The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 538 Figure

A lesson in university normally lasted for nearly two hours, with a ten-minute break in between.
Scott was here for the first time, and he forgot to have a rest in the middle, so he didn’t stop talking until the bell rang.

And none of the listeners interrupted Scott’s lecture because they wanted to go to the bathroom. They all listened so attentively that they completely forgot the time. Those who wanted to go to the bathroom also took the initiative to hold back. Just like watching a wonderful movie, they had to watch it even if they wanted to pee.

Scott’s speech was so interesting that everyone was so immersed in the atmosphere of his lecture that they didn’t feel it at all. It had been nearly two hours before they knew it.

When the bell rang, everyone was yearning for more, and many people wanted Scott to give another lecture. A situation like this, in which students did not want the teacher to stop at the end of class was quite rare in university.

At this time, Elodie and Nova were both staring at Scott. Although they were both impressed by Scott’s lecture, they were ina very different state of mind at this time.

At this time, Nova’s worship toward Scott was inexpressible. She did not expect that Scott was not only powerful and well- connected, but also could teach so charmingly. Just from the content of the first lecture given by him, she could see that the knowledge stored in Scott’s mind had reached an astonishing amount.

Such a gentleman with strength, knowledge, kindness and personality was simply the perfect choice for boyfriend in the eyes of Nova, a girl in adolescence.

On the base of the fact that Scott was now sharing a rent with them, she even began to imagine some of the plots that often appeared in TV dramas.

Here was another one who was just like her, Annie, and Annie’s fantasy about Scott was even more serious. A thrilling teacher- student love relationship had formed in her mind, and she even had the impulse to pick up a pen and write a novel.

Elodie was filled with regret at this time. She knew that she had really misunderstood Scott. Scott had proved to her with real knowledge that he was really qualified to be a visiting professor. If he could not be a visiting professor, no one else would be qualified.

And Scott had so much talent, how could he be a sugar baby? If he wrote down something that he knew, it would become a bestseller very soon.

Now Elodie was even a little suspicious that the beauty came to pursue him on that day because she was attracted by his talent and charm.

She now regretted that she had made such a big mistake, and now she did not know what to do if she wanted to get Scott’s forgiveness.

The teachers sitting in the classroom who were also able to teach all stared at Scott with admiration. They all thought that they could not achieve the level of Scott. The temperament of Scott standing on the platform was as if he was born to be a professor. No matter what he said, it gave people the feeling that it was easy and interesting to listen to.

No wonder the dean made an exception to invite a visiting professor to the school. Scott was really qualified for the invitation. If they were the dean, they would certainly not let go of such a talent.

One of the teachers stared at Scott for a long time, then raised his hand and applauded Scott.

When the people around him saw this, they immediately began to applaud together, and for a moment the whole classroom was.
filled with applause.

Andrews sat in his seat with his face turning grey. At this moment, he understood why Annie was so close to the visiting professor. It turned out that he was really attractive and charming.

And he knew that if he wanted to reach the level of Scott, it would not be enough to give him 20 years more, and Scott was only in his twenties. No girl did not like a man like this.

He felt a deep sense of frustration. Just listening to Scott’s lecture, he understood the gap between himself and Scott. His feeling was despair that could not arouse his fighting spirit.
When Andrews was in a trance, Scott’s voice sounded in his ear: “Mr. Andrews, I heard that you had a big disagreement with

me before. I wonder if you still bear the same opinion on me after listening to my lecture.”

Everyone looked at Andrews, and many of them knew that Andrews was not optimistic about Scott and said a lot of bad things about him. Now they all had a lot of disdain for Andrews because of Scott’s lecture.

Andrews only felt that his body trembled for a moment, then he raised his head to look at Scott, and stood up from his seat with a pale face.

“Professor Davies, I was narrow-minded and self-righteous before. I said a lot of things that tarnished your reputation. This was all because my level was too low and my vision was too short. Now I apologize to you in front of everyone. I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes before. I will never make such a mistake again.” Andrews apologized sincerely.

When he saw Andrews apologizing, Scott didn’t plan to argue with him anymore. After all, he was also a teacher in the school.
If he was humiliated in front of so many students, it would be difficult for him to stay in the school in the future.

“That’s all right,Mr. Andrews. Don’t judge people by their appearance in the future.” Scott said.

Andrews nodded his head and said, “I’ve learnt the lesson.”

The students praised Scott’s bearing, and many girls even showed amorous eyes, full of admiration for the visiting professor, who was only in his twenties.

“That’s all for today’s lesson. Thank you for coming to my class. See you next week.”

Scott said a few words, and then he was about to step down from the platform.

A group of students surrounded Scott immediately, looking excitedly at Scott, asking Scott for WeChat number, for an autograph, and even asking Scott where he lived.

Scott looked at the “enthusiastic” students, and felt a bit confused, he had never had the experience of dealing with students.
Fortunately, Annie came to his rescue in time, so he was not directly submerged by these enthusiastic students.

As he walked out of the classroom, Elodie walked up to Scott with a look of shame on her face. She looked at Scott a bit awkwardly and said, “Scott, I… I misjudged you before. I don’t know if you could forgive me. ”

As Elodie apologized to Scott, Scott caught a glimpse of a passing figure in the hallway outside.
Without saying a word, he pushed Elodie away and rushed out quickly.

The figure that just walked past the door of the classroom was Edith that Scott had thought about day and night for countless times!

Scott could be sure that he was not dizzy, and that person was really Edith, so he did not hesitate to push Elodie away and rushed out.

After looking for her for so long, could he finally find her?


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