The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 544 A Super Nice Guy-Scott

After hearing the female teacher’s words, Jonathan, who was frowning, got up directly from the chair, stared at her and asked, “What are you talking about? Someone transferred one billion to the school account?”

The female teacher looked a little nervous. Seeing the headmaster’s reaction, she felt even guilty, “Yes…that’s it. The one billion dollars appeared on the school’s account, which is for the public to donate. I checked with the bank. The staff in the bank said there was no abnormality with the account. This billion is true. I suspect that this is a large-scale fraud against our school. First, they gave us a billion, and then…then…”

Speaking of here, this female teacher couldn’t figure out who would give the other party one billion dollars to defraud. So she was so confused.

Scott was directly amused by the words of the female teacher. If there were one billion, who would go to defraud. He had never heard of anyone who defraud the other party before giving one billion out first.

Jonathan reacted. He looked at Scott in shock. His breathing also became a little quick.

He thought that Scott was just joking, but he didn’t expect that in just a few minutes, a billion would have been transferred to the school account.

The rest of the leaders in the conference room also understood what was going on. Their gazes at Scott immediately became much more polite.

They argued with Brodie about how to make up the money after the Sue family canceled the scholarship. As for offending the Sue family, it was entirely Scott’s personal affair. The Sue family was just using the school to suppress Scott. No matter what, the Sue family would not deliberately embarrass Fudan University. After all, this was an act of discrediting the family.

Now Scott had directly given the school one billion, which was about three times more than the three hundred million given by the Sue family. The pressure on these leaders suddenly disappeared. They were even a little excited.

It was the first time that they saw someone donated one billion to the school so casually.

After a long time, Brodie stood up with a smile on his face. He knew that Scott never made jokes with others. Now the female teacher of Finance Department had come to prove this, which showed that Scott really gave the school one billion.

Although Brodie was also shocked by Scott’s generosity, he was more of the appreciation and admiration for Scott.

With Scott’s one billion donations, Jonathan and the others had no need to embarrass Scott, which also made Brodie quietly relieved.

Brodie stood up, glanced at Scott with a smile, and said, “Mr. Davies is indeed a good person. With this donation from you, I believe our school will cultivate more talents to contribute themselves to the society.”

When Jonathan and the others heard Brodie’s words, they all gave Scott a grateful smile.

“I didn’t expect Professor Davies to be such a generous person. We misunderstood you before. I hope you can forgive us for our previous offenses. Now I propose to give Professor Davies an official professor in order to express our gratitude to Professor Davies. What do you guys think of?” Jonathan said with a smile.

“I think itis feasible. Professor Davies has made such a great contribution to our school, of course, he must be given the title of official professor.”

“Yes, Professor Davies can still do some of the things that guest professors do. Even if you don’t want to go to class, there is no problem.”

Everyone echoed. A peaceful scene immediately appeared in the conference room.

The female teacher in Finance Department watched this scene dumbfoundedly, and then she carefully asked, “Is… isn’t this a fraud?”

Jonathan smiled and looked at the female teacher, then he said, “This is a gift from Professor Davies to our school. How could it be a fraud?”

The female teacher looked at Scott with a shocked expression on her face. She couldn’t imagine that the person who donated one billion to the school was this young man who looked less than 30 years old.

After that, under the leadership of Brodie and Jonathan, the other leaders kept expressing gratitude to Scott, as if their verbal attacks on Scott had never happened before.

Later, according to Scott’s request, Jonathan formally set a teaching fund with the one billion dollars given by Scott. All procedures were basically in accordance with the previous Sue family’s scholarship procedures, but the number of scholarships was tripled than the scholarship of the Sue family.

After all this was done, Jonathan asked the teachers in the school to notify the students of the incident. By the way, he also held a special meeting for the student union to promote the incident, including praising for Scott.

Those who originally resented Scott because of the cancellation of the scholarship immediately became elated after learning that their scholarship would not only be gone but would also be doubled. They all forgot how they blamed Scott at that time. In turn, they began to praise Professor Davies.

Elodie had been in a good mood for the past two days. Although she experienced the embarrassment of being pushed away by Scott, Scott’s attitude towards her made her feel less guilty about Scott. She was even a little gloating because of the matter of Miss Sue.

When she walked out of the teaching building and walked to the school bulletin board, she found a group of people around here, all talking with a smile on their faces. She was a little curious, and then walked over there.

“Professor Davies is so great. I am grateful to him from the bottom of my heart. It is him who relieved my financial pressure.” “That’s right. Professor Davies is a super nice guy. Now, I don’t have to worry about to pay my loans.”

“I thought that this scholarship would be gone. I didn’t expect Professor Davies to give us such a big surprise. I was really touched.”

Listening to the people’s words, Elodie was confused. Then she asked, “The Professor Davies you are talking about is Scott?” Several people nodded.

Elodie was puzzled and said, “Didn’t Scott cause our school to lose the scholarship supported by the Sue family? Shouldn’t you condemn him? Why do you praise him instead?”

“Girl, don’t you know that Professor Davies personally donated one billion to our school? Those who could get the scholarship of the Sue family will get the scholarship from Professor Davies, and the amount will double. Professor Davies is so good. Why should we condemn him?” A student immediately explained to Elodie.

Elodie immediately widened her eyes and exclaimed, “It is impossible! You are being fooled! How could that guy donate so much money to the school?”

“Girl, you are a little disrespectful to Professor Davies by saying that. The school posted an announcement on this matter. How could it be that we were fooled?” The student immediately retorted.

Elodie hurriedly squeezed to the front of the bulletin board and glanced at the above announcement. She found that there was indeed an announcement, which was written that Scott’s donation of scholarships to the school and the scholarship would be doubled. She was dumbfounded all of a sudden. She didn’t expect that Scott actually solved the problem of the Sue family’s cancelling scholarship at Fudan University through this method.

She originally thought that Scott would be expelled from Fudan University directly because of this incident. Even if he wasn’t expelled, basically no students would go to his class.

However, the fact now was that everyone was grateful to Scott. No one cared about the matter of the Sue family before. Now, everyone could only see Scott’s goodness now.

What made Elodie unacceptable the most was that Scott donated a billion dollars to the school so easily. How rich he was!

Since he was so rich, why would he live with them in a shared apartment?

An inexplicable emotion appeared in Elodie’s heart, making her a little speechless for a while.

In the shared apartment.

Elodie opened the door in despair, still thinking about Scott’s donation of one billion to the school.

As soon as she entered, she saw Scott walking downstairs.

Scott just glanced at her, then looked away, as if he was just looking at a stranger who had never met.

Elodie was unwilling to give up, especially after knowing that Scott might be a rich man. There was a sense of loss in her heart that she had missed something.

She took a deep breath, walked to Scott, squeezed a smile, and asked, “Scott, I heard that you donated one billion to the school? Really? Where did you get so much money? Did they make a mistake? Or, the money is for the person who supports you…”

Scott didn’t want to talk to Elodie. The questions she asked were a bit speechless, so he bypassed Elodie and walked towards the door.

The smile that Elodie squeezed out instantly disappeared, and turned into a gloomy look. This guy was so disgusting! He completely ignored her!

‘Even if you’re rich, you don’t have to be so defiant!’ The anger made Elodie dislike Scott again.
She didn’t even consider whether her problem was a bit impolite.

“Damn it! Even if you are rich, so what? No matter how rich you are, itis impossible for me to accept you at all!” Elodie turned around and shouted directly at Scott.

Scott walked to the door, as if he hadn’t heard Elodie’s words, and just opened the door.

However, he did not go out, but stopped in place. Because at this time, there were a few uninvited guests standing outside the door, who seemed to be fierce.

Several men in black suits blocked the door of the apartment directly. It was the maid, Emma, who served Edith, stood in front of these men.

Emma stared at Scott, with a contemptuous look on her face, and said, “I didn’t expect you to live in such a place where only beggars will live. It really made us look for it for a while. You should also know who I am. Today, I came to you to get even with you. You offended my lady, but you didn’t apologize. Let’s talk about it. How do you want to solve this matter?”


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