The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 547 There Is a Hundred billion Dollars in This Card

On the third floor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Darius was sitting at a table near the floor-to-ceiling window and was looking out of the window.
He had rented the entire floor, so he was not afraid that anyone would interrupt the meeting between him and Scott.

At this moment, there was a confidentiality agreement and a bank card on the table in front of Darius. He was very confident that he could persuade Scott.

Hustling and bustling, all for benefits. He didn’t believe that Scott would be an exception. As long as he offered to give enough benefits to Scott, Scott would definitely give up taking Edith back home. If Scott insisted on that, it just meant that the benefits he had offered to give was not enough.

He was well prepared, so he was very confident in one thing: as long as he offered to give this bank card to Scott, Scott would definitely change his mind.

Darius clearly knew how powerful the Davies family was. With the money in this bank card, Scott would be able to make the Davies family two times as powerful as it used to be. If Scott was not a fool, he wouldn’t refuse.

Before long, Scott followed the two attendants to the third floor and came close to Darius.

After that, the two attendants were about to leave. Darius took out two piles of money and handed them to them. Both attendants were grateful. After taking the money, they left here quickly.

Scott gave Darius a glance, finding that this middle-aged man was stable and generous, just like what the head of the Sue family should be like. Most importantly, Darius’s appearance was somewhat similar to that of Edith. Seeing that, Scott was even sure that Darius was highly possibly the biological father of Edith.

Darius also looked at Scott up and down. Looking at the common young man who had no distinguishing features, Darius couldn’t help despising him and hardened his resolve to keep Scott away from Edith.

“Sit down.” Darius spoke to Scott.
Without making the ritual noises, Scott sat opposite Darius.

“If you’re smart, you should know why I ask you to come here. So I’m not going to talk in a roundabout way. Edith’s my daughter, and I don’t want any people and anything that used to be related to her to bother her again. If you come to H City to find her, I advise you to give up as soon as possible. Now, she’s the young lady of the Sue family. I can support her for a better life. I hope that you’ll never bother her again.” Darius came straight to the point.

Scott smiled, saying, “She’s my wife.”

Darius frowned and said, “I don’t care about what the relationship between you and her was in the past. Now, she has a new identity. Past things have already had nothing to do with her. If you want her to live a good life, you shouldn’t come to find her.”

“Oh? I have a question. Why are you eligible to say those words to me?” Scott behaved in a playful way. Since Darius was not going to talk it over, Scott was not going to be polite to him.

Darius immediately sneered and said, “I’m her father. I’m naturally eligible to say those words to you.”

“Ho, ho. In the past more than twenty years, Edith has been living in J City and I’ve married her for several years. I’ve never heard that you’re her father. If you’re really her father, in the past more than twenty years, where have you been? Now, you want to take her away from me by just claiming yourself to be her father. It’s too unreasonable for you to do so.”

Darius was obviously a little unconfident, but he soon returned to a normal state, saying, “In that year, I was forced to abandon Edith. She could be said to be my illegitimate daughter. At that time, my wife was still alive. If she lived in my home, she would definitely suffer. So I had to send her mother and her to the north. I did it for her own good. Moreover, I’m her biological father, and we have blood relation. Considering only this, I’m eligible to make a decision for her.”

Scott didn’t expect Edith to have such experience in the past. She should be the illegitimate daughter of Darius!

However, after hearing what Darius said, Scott was more convinced that he couldn’t let Edith stay in the Sue family. Edith was sent to the north simply because she was his illegitimate daughter. And Darius even claimed that he did it for Edith’s good.

It should be noticed that Nicolas found Edith near a trash bin. He didn’t know why Edith’s mother ruthlessly abandoned her, but there was just a few possibilities.

If Edith, who was still a baby at that time, was not found by Nicolas, she might have died at that time. And Darius should be chiefly responsible for it.

According to Darius, the reason why he took Edith home was that his wife had passed away. Anyone would feel angry after hearing such an absurd reason. But Darius was very confident that he was right when he said these words. Scott couldn’t understand Darius’s thoughts.

“In the past so many years, you have nothing to do with her life. In the final analysis, you’re but her biological father. Besides, Edith’s foster parents had found her near a garbage can. If she was not lucky enough, she might have died. Now, how dare you say those words? Aren’t you ashamed?” Scott scolded Darius.

After Darius heard it, his heart did a flip. He didn’t expect that Edith would be left around a garbage can. He had never thought of it. In that year, he concentrated on concealing the fact that he had an illegitimate daughter from his wife. How was it possible that he would be concerned about Edith?

However, as the head of the Sue family, he would definitely still not be swayed by what Scott said. Now, he was at the critical point of building a good relationship with the Nelson family through Edith’s marriage. It was absolutely impossible for him allow Edith to leave here with Scott.

“Enough! I don’t ask you to come here to condemn me. It’s an indisputable fact that Edith is my daughter. I know that you’re the head of the Davies family. You may believe that you’re somewhat powerful, and therefore want to take Edith away from me.
However, I can specifically tell you that the Sue family is far more powerful than it seems to be. Being willing to talk to you here, I’ve showed you enough respect.” Darius said with a cold expression.

Scott sneered. He knew that the Sue family was more powerful than it seemed to be. Moreover, he had already had a thorough understanding of the Sue family. But he was still not afraid of the Sue family.

“I know it’s impossible for me to let you give up getting Edith back with a few words. We had talked it over. And I’m not going to play hardball with you. As long as you promise to leave Edith and sign this confidentiality agreement, I’ll give you the benefit that is beyond your imagination.” Darius said.

“The benefit that is beyond my imagination? I’m afraid that you’ve overestimated your family.” Scott said.

Darius twitched his lips and said, “I haven’t told you what the benefit is yet. How do you know that you didn’t underestimate the Sue family?”

As he spoke, he pushed the bank card towards Scott, saying, “The Davies family is the most powerful family in B City. It could be said to be powerful. However, it’s far from as powerful as the top families in the world.”

“To be honest with you, the Sue family is as powerful as the top families in the world. As a matter of fact, it’s ten times as powerful as it seems to be. As long as you promise to leave Edith, I’ll help you in building the Davies family into an even powerful family.”

“There are 30 billion dollars in this bank card. With these money, the Davies family could develop into a more powerful family. I’m sure that you know what these money means.”

After saying that, Darius waited for Scott to put on a shocked expression with a confident smile.

In his opinion, 30 billion dollars was a large sum of money for the Davies family. Scott was a young man. Even if he was the head of the Davies family now, he would definitely be shocked after hearing it.

However, there was not any surprise on Scott’s face. He just gave that bank card a glance. Then, he pushed it back.

Darius was somewhat surprised, saying, “30 billion dollars is not a small sum of money. I’m afraid that there isn’t so much cash in the Davies family. You can build the Davies family into a more powerful family with these money. Are you sure that you don’t want it?”

Scott smiled and said, “The development of the Davies family is none of your business. I just want to get Edith back. Don’t try to change my mind with some tricks.”

“You want to handle this matter with money, so I’ll follow your example.” As Scott spoke, he took out a bank card from his pocket and put it on the table and in front of Darius.

Darius gave Scott a glance with a suspicious expression and said, “Don’t you think it ridiculous for you to do so in my presence?”

“Why would it be ridiculous? You want to settle this matter with money. I also want to get Edith back by giving you money. Is there anything wrong with that?” Scott said with a smile.

Darius sneered and said, “There is 30 billion dollars in my bank card. Do you think it possible that you can change my mind with a little money?”

“There is a hundred billion dollars in my bank card.” Scott said tonelessly.

Darius was froze for a moment. He was shocked after hearing the number. Even he, the head of the Sue family, would attach some importance to a hundred billion dollars.

“How about that? These money should be enough to sway you. Give Edith back to me, and I’ll forgive your past misdeeds. I’ll leave here with Edith and try to help her revive her memory. In the future, she will definitely have nothing to do with the Sue family.” Scott said.

Darius took a deep breath. He found that he couldn’t immediately refuse. It meant that he indeed wanted to take the a hundred billion dollars.

The reason why Darius tried every means to flatter the Nelson family was that he wanted to develop the Sue family. However, even if Edith was married to someone of the Nelson family, the Nelson family would definitely not give the Sue family a hundred billion dollars.

A hundred billion dollars was no match for the benefits he could get from the Nelson family. However, with these money, Darius could implement many of his ideas. Most importantly, in this way, he didn’t have to grovel to people of the Nelson family.

After thinking for a moment, Darius sneered and said, “Do you really consider me to be silly? To get a hundred billion dollars, I’m afraid that you have to sell most property of the Davies family. Do you think that I’ll believe that there is a hundred billion dollars in that bank card after you said it casually?”

Scott smiled and said calmly, “You can ask someone to come here to audit the accounts. If there isn’t, I’ll immediately leave H City and I’ll never come to find Edith again.”


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