The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 548 I Will Be True to My Word

“Do you really believe that you can fool me with such a trick? I’m more experienced than you are. You really don’t think that I won’t ask someone to audit the accounts of your bank card, right?”

Darius was somewhat reluctant to believe that there was a hundred billion dollars in Scott’s bank card. He thought that Scott was just trying to fool him.

Scott shrugged his shoulders with a calm smile, “You can do it.”

Seeing Scott being so confident, Darius hesitated for a while. Then he snorted, saying, “You’re just bluffing. I’ll ask someone to audit the accounts. After that, you’ll be definitely ashamed!”

After saying that, Darius took out his mobile phone and made a phone call, asking someone to send an accountant with the qualification to audit the accounts to come here.

About an hour later.

Staring at the report the accountant showed him, Darius was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak for a long time.
Having long anticipated Darius’s reaction, Scott looked at him with a playful expression.

“Why, do you believe what I told you before now?” Scott asked.

Darius swallowed his saliva, turned his head and looked at Scott in disbelief. After quite a while, he asked, “Did…Did you really sell the property of the Davies family?”

Scott smiled and replied, “It’s just a hundred billion dollars. There is no need for me to sell the property of my family.”

Darius gasped. He didn’t expect Scott to be so arrogant. Scott talked as if a hundred billion dollars was just a small sum of money.

It was not difficult for the Sue family to raise a hundred billion dollars. As a top family in the world, for the Sue family, a hundred billion dollars was only a small sum of money.

What surprised him was that Scott could raise a hundred billion dollars with such ease. It was absolutely impossible for the Davies family in B City to achieve that.
“I know the Davies family well. According to the situation of the Davies family, it’s impossible for the Davies family to raise so

much money.” Darius said.

Scott said with a smile, “The information you found about the Davies family is just given by me. Could it be that you really believe that you’ve had my number? The Sue family doesn’t show how powerful it really is. Do you think that the Davies family doesn’t do the same thing?”

“To tell you the truth, I can not only give you a hundred billion dollars, but I can also deal with the Sue family with all the resources in H City. If you refuse to allow me to leave here with Edith, the Sue family will go through a very difficult time in the not long future.”

“I’ll be true to my word and will not go back on my word.”

Darius felt the air of forcefulness Scott had and realized that Scott was not kidding with him. Moreover, according to his investigation, Scott did have some useful contacts in H City.

However, as the head of the Sue family, it was impossible for him to make compromise just because of what Scott said and a bank card in which there was a hundred billion dollars.

He just found that it was more difficult to deal with this matter than he had anticipated.

“Humph, it’s impossible for you to deal with the Sue family with ease. I won’t give Edith to you. If you deal with the Sue family, you’ll finally be the one to suffer.” Darius stood up after he snorted coldly.

“No matter what you’re thinking, I’m going to meet Edith now. I’ll go to your house with you and see if Edith has suffered grievance.” Scott said.

“It’s impossible!” Darius snorted coldly. Then he turned around and headed towards the door.
Seeing that, Scott immediately followed him.

They came out of the hotel at the same time. Darius came close to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and someone immediately came to open the door for him.

Scott followed him and was about to get on the car after Darius.

Darius got on the car in a hurry. Then, he closed the door and urged the driver to start the car.

Scott failed to get on the car. This luxury car, which was worth nearly 10 million dollars, could indeed provide good protection to the owner.

However, Scott didn’t give up. After rolling his eyes, he walked to the roadside.

At the Sue Villa.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped. Darius got off the car, murmuring, “That guy should try to come here with me. How is that possible?”

Just when he finished speaking, he saw someone running into the villa. He watched carefully and found that it was Scott.

the Sue family was a well-known family in H City, so the location of the Sue Villa was not a secret. After inquiring others about it, Scott took a shortcut to come here by taxi.

Darius’s expression changed a lot. He hurriedly followed Scott and shouted, “Stop him! He dares to break into my villa. Doesn’t he want to live?”

After Darius finished speaking, dozens of people appeared immediately around the villa and quickly rushed towards Scott.

Darius’s face was dark. It was out of his expectation that Scott was so bold that he dared to break into the Sue Villa. However, Darius considered it to be a good chance. Scott had broken into his villa. Under this circumstance, even if the bodyguards he trained killed Scott, no one could blame him for it.

It was really a good chance to get rid of Scott.
While thinking of this, there was a hint of malicious expression in Darius’s eyes. Then, he gave the bodyguards an order with his eyes. After receiving the order, every bodyguard took out a dagger from his pocket.

“You bring about your own destruction. I’m not to blame for it. After you break into my villa, to protect my family, my bodyguards accidentally kill you. You’re not wronged!” Darius shouted at Scott.

In his opinion, it should be easy for dozens of bodyguards to kill Scott who was alone. Therefore, he was not worried and was going to watch it.

However, in three seconds after he began to feel proud, he was shocked by how good at fighting Scott was.

In the face of Scott, those bodyguards moved as slowly as klutz and fought badly. Soon, many of them had been knocked down by Scott.

Before long, the bodyguards of the Sue family were all knocked down. None of them could get up from the ground to fight with Scott.

Scott turned his head and smiled at Darius. After that, he turned around and entered the villa.

He had made up his mind to meet Edith today. After chatting with Darius just now, Scott thought that Darius was very unreliable.
He would be worried about Edith when Edith was with the people of the Sue family. If he had a chance to take Edith away, he would do so without any hesitation.

“Stop! Edith is my daughter. It’s impossible for me to give her to you! What’s more, she doesn’t know who you are. It’s useless for you to meet her!” Darius shouted while rushing towards the villa.

After entering the villa, Scott immediately began to look for Edith. Not seeing Edith on the first floor, he went to the second floor.

At this moment, Emma had just left Edith’s room with a happy expression. Edith had just had some ginseng soup. Now, Emma was holding the empty bowl Edith had just used in her hand.

After she explained to Edith how she was “beaten up”, Edith gave her a large amount of money as compensation. Besides, Edith promised to give her money to have a vacation in Sanya when she had a rest.

Because of the compensation Edith gave her, Emma didn’t feel a pain on her face anymore. She even sang a song in her heart.

However, the moment she came out of Edith’s bedroom, she saw the hateful man who had slapped her in the face without mercy. She was so frightened that she froze.

Scott turned his head. Seeing Emma who had been beaten by him, there was a hint of sneer on his face.

Seeing that, Emma’s hand trembled. Then, she dropped the bowl and it broke into pieces.


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