The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 539 Finally Found You

Being pushed by Scott, Elodie was staggering, and almost fell to the ground.

She looked at Scott quickly running out with an embarrassed face. Suddenly, she had endless grievances.
Even if he didn’t want to forgive her, he didn’t have to push her away, right?

Besides, Scott was even running so fast. Did he hate her so much?

‘Hmph, even though he is good at teaching, so what? He is just so stingy. He is actually so narrow-minded. I originally wanted to apologize to him sincerely. Now it seems that I’m so stupid.’

Elodie was aggrieved. But then she was very angry and felt so upset.

In the corridor, after Scott rushed out, he quickly looked in the direction Edith had just walked past. The familiar figure made him tremble slightly.

It turned out that Edith was really here, and she was fine. Scott’s nerves that had been strained for so long were finally relaxed.
He paused on the spot for several seconds, then took a deep breath and shouted at the figure in front, “Edith!”

His face was full of expectation. He was waiting for Edith to stop and turn around to look at him. He believed that the moment Edith turned, he would rush to her and hugged her into arms. He had been thinking about her days and nights.

However, the scene he was expecting did not appear. The figure walking in front only paused for a while, and then continued to walk towards the front.

Scott’s original excitement suddenly cooled down. He did not expect that after Edith heard his shouts, she only paused for a while, and then kept walking as if nothing happened.

He and Edith had been together for such a long time. They had already understood everything about each other quite thoroughly.
Scott could conclude that that woman was Edith based on only her back. Edith could definitely know the person who was.
calling her just now.

Every detail of the figure walking in front proved to Scott that it was his wife who he had been missing for a long time, and it was absolutely impossible to make a mistake. Scott did not believe that the person in front just looked like Edith. Two people might be similar in appearance, or even exactly the same, but the temperament and habits that had been cultivated over time could never be exactly the same.

However, it was the person who was identified by Scott as Edith had no response at all after she heard Scott’s shouts, as if she felt that it was not calling her.
How was this going?

Scott suddenly had a lot of doubts. He didn’t understand what went wrong. Logically, Edith would definitely rush to him as soon as she met him. What made him most puzzled was that Edith was safe and sound in H City, but she had not contacted him.

Scott knew that Edith could not have disappeared for no reason, and that during the period of her disappearance, something must have happened, so that Edith never contacted him actively.

As for what happened, he was afraid that it was only Edith who could explain it.

Many possibilities popped into Scott’s mind. But no matter what the reason was, Edith completely ignored him, which made Scott feel a little lost.

Scott didn’t hesitate anymore. He hurried to catch up with Edith and stopped in front of her.

“Edith, why are you ignoring me? I have been looking for you for a long time. I thought that something happened to you. It’s okay as long as you are fine, but I don’t know what you have encountered. Can you tell me about your experience during this time?” Scott said in a panic.

At this time, a girl who was walking with Edith stood in front of Edith, staring at Scott with a vigilant face, and said coldly, “Who are you? What do you want to do? Get out of our way. Don’t harass our lady!”

It was also at this time that Scott noticed that there was a girl next to Edith. When Scott heard this girl’s words, he couldn’t help but frowned, “Your lady? She is my wife. How come she is your lady?”

When the girl heard Scott’s words, a trace of disgust appeared on her face. She stretched out her hand and pushed Scott away, shouting, “How can you be so shameless? You dare to be so disrespectful to our lady? You said our lady is your wife? How dare you!”

Scott suddenly became a little anxious. He didn’t understand what was going on. He glanced at Edith behind the girl and found that Edith was looking at him blankly at this time. She was frowning, as if trying to think something.

Moreover, what made Scott a little uncomfortable was that there was strangeness in Edith’s eyes when Edith looked at him.
Although Scott was sure that the woman in front of him was his wife, there seemed to be some changes that Scott hadn’t expected.

“Edith, what’s wrong with you? Why are you looking at me with such eyes? I am Scott. Don’t you know me?” Scott stared at Edith and asked.

“Why are you so shameless? Don’t call our lady with such a disgusting name. Our lady doesn’t know you! Get out of here quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.” The girl who stood in front of Edith shouted at Scott again.

Edith didn’t come back to her senses until this time. She stretched out her hand and tugged at the girl’s clothes, and said softly, “Emma, don’t say that! He might be mistaking me for someone else.”

The moment Edith saw Scott just now, there was a tingling in her mind. She felt it seemed that some memories deep in her mind were about to break free because of the man who appeared in front of her suddenly.
But she stood there and tried to think for a long time. No memories appeared in her mind. She just had some familiar feelings for

the man in front of her, and the rest was blank.

Since she woke up, there had been such situations many times. After seeing something, her brain would have such a reaction.
This time, the reaction was the strongest.

Because of past experience, Edith thought that the man in front of her might just resemble someone she knew in the past, so such a situation happened again. She really couldn’t remember who this man was. After she woke up, many people in the Sue family instilled a lot of “memory of her past” into her. In her cognition, she had never married someone before, so she thought that Scott had also mistaken her for someone else.

Hearing Edith’s words, Emma immediately retorted, “Miss, you are too gentle. We have met so many people like him. Mistaken? He clearly wants to take advantage of you.”

Emma was Edith’s maid. Although Edith was the young lady in the Sue family, in many cases, this maid behaved much tougher than Edith. Emma would make her own decisions regardless of Edith’s opinions.

“Edith, you…you really don’t know me?” Scott looked at Edith who looked like that she didn’t know him. Scott’s voice trembled a little.

“What kind of shit Edith! This is the young lady in the Sue family, Sylvie. Don’t play dumb with me. Get out of our way, or I’ll call the bodyguards in the Sue family over now. Then you will know what will happen next!” Emma yelled at Scott again viciously.

Hearing Emma’s words, Scott’s body suddenly stiffened. Looking at Edith incredulously, Scott was so shocked.

The young lady in the Sue family, Sylvie!

How can that be! Why did Edith become the young lady in the Sue family?

Thinking of that Walker wanted to introduce Miss Sue to him that day, Scott felt ridiculous.

How did his wife become the young lady in the Sue family? She was the president in the company of Patel family.

“There must be some misunderstanding. She is my wife, Edith. I have been looking for her for a long time. I’m not wrong. Edith,

you come back with me. I want to know what happened to you during this time.” Scott looked at Edith anxiously, and directly stretched out his hand to grab Edith.

Upon seeing this, Emma hurriedly took Edith back a few steps and shouted to the people around her, “Help, this shameless bastard is spreading rumors here, saying that our young lady is his wife! How ridiculous! Look at yourself, what right do you have to say such words? I heard that many traffickers will use this trick before abducting people. Maybe this guy is a trafficker! Come on and get this guy!”

Emma shouted. The people around her immediately gathered around here. Everyone was staring at Scott with contempt and talking.

“Isn’t that the young lady in the Sue family? Someone dares to say that the young lady in the Sue family is his wife? So funny!”

“Holly shit! How dare he! He dares to use this trick to take advantage of the Sue family. He doesn’t know what kind of position the Sue family is in H City? Those who dared to do those things will probably die miserably in the end.”

“Damn it. It’s really shameless. He dares to say that. If Miss Sue really got married, it would definitely be big news. How it possible that she married such an ordinary person?”

At this time, the people who had just been attending the class also came out. When they heard the people around them say what happened here, their eyes widened.

They didn’t expect that this good guest professor would say that Miss Sue was his wife in the public, which was quite inconsistent with the temperament that Scott was teaching in class just now.

Those who didn’t know Scott’s identity purely thought that he was a lunatic.
Nova also looked at Scott with a puzzled face. She couldn’t figure out why Scott did such a thing to ruin his own reputation.
Elodie looked at Scott with contemptuous. She had no guilt right now.

“Miss, let’s go. This guy is simply unreasonable. I will tell Mr. Sue about it and let Mr. Sue teach him a lesson.” Emma turned her head and said to Edith, then dragged Edith to the other side.

“But…” Edith instinctively gave birth to a trace of resistance. She felt that this person might be the key to her retrieving her own memory.

“Miss, let’s go quickly.” Emma didn’t give Edith a chance.
Scott wanted to rush to keep Edith. At this time, the people around immediately surrounded Scott and stopped Scott.
“You think you can do anything you want at will in our school?” Many boys were filled with indignation.

Scott stopped. His eyes met Edith’s, who turned to look over here. He could only saw the strangeness and helplessness in Edith’s eyes.


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