The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 545 I’ll Teach You how to Talk

Scott asked while staring at Emma coldly, “Is it your young lady that ask you to come to me?”

Emma was a little afraid at once. The reason why she came to Scott with these men today was simply that she was angry.
Moreover, it was rare that she had an opportunity to bully others as she liked, so she certainly wanted to take this opportunity.

After knowing that Scott just lived in a shared apartment, she looked down upon Scott even more and wanted to take advantage of the Sue family’s men to teach Scott a lesson.

She didn’t know that Scott had donated a billion dollars to Fudan University.

“It’s none of your business. Mr. Sue has asked me to deal with this matter. Do you think that you can get away with it easily after offending our young lady?” Emma said threateningly.

“Oh? Then, what do you want me to do?” Scott asked.

After hearing it, Emma had some ideas. She said arrogantly, “Mr. Sue doesn’t want you to be in H City anymore. Before, you offended my young lady, and you deserved to die because of it. Now, I’m being magnanimous and thus not going to kill you. But you must kowtow to me ten times and say thank you to me ten times. Then, get out of H City. In this way, I’ll spare you.”

Hearing it, Scott’s lip twitched. He didn’t expect the maidservant of Edith to be so vicious. Moreover, he could tell Emma said these words purely out of her own desire to bully others.

When Elodie saw what was going on at the door in the apartment, she put on a gloating expression. Now, she was angry, so she naturally wanted to see Scott suffer.

Most importantly, it was the people of the Sue family that came to make trouble for Scott. In Elodie’s opinion, Scott could definitely not deal with the Sue family, even though he could donate one billion dollars. Therefore, she believed that the people of the Sue family would definitely teach him a good lesson.

She sat directly on the sofa, as if she were watching something very fun. She was waiting for Scott to kneel down before these people and to beg for mercy. Hoping to record Scott’s kneeling down before these people, she even took out her mobile phone and started to video. In her opinion, in this way, she might be able to take advantage of the video to do something harmful to Scott in the future.

“Quick! I have no time to spend with you. If you can’t kneel down on your own, the people behind me can help you.” Seeing that Scott didn’t move, Emma said impatiently.

“You may ask them to have a try.” Scott said.

Emma didn’t expect that Scott would be so bold that he didn’t take what she said seriously. So she became even angrier.

She gritted her teeth, looked at Scott and said, “You asked for it. Don’t regret it!”

After saying that, Emma took two steps back and shouted at those men, “Beat him up and then make him kowtow to me!”

After receiving this order, without hesitation, those men all took a step forward at once and was about to attack Scott.

Seeing that, Elodie hurriedly shouted to Scott, “Scott, under such a circumstance, you’re still so reckless! Do you think you can afford to offend people of the Sue family? In my opinion, you had better listen to her. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a lot.”

Certainly, Scott wouldn’t take Elodie’s words seriously. He gave those men a glance. Seeing one of them had already tried to give him a punch, he immediately gave that people a kick.

This people was trained by the Sue family. However, compared with Scott, he was too weak. It was easy for Scott to knock him down.

Seeing that Scott really dared to fight with these men, Emma sneered. In her opinion, Scott would soon be beaten up by these men.

However, in the next moment, Scott gave one of these men a kick, making that man crash into the wall. Seeing that, Emma was immediately dumbfounded.

Scott’s movements were smooth. He fought in a quick, powerful and clever way with a set of martial moves. When he stopped, these men had all fell to the ground.

Elodie stared at Scott dumbfounded. She knew how good at fighting Scott was, but she didn’t expect that Scott dared even to beat the people of the Sue family. This time, Scott was really at enmity with the Sue family.

“You…You dare to beat them. Don’t you want to live? Quick, kneel down before me and apologize to me. Otherwise, people of the Sue family will definitely not let you off!” Emma stared at Scott with a nervous expression.

“Why, in your opinion, people of the Sue family can beat me while I can’t beat people of the Sue family, right? You’re too unreasonable!” Scott said coldly.

“The Sue family is a powerful family in H City, so people of the Sue family can of course beat you. In my opinion, you’re but a beggar. You’re not eligible to fight back!” Emma shouted at Scott.

Hearing it, Scott narrowed his eyes, took a step forward and slapped Emma in the face.
“You’re just a maidservant of the Sue family. What right have you to say these words to me?”

Previously, considering that she was the maidservant of Edith, Scott was going to let her off after teaching her a lesson.
However, Scott hated her personality. In his opinion, such a person might get Edith into trouble. So he decided to teach her a good lesson so that she would realize her faults.

Emma covered her face with her hand. Scott didn’t use too much strength, but her face had swelled up.

“You…You dare to hit me! Damn it. Who are you? How dare you beat me? I won’t let you off” Emma reached out her hand to try to slap Scott in the face.

Scott grabbed her wrist and slapped her in the face with the other hand.

Emma somewhat freaked out. Although she was only a maidservant of the Sue family, apart from those who were in charge of the Sue family, no one had ever beaten or scolded her since she was a child.

Now, Scott slapped her in the face twice. It was unacceptable for her.

“You’re done! I’ll take a terrible revenge on you! You son of a b*tch!”

Scott slapped Emma in the face again, showing no mercy at all.

“Now, I’ll teach you how to talk for your young lady. If you’re still so rude to me, I’ll keep beating you.” Scott said coldly.

After that, every time Emma cursed Scott, Scott would slap her in the face. He did it more than a dozen times.

Finally, Emma had somewhat lost sensation in her face. It was only then did she realize that Scott really didn’t care about which family she was from. If Scott went on beating her, she might be killed.

Finally, Emma couldn’t hold on. When Scott was about to slap her in the face again, she managed to say, “I… was wrong.” Scott had raised his hand. Hearing it, he stopped.

He let go of Emma’s wrist and said, “You had better talk in a polite way in the future, otherwise you’ll still be beaten.”

After giving Scott a glance with an aggrieved expression, Emma hurriedly turned around and ran quickly towards the lift.

“You just wait and see. I’m going to go back and tell Mr. Sue about it. I won’t let you get away with it!”

Scott shook his head helplessly, knowing that he was being a bit naive when he tried to make such a person reform by slapping her in the face a few times.

Those men were still lying on the ground. Scott gave them a glance. He didn’t do anything to them, but walked towards the lift.
Elodie watched him with amazement.

Seeing that Scott was approaching her and that the lift was still going up, Emma was very anxious. Finally, she gave up taking the lift decisively, running away by taking the stairs.

It must be noticed that the apartment Scott lived in was on the 23rd floor. Wouldn’t Emma be worried that she would be very tired after leaving this building by taking the stairs?

However, Scott didn’t care about neither what Emma was thinking nor how she left this building.

He was going to go to Lan Couch Group to discuss how to take Edith away from the Sue family with Nadia.

At the Sue Villa.

Emma was back. Her face was red and swollen. After coming back, she immediately went to the study of Darius.

At this moment, Darius was handling documents in the study. Seeing Emma rush in hurriedly, he couldn’t help frowning.
However, after he saw what Emma’ face was like, he was puzzled, asking, “Emma, what’s the matter with your face?” After coming close to Darius, Emma immediately sat down on the ground, beginning to cry sadly.

“Mr. Sue, help me, please. Just now, according to your order, I went to deal with the mad man who had offended the young lady.
I had intended to talk to him about it in a friendly way, so that he could realize his fault. However, that guy insisted that the young lady was his wife. He even made some remarks that insulted the young lady. Finally, he even said something insulting you. I was so angry, so I shouted at him.”

“Unexpectedly, that guy directly beat me. As a result, my face is injured. That guy was very good at fighting, so the men coming there with me were also injured. Even now, they can’t come back. Mr. Sue, take revenge for me, please. It doesn’t matter that I’m injured. However, the Sue family loses face.”

After hearing this pitiful narration and considering that Emma’s face was really injured, Darius was so angry that he immediately stood up, saying angrily, “There should be such an arrogant person in H City. He dares not to take the Sue family seriously! You don’t need to interfere with this matter anymore. Go to see the doctor and ask the housekeeper to give you two months’ salary.
Then have a rest to recover from the injury.”

“I’ll deal with the guy who offended the young lady.”

Hearing it, Emma sneered silently at once. She thought: now, the head of the Sue family is going to deal with that guy himself.
However powerful Scott is, it’s impossible for Scott to escape his doom.

However, she still pretended to be sad. After responding to Darius, she got up from the ground and left the study.

Previously, she was going to ask the housekeeper to give her money. However, at this moment, she saw Edith’s bedroom. She rolled her eyes. Then, she had an idea: she should go to complain to the young lady with her injured face. In this way, she might be able to get some more benefits.

With this intention, she walked towards the bedroom of Edith.


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