The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 542 Expel Me Together

At Fudan University, in front of the teaching building of School of History.
A group of people were surrounding the door of the teaching building, bustling and talking.

Emma stood on the high steps at the entrance of the teaching building. She was staring at the group of so-called talents below, with a trace of disdain in her eyes.

Although she was just a maid of the Sue family, in her opinion, even if she was a maid for a lifetime, she was better than the college students present. Most of them would never earn what she could earn in the Sue family.

In the Sue family, even a maid had the capital to look down upon the students of this prestigious school.

At this time, behind Emma stood a few thugs in black suits from the Sue family. It was precisely because of these few thugs that Emma dared to be unscrupulous in school.

“Let that lunatic who scared my lady that day come over. I am here today to punish him on behalf of the Sue family. Since he has made such a mistake, he has to accept the consequence!” Emma shouted loudly.

At this time, a girl stepped forward. She frowned and looked at Emma, saying, “Mr. Davies was indeed a little impolite that day, but you don’t have to go too far because of this.”

Emma turned her head and glanced at the girl who was talking. She sneered, “Impolite? That lunatic humiliated my lady’s reputation in front of so many people. It was his luck that I didn’t let someone beat him to death. Since he dared to provoke the young lady of our Sue family, you still want to use the word ‘impolite’ to muddle it through?”

The girl who talked to Emma was Annie. She did not expect Scott to say such words to Miss Sue that day, but she admired Scott very much. Even if Scott made some mistakes, it would be okay.

Now the Sue family was making a scene in public, which naturally made her feel angry.

However, this matter was indeed Scott’s fault. Annie didn’t know how to refute Emma. The most important thing was that the Sue family was strong. She was just a student. She had no capital to compete with the Sue family.

Seeing Annie no longer speak, Emma immediately showed a trace of pride. She liked the feeling of being above others very much.

In the Sue family, she was just a little maid who could be called upon by others. She was used to seeing those big shots give orders. She also had a yearning for this kind of superiority.

So when the head of the Sue family or other people arranged for her to go outside to do things, she would always adopt this arrogant attitude, thinking that she was much more superior than the ordinary people outside and these people had to listen to what she said.

At this time, Elodie and Nova were also standing in the crowd. After Elodie heard Emma’s words, she sneered. Then she said to Nova nearby, “He deserves it. That self-righteous guy will finally get retribution. Although he is the guest professor invited by the school, so what? Compared with the Sue family, he is nothing more than an ant. I want to see how he solve it.”

Nova sighed helplessly. Because Elodie kept talking ill of Scott in her ears, which made her almost dislike Scott now.

Soon, there was a commotion among the crowd. The people gave a way to them. A group of leaders of Fudan University came here. Of course, Brodie, the dean of School of History, was among them.

Facing the people of the Sue family, even the leaders of Fudan University did not dare to neglect the slightest.

The headmaster of Fudan University, Jonathan Lee walked towards Emma a little anxiously, and said in a polite tone, “This lady, I don’t know what happened. If our school makes a mistake, I will definitely help you to solve it.”

Emma glanced at Jonathan, told him about Scott’s affairs in a disdainful tone, and then questioned Jonathan, “That guy in your school was actually talking nonsense in front of my lady. You must give me an explanation today, otherwise the student scholarship fund set up by the Sue family in your school will be cancelled.”

Jonathan was stunned when he heard Emma’s words. The Sue family’s scholarship fund set up at Fudan University could be said to be the largest among the many funds. In Fudan University, almost one-third of students were funded by this fund every year.

This fund was a motivation for the school to encourage students to study hard. If the Sue family really withdrew this fund, it would have a very big impact on Fudan University.

The students around also started talking about it. The scholarships set up by the Sue family could be said to be the easiest to get at Fudan University. As long as they studied hard, they would be able to get the scholarship. Many people wanted to take this scholarship to travel. If it was cancelled, they would certainly have a lot of opinions.

“Lady, this matter may indeed be his faults. I don’t know what kind of explanation you want. You can tell me first. I will definitely meet your requirements.” Jonathan asked.

Emma said, “Call the lunatic over. Ask him to apologize to our lady in front of everyone in your school. Ask him to admit that he is a lunatic, and then slap himself a few times. You cancel his so-called professor status and drive him out of the school. After that, our Sue family will not pursue this matter.”

Hearing Emma’s words, Jonathan’s face suddenly showed a hint of embarrassment. If she only asked Scott to apologize or asked him to cancel Scott’s professorship, he could do it. But it was a little too far to let Scott admit that he was lunatic in front of everyone and slapped himself.

Seeing Jonathan hesitating, Emma immediately curled her lips and said, “You don’t agree? Then my Sue family scholarship can also be cancelled. Your school will be blacklisted by our Sue family. You’d better think about it clearly.”

When Jonathan heard this, he immediately became anxious. Although the scholarship was important, it was not necessary.
However, it would be a very serious matter if the school be on the blacklist of the Sue family. He had not been able to bear the consequences.

So after a few seconds of hesitation, Jonathan gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I promise you. I will follow what you said as soon as possible and let him apologize.”

Hearing Jonathan’s promise, Emma’s smug smile became even brighter. This feeling of making others embarrassed casually made her very enjoyable.

Just when Emma achieved her goal and planned to leave, Brodie, who was standing by, stood out with a cold face, and said, “I don’t agree with this punishment.”

Everyone immediately turned their heads and looked at Brodie.

Emma looked at Brodie up and down, and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you? Your headmaster has agreed. Why do you disagree?”

“I am the dean of School of History. Professor Davies was invited by me. He may indeed offend your young lady, but Professor Davies is also a person with status. Your request just now is no different from humiliating him. How could I agree to such a punishment?” Brodie said sternly.

Seeing Brodie stand up to oppose Emma, Jonathan’s face was full of anxiety. He hurriedly said, “Dean Brodie, it has come to this point. Don’t defend that person. Didn’t you hear what she just said? If you speak for that person, you will be opposing the Sue family.”

The students around were also surprised. They didn’t expect that Brodie would still stand up and speak for Scott. Most of them had never attended Scott’s class, so they didn’t know who Scott was. They all believed what Emma had just said, and felt that Scott deserved to be punished in this way.

Now hearing Brodie speaking for Scott, they were naturally puzzled.

“Professor Davies did those stupid things. Why should we bear this kind of responsibility for him? We should let him apologize in public according to what that lady said.”

“It’s so irritating. Why did the dean of School of History speak for such a pervert and offend the Sue family? It’s so stupid.”

“Tsk-tusk-tusk, Professor Davies is so lucky. There is still someone else who speaks for him. If the Sue family really cancels the scholarship this time, I’m afraid someone of our students will go to his home to punch him.”

Most of these people complained it because of the scholarships.

Brodie snorted and said, “So what? So the Sue family can humiliate others for no reason? I will not agree to your request today.
If the headmaster insists on listening to her, just expel me together!”


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