The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 549 Make the Sue Family Disappear from the World

“Why…Why are you here? This is the Sue Villa. Who permits you to come in?” Emma said with a trembling voice.

She had thought that Scott wouldn’t be able to escape punishment because Darius would deal with him in person.
Unexpectedly, this guy came into the Sue Villa. He was so bold!

“Where is your young lady?” Scott asked.
Emma took two steps back. She deeply feared Scott who would slapped her in the face without any hesitation.

“Emma, what’s going on?” Edith asked softly in her room. She heard it when Emma dropped the bowl, so she came out to have a look.

Emma immediately turned around, looked at Edith and said while crying, “Miss Edith, the guy who beat me up should break into our house! It’s really terrible! Quick, come into your room! Don’t be hurt by this guy.”

Edith immediately frowned and cast a glance at Scott.
Seeing Edith, Scott no longer showed any air of forcefulness. Besides, his eyes became tender.
“Edith, how are you doing here? Did they treat you badly?” Feeling a little nervous, Scott asked.

Edith had believed what Emma said, considering Scott to be an evil person who would beat others for no reason. She was really angry that Scott had beaten Emma up when Emma kindly tried to help him.

Before, Darius had told her that Scott was a fraud. Therefore, she now fully believed that Scott came to her with ill intentions.
To protect Emma, Edith stretched out her hand and stood between Emma and Scott. Then, she stared angrily at Scott and

said, “Why do you do this? I’m not your enemy. Why must you come to make trouble for us? You have injured Emma badly before. Now, you break into my house. Could it be that you want to hurt someone in my house?”

Hearing it, Scott was immediately stunned. He explained, “I don’t come here to make trouble for you. Edith, I’m Scott. You’re my wife. I come here to take you back to our home.”

Edith clenched her fists slightly, snorted and said, “You can’t fool me. I already know that you’re a fraud. I’m Sylvie, not the Edith you mentioned. It’s wrong for you to beat Emma. Now, you’re wrong again when you break into my house. I’ll call the police now and you’ll be arrested!”

“Edith, the reason why I beat her up is that she made offensive remarks to me and made trouble for me with other people. You know me best. If this maidservant hadn’t gone too far, I wouldn’t beat her up.” Scott explained.

“You’re lying! I kindly went to help you. However, you were so vicious that you beat me and even made a lot of offensive remarks to our young lady. Now, you come here to lie to our young lady. Do you really believe that you can easily fool our young lady?” Emma said with indignation while staring at Scott.

Edith took hold of her arm and comforted her, “Emma, I know that you’ve suffered grievance. Don’t worry. I won’t believe this fraud.”

After saying that, she looked at Scott, questioning, “Aren’t you going to leave here before I call the police?” Seeing Edith say that seriously, Scott didn’t know what to say.

He guessed that the maidservant named Emma had lied to Edith before and that Edith had believed what Emma said because she had heard it before.

No matter what he said now, Edith would believe that he was lying.
Now, Edith lost her memory and didn’t know their story at all. She believed that she was the young lady of the Sue family.
Because of it, Scott was at a disadvantage.

At this moment, Darius also came here. After he arrived here, he immediately said, “Edith, don’t believe anything this guy said.
He knocked down bodyguards and wanted to something harmful to you. He had made up everything to fool you!”

Seeing that Darius was anxious, Edith nodded seriously at him and said, “Dad, don’t worry. I’ve already known what sort of person he is and I won’t believe what he says.”

Darius was a little surprised, but he felt relieved after hearing Edith say so.

Seeing Edith say so with a seriously expression, Scott was anxious to let her know that she had been blinded by these people.
However, he also knew that it was rather difficult for Edith, who had lost her memory, to know that.

He had a sense of helplessness. He even wanted to take Edith away and then to come back to J City with her. At that time, he would ask Owen to help revive her memory.

However, he knew that it would only make Edith dislike him more. If there was a problem with reviving Edith’s memory because of it, itll be too bad.

“Hey, you’re good at fighting, but we don’t fear you. If you’re really going to do something else, you’ll only have a worse consequence than you have anticipated.” Darius stared at Scott alertly.

Today, the experts in fighting of the Sue family were not here. It never occurred to him that Scott would directly break into his house. If any of his bodyguards had come here with him, he would not be so nervous now.

“Dad, let’s call the police, so that this evil person will be arrested.” Edith said seriously.

Darius smiled helplessly. Judging from the fact that Scott could easily raise a hundred billion dollars, to deal with Scott, it was useless to call the police.

Out of Darius’s expectation, Scott spoke after hearing what Edith said, “You don’t have to. I’m leaving now.” After saying that, Scott gave Edith a glance with mixed feelings. Then, he turned around and went downstairs.

Darius was somewhat surprised, but he was still alert. After asking Edith and Emma to stay upstairs, he followed Scott to the first floor.

Scott directly left the villa while thinking about how to help Edith revive her memory. After Edith revived her memory, she wouldn’t be blinded by people of the Sue family.

Darius followed Scott to the outside of the villa and found that Scott was really leaving. He knew that Scott was a little helpless because of Edith’s attitude towards him.

He sneered and spoke to Scott, “Guy, give it up. Edith has forgot you for a long time. You had better not bother her now.”

Scott stopped. After turning his head and giving Darius a glance, he said coldly, “For the time being, Edith lives here. If you dare to treat her badly, I’ll not let you get away with it.”

“Sooner or later, I’ll take Edith away. If you stop me, I’ll make the Sue family disappear from the world.”


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