The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 540 Just Give Orders to Me

In the apartment.
Scott sat on the side of the bed and maintained this position for an afternoon.

In his mind, he kept thinking about all the things he met Edith at Fudan University today, as well as the strange looks in Edith’s eyes.

Emma took Edith away at the time. Scott did not continue to catch up. He had already judged from the look in Edith’s eyes that she did not know him now.

He also learned from that Edith had a new identity and a new name. She was Sylvie, the young lady in the Sue family.

For various reasons, Scott had not taken Edith away by force. After all, he had already had Edith’s whereabouts. It was not difficult to find her again. The most urgent task was to find out what Edith had gone through.

One thing that could be guessed was that Edith might have amnesia after the car accident, which caused that she forgot him.

Furthermore, Scott guessed that the Sue family was probably the real belonging of Edith. The clues Nicolas gave Scott was H City. After Scott came here, he really met Edith. But Edith became the young lady in the Sue family. So Scott got such a conclusion.

Scott didn’t care about Edith’s identity. Whether she belonged to Patel family or the Sue family, for Scott, as long as Edith was still in love with him, everything didn’t matter.

Scott already had this idea when he knew that Edith was not the biological daughter of Nicolas and Amara.

However, what made Scott at a loss now was that Edith was likely amnesia. He did not know how much memory Edith lost. If it was a short-term amnesia, Scott could accept it. If it was permanent, there was no difference between this and death.

Scott felt that he might not be able to accept this result, so he had been sitting by the bed for so long.
His phone buzzled, pulling Scott’s thoughts back.
He picked up the phone and saw it was Nadia’s call.

“Young Master, we have found the whereabouts of the person you are looking for, because we haven’t thought about it before,

which led us to overlook some possibilities. Today, when I was comparing the photos, I found that the person you were looking for is very consistent with the young lady in the Sue family, Sylvie. Young Master, do you want to come to my company so that I can tell you something about the young lady in the Sue family.” Nadia’s voice became sweet.

“Got it.” Scott simply replied, and then hung up the phone.

He took a deep breath. His purpose in coming to H City was to find Edith. Now that he found Edith, but he was not happy at all.
After thinking about it for a long time, Scott got up and planned to see Nadia. Although he already knew that Miss Sue was Edith, he didn’t know much about the Sue family. He had to learn it from Nadia.

He went downstairs and found that Nova and Elodie were both sitting in the living room. Seeing that Scott came out, Nova immediately stood up and asked Scott with concer, “Scott, are you okay? Today at school…”

“I’m fine.” Scott replied, and then walked towards the door.

Nova wanted to ask Scott what he was going to do, but thinking about what happened at school today, she didn’t say anything again.

After Scott left, Elodie said with a disdainful face, “Nova, don’t have any thoughts about this kind of people. He is the guest professor. He thinks himself high and lofty. His goal is Miss Sue. You didn’t see the way he looked at Miss Sue at school today?”

Nova sighed. She naturally saw the scene after class today. Even she did not expect that Scott would be so rude in front of so many people.

“I really didn’t expect him, a dignified guest professor, would use that kind of mean ways. He dares to say that Miss Sue is his wife, which is really shameless.” Elodie judged Scott.

Although in class today, Scott proved that he was not a toy boy with his strength, which made Elodie feel that she had misunderstood Scott, and felt a little guilty.

But when she was going to apologize, Scott actually pushed her away. She was very unhappy.

In addition, seeing Emma accuse Scott of shamelessly saying that Miss Sue was his wife, it made Elodie a little bit contemptuous towards Scott.

Even if Scott had real talents, he did such a shameful thing. Elodie still looked down on him.
“There may be some misunderstanding.” Nova said frustratingly.

“Misunderstanding? Don’t be funny. Haven’t you seen what happened today? The young lady in the Sue family doesn’t even know him. The girl directly said he was shameless. He clearly wanted to use this despicable means to approach Miss Sue.”

“I thought he was an educated person when he was giving a lecture today. Now it seems that he is vulgar. Even if he is a guest professor at our school, so what? He is still not worthy of Miss Sue.”

Elodie got more indignant as she spoke, as if she knew Scott secrets and was about to taunt Scott severely.
Nova couldn’t figure out why Scott did this. After sighing, she turned back to the room.

“Huh, how noble Miss Sue is! You are just a guest professor. What rights do you have to match her? You wish!” Elodie muttered, and then went back to the room.

At Lan Couch Building.

In Nadia’s office.

After Scott opened the door and walked in, Nadia greeted him with enthusiasm.

She wore a purple cheongsam today, setting off her exquisite figure. Her seductive makeup also made her look so charming.
The word ‘stunner’ was specially prepared for her. It described her incisively and vividly.

“Young Master, you are finally willing to come to see me. I miss you so much.” Nadia directly stretched out her hand and hugged Scott.

Upon seeing this, Scott put an arm directly around her waist. For a moment, Nadia thought that her dress had successfully attracted Scott, so Scott planned to do something to her.

But before Nadia had time to be happy, she felt that her body was out of balance and her head turned around, and a scream was echoed in the office.

Scott directly turned Nadia up to down a few times in the air. Then he put her on the ground.

Nadia only felt the world spin for a while. After being put down by Scott, she couldn’t stand firmly. She took a few steps to stabilize her figure.

After that, she showed a face of grievance. Looking at Scott with her mouth pursed, she almost cried out.

She didn’t expect that Scott would treat her, such a gentle and delicate woman, like this! Her Young Master really didn’t know how to treat women.

Until now, Nadia had learned that Scott really didn’t know anything in this aspect. Even as a famous socialite in H City, she didn’t know what to do.

Scott walked directly to Nadia’s table and sat down on the chair.

Although Nadia was wronged, she also saw that Scott didn’t seem very happy. After a simple adjustment, she quickly walked to Scott’s side.

Since she could become the person in charge of Guanling in H City, naturally, she knew when to make jokes and when not to make jokes. Scott obviously had something on his mind. If she continued to make jokes without wit, her endings would be terrible.

“Tell me about all the information you know about the young lady in the Sue family.” Scott went directly to the subject.

Nadia didn’t hesitate. She said, “This young lady in the Sue family has only appeared in the sight of everyone in this period of time. Before, no one knew that there was such a lady in the Sue family. She appeared suddenly. But there was no one to doubt about the identity of this lady.”

“After knowing that Miss Sue matches the person you are looking for, I sent someone to check it out and found that this Miss Sue seemed to have had an accident, which caused a memory problem. The Sue family used to hire the best doctor in H City to cure her.”

Hearing this, Scott was stunned. It was because of Edith’s memory loss that she was so strange to him.

“Darius, the head of the Sue family, is very fond of the daughter. He has taken great care of her. It may be to make this lady better adapt to the environment in the Sue family. Darius enrolled her in many courses. She goes to Fudan University to study business administration.”

“At present, we only have this information for this Miss Sue. As for where she came from, we haven’t found out yet.”

After listening to Nadia’s words, Scott nodded. He had already guessed what happened. After having a car accident, Edith came to H City by accident.

“What kind of strength does the Sue family have in H City?” Scott asked.

Regardless of Edith’s amnesia or not, Scott would take her away in the end. If the Sue family didn’t make things difficult to him, it would be okay. If the Sue family insisted on keeping Edith to stay, Scott wouldn’t definitely let this happen. So it was necessary for him to understand the situation of the Sue family to make a rough judgment on what needed to be done later.

“The Sue family is the top family in H City. H City is different from B City. Here is the economic center. The business is developed. Although the Sue family is just a big family in H City, they actually have a world-class family background. The strength what the Sue family showed to us in H City is only one-tenth.”

“The Sue family is still a somewhat powerful family, roughly equivalent to the Cunningham family that the boss destroyed some time ago.”

Scott nodded. He didn’t expect this Sue family to have such a background. If Scott only had Davies family as his backer, it would be really not a simple thing to steal Edith from the Sue family.

Of course, he not only had Davies family. His father destroyed the Cunningham family without worries. As the young master of Guanling, Scott naturally did not take the Sue family seriously.

“In H City, the Sue family is not the strongest. The strongest family should be the Nelson family. the Nelson family has become one of the top families in the world. But they didn’t show their strength in H City. Besides, they have rarely been involved in the commercial struggles. Only some families which have a certain position in H City can know the existence of the Nelson family.”

“It’s worth mentioning that the Nelson family is a family friend with the Turner family. The two families have a very good relationship. When your grandpa was kicked out of the Turner family, the Nelson family also made a lot of trouble for your grandpa.”

As the person in charge of H City, Nadia was already regarded as a senior official in Guanling. She had long heard of Terence’s things. After all, she knew who she had to deal with only if she got to know these things.

Scott suddenly narrowed his eyes when he heard Nadia’s words. He didn’t expect that there was such a family in H City. So, his father should have a lot of grudges with the Nelson family.

“Lan Couch is just the largest cosmetics company in H City. Although you are a socialite and have a wide network of contacts, if I want to deal with the Nelson family, can you help me destroy them?” Scott considered what might happen in the future, and then he asked Nadia.

Nadia smiled, and then said in a rather casual voice, “Lan Couch is just a disguise. It is also a kind of trump card that prevents others from knowing our own strength. Boss let me be in in charge of H City, so how can I only have a small cosmetics company?”

“If Young Master wants to destray the Nelson family, just give orders to me.”


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