The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 546 This Young Man Is Not an Ordinary People

“Miss Edith, the guy who offended you at school that day is so evil! I’m so poor!”

The moment Emma entered Edith’s bedroom, she began to cry. However, her aggrieved expression was not visible because her face had swelled up.

Edith was previously lost in thought. She had been thinking about the person she met at school that day. Although Darius had already convinced her that that person was just a fraud, she still couldn’t help thinking that that person wasn’t just a fraud.

After hearing what Emma said, Edith was immediately back to reality. After she turned her head and saw the injury on Emma’s face, her expression immediately changed.

“Emma, what happened? Who harmed you?” Emma came close to Edith and said with an aggrieved expression, “It’s the guy who tried to fool you at school that day.” Edith immediately frowned and asked, “What on earth happened?”

Emma immediately changed her mood and said between sobs, “That day, that guy approached you and said those strange words. After that, Mr. Sue asked someone to carry out an investigation, finding that that guy was a fraud. However, I thought that he might have some difficulties, so I wanted to ask him why he claimed you to be his wife.”

“Today, I came to him. According to my plan, if he said those words to you only after he was driven to despair, I would give him some money from my own pocket, so that he could at least afford to buy something to eat. Then, he could go to find a job. In this way, he would no longer cheat others and therefore wouldn’t cause any trouble to others.”

“However, this evil guy claimed that I looked down upon him and immediately beat me, seemingly because I showed up his fraud. I couldn’t resist at all. He slapped me in the face without any mercy dozens of times. Finally, he even forced me to admit that you were his wife. If I didn’t do as he asked, he wouldn’t let me off.”

“Miss Edith, he is the most terrible devil I’ve ever seen. He’s so evil, giving me no chance to talk and just beating me hard.” “I had intended to help him out of kindness, but I ended up being injured. I’m so poor!”

After saying that, Emma, who had superb acting skills, cried again.

What she said just now was of course made up. She could only make Edith pity her by saying so.

She was not afraid that Edith would get to know the truth later. In her opinion, since Darius would deal with Scott in person, Edith would never get to know the truth.

After hearing what Emma said, Edith put on a somewhat angry expression. She didn’t expect that the person she met at school that day would be so evil that he injured Emma badly.

It seemed that that person was really a fraud. The thoughts she had should be wrong.

She stood up and took Emma by her arm. Then, she sat down on the bed with Emma. She took a close look at Emma’s face, finding that it was indeed caused by hard slaps. Seeing that, she really believed what Emma had said and put on a look of sympathy on her face.

“Emma, I’m so sorry. That person is so vicious that he beat you, a girl, so hard. I have thought that he had come to me because he really knew me. Now, it seems that he really want to cheat me.” Edith said.

“Miss Edith, it doesn’t matter that I’m hit by him. I’m just very happy that you haven’t been harmed by the guy with ill intentions.” Emma said in a seemingly impassioned way.

“No, it matters. I’m somewhat responsible for your being injured like this. Later, I’ll ask my father to compensate you for it. You really suffered a lot.” Edith said.

Emma pretended to care only about Edith, but she was secretly happy. She thought: this time, Miss Edith would definitely detest that damned guy; and even if he really came here to look for Miss Edith, Miss Edith wouldn’t see him anymore.

Edith didn’t know the truth. Since she was here, she had been under the protection of the Sue family. How was it possible that she could know that Emma was so vicious?

In the afternoon.
In Darius’s study.

A person was standing in front of Darius with a stack of documents. There were a few words on the cover: The Investigation Report of Scott Davies.

That person directly put the report on Darius’s desk and said, “Mr. Sue, I’ve completed the investigation of the man named Scott Davies. He used to be Miss Edith’s husband. When Miss Edith lived in J City, she married him.”

After hearing that, Darius immediately frowned. Before, he sent someone to investigate Scott because he wanted to know who Scott was after Emma was beaten by Scott.

Unexpectedly, when his daughter didn’t lose her memory, Scott was really her husband. After knowing it, Darius couldn’t help being lost in thought.

J City was a small place. In his opinion, it was impossible for people of J City to find out that Edith was now in H City after he took Edith from J City to H City.

It was beyond Darius’s expectation that people from J City found where Edith was after such a short time.

He had got a new identity for Edith. Now, she was his daughter, Sylvie. And others should believe that Edith was dead. No one would know that they were the same person.

Even people of the Nelson family didn’t know that Edith had married someone in the past. Darius had concealed it very well from others.

However, now, Scott found Edith. He had to reconsider how to deal with it.

It mustn’t be known by others that Sylvie and Edith were the same person. It had something to do with if he could build a good relationship with the Nelson family and whether the Sue family and the Nelson family could build connections with each other through marriage.

Therefore, he had to get rid of Scott.

Darius picked up the report and read it carefully. Seeing that Scott was a well-known loser in J City, he immediately put on an unhappy expression.

“My daughter married to such a loser! She really suffered a lot in the past few years.”

Hearing it, the person standing in front of Darius immediately said, “As a matter of fact, Scott just pretended to be a loser. In fact, he was the young master of the Davies family in B City. Now, Scott has become the head of the Davies family, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to find Miss Edith so soon.”

Darius raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that. He immediately leafed through the report, finding that Scott was indeed the head of the Davies family.

“Scott did undergo a lot of hardships. He had been expelled from the Davies family by his mother! After that, he became the head of the Davies family with his own efforts. He is indeed excellent. However, the Davies family is too far from as powerful as the Nelson family. I still have to get rid of him. Otherwise, if people of the Davies family get to know the fact, we’ll be in trouble.” Darius said.

With the power of the Sue family, it had been very amazing that they could find out most experience of Scott. However, no matter how powerful the Sue family was, it was impossible for people of the Sue family to find out that Scott was also the young master of Guanling.

“Mr. Sue, Scott does have some contact with Nadia, the chairman of Lan Couch Group, after he came to H City. He had also had some contact with Walker. If we want to, we can kill this guy. But someone would definitely know it. Therefore, if you really want to kill him, you have to do it in a careful way.” The person standing in front of Darius reminded.

Darius nodded, saying, “I want to get rid of him, but I’m not going to kill him.”

“It should be easy to think of a way to deal with Scott after we know who he really is. If we directly kill him, someone in H City will look into it. Besides, people of the Davies family will definitely make a thorough investigation into it. It’ll become a serious matter. And it’ll be difficult for us to handle it.”

“However, no matter what, the Davies family is but a family as powerful as we seemingly are. I believe that, if we offer to give the Davies family enough benefits, Scott will agree with our request.”

After hearing that, that person also nodded, saying, “You’re right. The Davies family might be powerful in B City. However, it’s far from as powerful as we really are. As long as you give Scott some benefits, he’ll know what he should do.”

Darius nodded with a hint of pride on his face. Obviously, he was quite confident in the power of the Sue family.

“Then, make an arrangement for me. I want to meet Scott. At that time, I’ll talk to him about it. If he is not smart, I’ll let him know how powerful the Sue family is. If he still refuse to agree with our request after that, I’ll take some action against the Davies family.” Darius said.

That people immediately nodded. Then, he turned around, left the study and went to arrange a meeting between Scott and Darius.

After giving the report a glance, Darius sneered and murmured, “How is it possible that I’ll let my daughter marry someone who has been known as a loser? I hope that he is smart. I’m not going to make him pay a price for what had happened to Edith, but I won’t let him interfere with the future affairs of Edith. Otherwise, I’ll take some action.”

Sitting on the back seat of the taxi, Scott was looking out of the window while thinking about the phone call he had received before.

The head of the Sue family wanted to meet him.

Hearing it, he was a little surprised. After all, in his view, the head of the Sue family would not reason with him in person purely because he beat a maidservant up.

So Scott soon thought of a possibility: the head of the Sue family carried out an investigation into him because of what had happened to Emma and therefore guessed his purpose of coming to H City.

The head of the Sue family was going to talk about Edith with him in this meeting.

Scott was willing to meet this person who might be Edith’s biological father. He was a little curious about the origin of Edith and would like to take this opportunity to ask why Edith was abandoned in the past.

The driver gave Scott a glance in the rear-view, mirror asking, “Fella, are you really going to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel? I hear that it’s a luxury five-star hotel. People who have dinner these all have hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“Yes, someone invites me to a meal at that hotel and I have to go.” Scott replied with a smile.

“Oh, look, you begin to brag. When you got on the car, I took a look at you. You’re in plain clothes, and therefore you don’t look like a rich man. Fella, listen, you young people tends to throw money to keep up with the Joneses. In fact, you don’t have to. The food in greasy spoon in the alley is cheap and delicious. Why do you go to Waldorf Astoria Hotel, instead of greasy spoon? If you have no money to pay, you’ll be forced to wash the dishes there. At that time, you’ll know that you’re wrong.” The driver began to lecture Scott possibly because he hadn’‘t chatted with others for a long time.

Scott was somewhat embarrassed, but he didn’t mind. He joked, “To be honest, I can afford to buy the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.”

The driver immediately widened his eyes and said, “You young people are better at bragging than I do. If you can really afford to buy that hotel, why would you go there by taxi? How dare you boast like that?”

Scott smiled and didn’t say anything more. He didn’t brag. The reason why he chose to take a taxi was that he liked to do so.

Before long, the taxi stopped at the door of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. After Scott got off the taxi, two attendants immediately approached him and asked, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Davies?”

Scott nodded.
“Please come with us. Mr. Sue is waiting for you in the hotel.” Then Scott entered the hotel with them.

Seeing this, the driver immediately widened his eyes and murmured, “My god, there is really someone inviting him to a meal at this hotel. This young man is not an ordinary people.”


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