The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 543 Donate One Billion to the School

The atmosphere in front of the teaching building suddenly became tense. Everyone did not expect that Brodie would say such words.

In order to stand up for Scott, Brodie did not hesitate to ask the headmaster to expel him, which shocked everyone.

Elodie, who was in the crowd, was full of puzzlement when she saw this scene. She muttered, “Dean Brodie is so stupid. He actually offended the Sue family for that self-righteous guy. This is just causing trouble for himself.”

“Moreover, I finally got the Sue family’s scholarship this time. If the Sue family cancels this scholarship because of Scott, I will hate him guts.”

Emma originally thought that this matter would be solved easily, but she didn’t expect that someone would come forward for that lunatic and be so determined, which was a little bit beyond her expectation.

She felt like she was underestimated. This shit Dean did not take her words seriously. This completely irritated her. Now that this old man had said such things, even if these people knelt down and begged her, she wouldn’t let this matter end so easily.

“Hmph, this is what you asked for. From today on, all the scholarships set up by our Sue family at Fudan University will be cancelled. Even if you regret it, don’t come to us again!”

After speaking, Emma turned around fiercely, and led the thugs to leave the teaching building.
Jonathan yelled several times behind Emma, but Emma ignored him and left the school straight away.

Everyone started talking about the result of this incident. Most of them were blaming Scott. After all, this incident was caused by Scott. Many of them had their scholarships gone because of this.

“This Scott is really hateful. Because of him, our scholarship is gone.” “Damn it, I still wanted to buy some new clothes for my mother when I get the scholarship. This disgusting Scott! I’m so angry.”

“This guy is really a coward. He even asked Dean Brodie to stand for him, but he was hiding. I think we should find him out and let him go to the Sue family to plead guilty. At the very least, he has to get our scholarship back!”

Jonathan turned his head and glanced at Brodie. He gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, and said angrily, “You are really stupid!”

After speaking, he turned around and left here angrily.

Annie walked to the side of Brodie and asked with concern, “Dean Brodie, are you okay?”

Brodie turned his head and glanced at her. The he shook his head and said, “I’m fine, but these people have gone too far. They actually want to humiliate Mr. Davies in this way. They really think that they are powerful and everyone has to listen to them? I won’t change my mind. I believe Mr. Davies is not that kind of person.”

Annie nodded to Brodie, agreeing with Brodie’s words very much.

In the school conference room.

When Scott walked to the door of the conference room, he heard the noise inside.

Today, when Emma brought people to the school, Scott was in Lan Couch, so he didn’t meet them. When he came back, Emma had already left the school with her men.

After that, he received a call from Annie and asked him to come to the school conference room. She told Scott about what happened today and the attitudes of the teachers and students.

Scott did not expect that that maid would be so vicious. Not only did she want him to be awkward in front of the whole school, but she also threatened the school leaders with the scholarship. This made his impression of the Sue family get bad.

As soon as Scott walked to the door of the conference room, he heard what the people inside were arguing, which was basically about scholarships.

The cancellation of the scholarship by the Sue family still had a great impact on the school. Many students had complained to the school. If they wanted to calm down the opinions of the students, they had to pay for the scholarship from the school’s account. However, the Sue family had established a total of 300 million scholarships. Even if the school had money, there was no way to support such a huge scholarship.

Scott listened at the door for a while, then pushed the door directly and walked in.

The room suddenly became quiet. Scott saw it was Brodie who was arguing with everyone else here, and Brodie seemed a little helpless.

When Jonathan saw Scott coming in, his gloomy face became even more terrible. He didn’t expect that the guest professor Brodie invited back was so young.

“Are you Scott? Do you know how much loss you caused to our school? Now we are discussing countermeasures. As the party concerned, you’d better to talk about what to do with this matter.” Jonathan said angrily.

Brodie immediately said, “Scott, you didn’t do anything wrong in this matter. The Sue family has gone too much. Because the Sue family cancelled the scholarship, they put all the responsibility on you. But don’t worry. You are the guest professor I invited back. I will take all the responsibilities for this matter.”

Scott was moved when he heard Brodie’s words. There were not many people like Brodie who were free and easy. However, in Scott’s opinion, this incident was just a trivial matter, so there was no need for Brodie to take any responsibility for him.

When Jonathan heard Brodie’s words, his hands trembled because of anger.

“He wasn’t wrong? If it weren’t for him, how could the Sue family cancel the scholarship? How could the students have so many complaints? Now it is just when the scholarship is about to be issued, what should we do? If these scholarships are not issued,

what will the students think of? This will affect our school’s ethos. You said that he was not wrong. So you want to give students the scholarships that should be given to the students?” Jonathan shouted at Brodie.

Brodie was a bit speechless at once, not knowing how to answer, so he fell silent.
Although he thought that Scott had done nothing wrong, if the headmaster asked him to give the scholarship, it might not be

enough though he took out all his salary for so many years.

Seeing that Brodie stopped speaking, Jonathan turned to look at Scott, and said coldly, “We have already negotiated. This matter is because of you. It none of our business that you said such words. But in the same way, our school should not bear the consequences of your mistakes.”

“So you have to go to the Sue family to admit your mistakes, and accept punishment in accordance with their requirements, and ask them to re-establish scholarships in our school. Only in this way can you make up for your mistakes.”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, Scott showed a smile on his face and said, “I’m not wrong. Why should I make up for it?” In the entire conference room, except for Brodie, everyone stared at Scott incredulously.

“You…you are so shameless! You ran to Miss Sue and said that she was your wife, and now you still shamelessly say that you are right. I have never seen such a shameless person in my life!” Jonathan was so furious.

The rest of the people all condemned Scott, feeling that Scott was too shameless.
“She is indeed my wife. Why did I become shameless?” Scott asked back.
Now Jonathan didn’t know how to answer Scott. He felt that this person was really unreasonable.

Brodie also couldn’t figure it out. Why did Scott have to say that Miss Sue was his wife? Could it be that there really was something hidden in the middle that they didn’t know?

“It’s just that the Sue family is unreasonable. They asked a maid to come over and wantonly slander my reputation. It’s their luck that I didn’t go to them to get even. Now they want me to confess my mistakes to them? It’s ridiculous.” Scott continued.

Jonathan glanced at Scott with a dark face, and asked, “Dean Brodie said that you are from other city? You probably don’t know what status the Sue family has in H City, right?”

“I know.” Scott replied.

“Since you knew it, you shouldn’t fight against the Sue family. If this goes on, you will only die miserably. We are saving you. Do you understand?” Jonathan said.

Scott sighed. He knew that the leaders of the school were not on the same level as him, so no matter what he said, these people would not understand him.
Instead of this, it was better to find a simpler solution.

“You don’t need to worry about the Sue family’s affairs anymore. I don’t need Dean Brodie to take this responsibility for me. I will go to the Sue family to solve this matter by myself. What you are worried about right now is the scholarship, right?” Scott asked.

When the headmaster heard Scott’s words, he nodded, “Yes, the Sue family has given our school a lot of help over the years.
Without this scholarship, it would be a very big loss for the school.”

“Oh? How much is the Sue family’s scholarship?” Scott asked.
“Three hundred million. Is it possible that you want to give the three hundred million?” Jonathan sneered.

Several leaders sitting around Jonathan also laughed. Obviously, they felt that the three hundred million was enough to scare Scott.

Scott felt that it was only three hundred million. It was a piece of cake. If it was just three hundred million, those leaders would really have made a little fuss.

“How about that? I’ll donate one billion to the school and also set up a scholarship fund. You can distribute those students a double scholarship. All these money will be taken from my one billion.” Scott said.

After hearing what Scott said, those leaders who were sneering all felt that their throats were choked by something. The sneer on their faces immediately disappeared. They were all speechless instead.

“Is this guy really not out of his mind? He even wants to donate one billion to the school. Does he really think that the money comes so easily?”

“Dean Brodie is really getting old and becomes stupid. Inviting such a fool to the schooll It is really messing up the school.”

“It’s really bragging. A family as big as the Sue family only gave the school 300 million. He even said that he wants to give one billion. Does he think we are all fools?”

Brodie also stared at Scott in surprise. He didn’t expect Scott to donate one billion to the school.
This number was already a huge figure for people who only got a fixed salary.

“Stop joking with us. The safest way at present is to apologize to the Sue family, so that it is possible for the Sue family to continue to set up scholarships in the school.” Jonathan said.

“I’m not kidding. Wait.” Scott said. Then he picked up the phone and dialed a phone number.
After saying a few words, Scott hung up the phone and said to Jonathan with a smile, “One billion in coming soon.”

Jonathan didn’t believe Scott’s words at all, only felt that the young man in front of him might really have something wrong with his brain.

But after a while, a female teacher from Finance Department hurriedly ran into the conference room and shouted at Jonathan, “Mr. Headmaster, just now, an unfamiliar account has transferred one billion to the school account, saying that they donate to the school in Scott Davies’ name. Is it an online fraud?”


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