The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 550 Being Misunderstood

At the shared apartment.
After coming close to the door, Scott took out the key, opened the door and entered the apartment.

Today, he was somewhat sad because Edith treated him in that way. His wife, who had an intimate relationship with him, suddenly considered him to be a stranger. She even thought that he was a fraud and wanted to call the police so that he would be arrested. Anyone thought of that would find it a little hard to accept.

Under such a circumstance, it was impossible for Scott to directly take Edith away. At least, he had to deal with the Sue family first. Only in this way could he have more chances to meet Edith. Besides, after successfully dealing with the Sue family, he could ask Darius to tell Edith what he had concealed from her.

He had to be patient. H City was not within the sphere of the influence of Scott, so he needed Nadia’s help in dealing with the Sue family. He had to talk with Nadia over this matter.

Therefore, Scott decided to move out of the shared apartment and live in Nadia’s company. In this way, he could have better communication with Nadia.

It seemed that Nadia had an advance to him, the young master of Guanling. Besides, when she tried to seduce someone, most of the men couldn’t resist her. However, in current situation, Scott had no other way.

He came to Fudan University to look for Edith. After knowing for sure that Edith was in the Sue Villa, he was not going to waste time in Fudan University anymore.

The public lecture he should give was not important. If he had time, he might come to give the lecture. If he had no time, he would not come.

His top priority now was to figure out a way to deal with the Sue family, made Darius tell Edith the truth and then helped Edith revive her memory.

When he entered the apartment, he saw that Elodie was speaking to Nova. The moment the door was opened, they immediately talking and looked at the door.

After Scott went in, Elodie hurriedly stood up. At the same time, she pulled Nova so that Nova also stood up. They stared at Scott warily while came to stand behind the sofa, trying to stay as far away from Scott as possible.

Seeing their reaction, Scott didn’t say anything. He just went upstairs to pack up his belongings.

After that, Elodie was relieved and then spoke to Nova in a low voice, “Nova, what I just told you is true. This guy has beaten the people of the Sue family. I saw it with my own eyes. Do you think it possible that people of the Sue family would let him get away with it?”

Nova stared at Elodie with a frown and asked, “But I just heard at school that Scott had donated a billion dollars to our school.
How is it possible for a person like him to beat people up for no reason?”

“It’s true that that guy has donated a billion dollars to our school. However, this is exactly the reason why he dares to hit the people of the Sue family. He believes that he’s rich, so he looks down upon the people of the Sue family. Today, people of the Sue family came to reason with him. But he slapped that person in the face for no reason. That person was badly injured. By the way, at that time, I took a photo.”

As Elodie spoke, she took out her mobile phone and showed Nova a picture. It was indeed a picture of Scott’s slapping Emma in the face.

In fact, Elodie had even secretly videotaped the event. However, the conversation between Scott and Emma was also recorded. If others heard the conversation, others would know that Scott didn’t beat Emma up for no reason. Therefore, Elodie was not going to show the video to others.

Seeing that picture, Nova was shocked. She didn’t expect that Scott would really beat other people up.
“It never occurs to me that Scott is such a person.” Nova murmured.

“So we can’t let him live here anymore. Now he has offended the Sue family. Even if he’s so rich that he could donate a billion dollars, he couldn’t deal with the Sue family. The people of the Sue family won’t easily let him get away with it. Since we live in the same apartment with him, we might be affected.”

“This guy is a two-faced person. Didn’t you find that he treats you totally differently from me? It means that he has an advance to you. He also tends to beat people up. It’s a great risk to continue to live with him.” Hearing that, Nova was swayed. Now, she also thought that it was dangerous to live with someone like Scott, so she nodded.

After all, she knew how good at fighting Scott was. If Scott really wanted to harm them, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves at all.

Seeing that Nova had changed her mind, Elodie secretly laughed and went on speaking, “Since you agree, let’s make it clear to him and ask him to move out later.”

Before, Scott finished his packing and went downstairs.

There weren’t many items he needed to take with him. After putting some useful items into his backpack, Scott went downstairs with the backpack.

Seeing Scott coming down, Elodie took a deep breath and then approached Scott.

“Scott, I’ve discussed it with Nova. You beat the people of the Sue family, so the people of the Sue family won’t let you off. If you continue to live here, we’ll definitely be affected. So we’ve decided that you should move out. We’re girls. If you’re a man of conscience, move out.” Elodie said.

Scott had intended to tell them that he was going to move out. Unexpectedly, Elodie was so anxious that she came to ask him to move out before he told them the news.

He turned his head and gave Nova a glance, finding that she looked at him with the eyes different from that of before. Her eyes had been clear. Now, there was a little fear in her eyes. Besides, there was also some disgust or dislike in her eyes.

Scott could guess that Elodie had said something to her without thinking about it.

Scott remembered that he was questioned by Edith today. Now, Nova also changed her opinion of him. Being misunderstood, Scott felt bad.

But he would leave here right now, so he was not going to explain.

He gave Elodie a glance and said, “I’m going to tell you that I’ll move out now. Annie has rented the room in this apartment for me. Please tell her that I’ve moved out for me.”

Hearing this, both Elodie and Nova were stunned. They didn’t expected that Scott would take the initiative to move out.

“Humph, I’m glad that you have some self-knowledge. I’ll tell Annie that. Leave here right away and never come back again.” After realizing what Scott had said, Elodie was very happy.

Scott came out of the apartment with his backpack without any hesitation.

Elodie hurriedly went to close the door. After that, she smiled at Nova in a relaxed way and said, “We finally get rid of this terrible man.”

She went to the sofa, sitting down and said earnestly, “That guy must have realized he’s in great trouble, so he wants to run away. When he beat others up, he forgot who he was. After that, it’s useless to regret it.”

Nova sighed helplessly and no longer thought about Scott. She would just regard having been out of her mind as the reason for having had some fancy about Scott.


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