. He admired her sociability in his heart. It was sensible for Terence to appoint her to be in charge of the company in H City.

Scott sat beside Nadia and watching her entertaining those people. Scott got to know that these people were the clients of Lan Couch. Today they had signed a business contract, so they held a party to celebrate it.

The middle-aged men kept toasting. She drank all the wine that they proposed. She still looked clear after having drunk so much wine. She did have a good drinking capacity.

A bald middle-aged man felt unhappy when he saw Nadia treated Scott closely. He proposed a toast to Scott.

“Bro, don’tjust sit there. Now that you are Nadia’s best friend, so you must also be a successful person. I am the boss of Fragrant Beauty Cosmetic Company. Nice to meet you.”

Scott greeted him, picked up a glass of wine, then drank it.

Barnaby Cox also drank the wine without hesitation. Then he asked him tentatively, “Bro, what’s your job?”

“Well, I’m jobless,” Scott said.

When Barnaby heard Scott said that he was jobless, he glanced at him in disdain. Because he saw that Scott was dressed in plain clothes, he didn’t suspect his words.

“Haha, bro, you must be kidding. If you are jobless, how can you become Nadia’s best friend?” Barnaby said with a smile. He felt that although Scott was Nadia’s best friend, he was an ordinary person and wouldn’t threaten him. He just ignored him.

Scott smiled without saying anything.
They continued to chat. After a while, they began to talk about the beautiful women in H City.
Nadia, as the famous socialite in H City, came out top.

As they talked, Barnaby smirked and said, “Nadia is beautiful. But I have found a pure and gentle beauty recently. She is the eldest daughter of the Sue family. She is very attractive.”

Several men echoed. They said that they had met that lady before and she was very pretty.

Because of the influence of alcohol, Barnaby said without scruple, “I have slept with many women. but I never meet a woman like Miss Sue. I have long wanted to have s*x with her.”

When he finished his words, the men in the room burst into laughter, while the women also smiled. They were adults and had drunk a lot of wine. It was normal to talk about this kind of topic.

However, they didn’t notice Scott’s cold and grim expression. He wanted to kill these men in mind.

Nadia knew that Miss Sue was the person that Scott was looking for. She also knew her status in Scott’s heart. So she stopped Barnaby and said, “Mr. Cox ladies are present. Please don’t say such a thing.”

Barnaby laughed and said, “So what? They are all adults and know what I mean. To be honest, Miss Sue is …”

Suddenly, someone slapped his face and interrupted him.


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