The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 541 Cheat

In the villa of the Sue family.

After coming back, Edith had been thinking about the guy she saw in the school. That face seemed to have been engraved in her mind for a long time. Just a glance, she couldn’t forget him.

She recalled the way the guy called her. No matter how she thought about it, that guy didn’t seem to be acting. She could clearly feel the emotion in that man’s eyes.

If that man really wanted to take advantage of her, his acting skills would be too superb.

The thing that made her most puzzled was that when she saw that man, why did she have a familiar feeling? At that time, she even had the urge to rush over to hug the man.

Even if the man was acting, her feelings would definitely not be fake.

It was just that Emma accused the man aggressively at the time, and then dragged her away from Fudan University, making her unable to find the man to confirm her feelings.

It wasn’t until after returning, after carefully reviewing the previous events, that Edith was a little convinced that before she lost her memory, she was likely to have a very deep relationship with that man. Otherwise, she would not have such a feeling.

The doctor told her that more exposure to things she was familiar with before would help her recover her memory. When she saw the man, she obviously felt that the part of her lost memory was shaking.

If she had more contact with that man, she might find her memories soon.

Although Darius was very good to her, she always felt that there was a little strangeness between her father and herself. She was also very strange to the whole Sue family, so she really wanted to get her memories back.

When Edith was in a trance, Emma walked in with a bowl of boiled soup and placed it on the table in front of Edith.
“Miss, the freshly cooked ginseng soup. Drink it while it is hot.” Emma said.

Edith stared at Emma and said, “Emma, I still feel that the person I met at school is a bit weird. How about you invite him over? I want to ask him why he called me like that. ”

Hearing Edith’s words, Emma said directly without even thinking about it, “Miss, haven’t I told you that person is crazy? He wanted to take advantage of you. It’s his luck that I did not ask others to arrest him directly. Miss, don’t think about it. It’s all that man’s lies.”

“But…” Edith wanted to refute.

“Miss, have some soup. No but! Mr. Sue will be here soon. He has already known what happened today. He will enlighten you.” Emma’s tone was a bit tough.

Edith was speechless by Emma’s words. Although Emma was her maid, she often felt that she could not make her own decision.
Emma often made decisions for her.

After finishing talking with Edith, Emma turned around and left the room, without giving Edith any chance to speak.

Edith was a little angry. She felt that she was just like a pet that was taken care of in the Sue family, without any freedom.
Everything was arranged for her by others. Now she even had no right to see a man. Was she really the young lady in this family?

Not long after Emma left, the door of the room was opened again. Darius walked in from outside.
He glanced at his daughter with full of love on his face. Then he said with a smile, “Why don’t you drink the soup?”

Edith stared at Darius and asked, “Father, what have I experienced in the past? Why would anyone come to me and say that I am his wife?”

Darius walked to Edith, reached out to touch her head, and said, “My silly daughter, although our Sue family is not the best in H City, most of people are still envy us. In this world, there are many people who want to get something for nothing. So they will try all kinds of ways to get the benefits.”

“You are my daughter, the young lady of the Sue family. Everyone knows that as long as he has some relationship with you, he can get endless benefits. So it is not uncommon for someone to try to get close to you in this way. Some time ago, there was a woman I didn’t know who brought a child and insisted that it was my child. You can just regard this kind of thing as a joke.”

Hearing Darius’ words, Edith frowned immediately and said, “But, I feel that person is very familiar…”

Hearing Edith’s words, a vicious light flashed in Darius’ eyes. Then he said with a smile, “This is where those liars are clever. If he can’t make you feel like this, how dare he take a risk to do this kind of thing?”

After speaking, Darius took out his phone, found a photo, gave Edith a glance, and said: “This person in the photo is your best playmate when you were a kid. He used to come to our house to play, but later because of his parents’ work, their family left H City. At that time, you cried for a long time because of it.”

“My men found the person who appeared in your school suddenly used to have deep contact with your playmate. Now it seems that he disguised so well. He should have gone to find someone you know. After understanding them well, he shaped himself into them to make you have a familiar feeling.”

“The reason you think that person is familiar is because he made his appearance look like your playmate, and imitated some of his temperament. Sylvie, you have to know that those vicious people will use every possible means to get the property of the Sue family.”

Darius said earnestly.

Edith stared at the photo and found that the person in the photo was indeed somewhat similar to the man in the school, but if she took a closer look, she would notice a big difference.

This photo also made her feel very familiar.

“Father, is this true?” Edith glanced at Darius with some confusion. She had already a little confused as to which feeling was right.

Darius smiled and said, “Of course. You are my daughter. I won’t lie to you.”

Of course, this photo was not true. It was just that Darius specially found someone make the photo a slight change based on Scott’s appearance.

In order to prevent Edith from having any doubts, he could only use this method.

From the moment Edith opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Darius. Now, she was sure that Darius was her father. So she had no doubt about it. Generally, she would choose to believe what Darius said.

“I know you still have some confusion. The doctor said this is a sequelae of your amnesia. It will be fine after a while. What you have experienced in the past, I have already told you. Maybe because your brain is still recovering, so you can’t remember it.” Darius continued.

In order to let Edith completely accept Sylvie’s identity, Darius made up a whole set of life experience for her.

“Don’t think about it anymore. You do have a marriage contract. The young master of the Nelson family will get married with you.
With your status, how could you be the wife of an ordinary person? As long as you think about it a little bit, you can find the logical errors.”

“Mr. Nelson will be back soon. You should think about how to entertain him during this period. After he returns, your marriage will

be on the agenda.”

The reason why Darius made up a whole set of life experience for Edith to deceive Edith was because of this marriage. the Nelson family was the real hegemon in H City. Others didn’t know it, but Darius could not have known. If Edith married the young master of the Nelson family, the Sue family would have endless benefits.

It was impossible for Darius to let anyone destroy this marriage.

Moreover, Edith was pregnant now. He must let Edith get married as soon as possible to hide this matter. Otherwise, when Edith’s belly got big, the Nelson family would definitely not agree to this marriage.

Edith stared at Darius and asked, “Do I really have the marriage contract with the young master of the Nelson family since I was young? But I can’t think of anything about him. I also feel very strange about what you said.”

Darius said with a smile, “Haven’t I told you? This is the symptom that your brain has not recovered. It is not important whether you are familiar or not. I can assure you. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Get a good rest. Marrying the young master of the Nelson family will be the luckiest thing in your life.”

Edith still wanted to say something. But she didn’t know what to say, so she nodded to Darius.

Her thoughts were confused now. The instinct of her body prevented her from thinking about it.

Since her father said it was like that, so be it. Anyway, her memory was gone. It was better to follow her father’s arrangement.

Seeing that Edith didn’t think about those things, Darius also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Then he walked out of the room after briefly comforting Edith.

Emma had been waiting outside the room. Seeing Darius coming out, she quickly bowed respectfully.
Darius turned his head and glanced at Emma, then asked, “Has the identity of that person been verified?”

Emma replied, “It’s just a guest professor at Fudan University. I heard that he is from B City. He has no background. I heard some students in the school say that he is still a toy boy. I guess he wants to make money, so he got close to our lady.”

Darius nodded, and didn’t take Scott to heart. Such a small person was not worth of him worrying about.

“In this case, you go to Fudan University. We have a scholarship fund at Fudan University. Those people in the school dare not disrespect my Sue family. You ask them to find an excuse to expel this so-called guest professor.” Darius said.

Emma’s eyes lit up suddenly. Then she said, “Yes.”

“Also, during this period of time, watch the young lady. No one is allowed to contact her until the young master of the Nelson family comes back.” After thinking about it, Darius added.


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