The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 537 Anything Wrong for Me to Give a Lecture

“Scott! What are you doing? Come down here. The professor will be here in a minute. Don’t come here and cause trouble just because you are angry for the moment?”

Elodie looked at the Scott standing on the platform and her first reaction was that this guy was coming to make trouble.

Everyone in the classroom paid their attention to Scott because of Elodie’s shout. They were all staring at him curiously, not knowing what was going on.

“Girl, I ‘m the teacher today, anything wrong with it?” Scott glanced at Elodie and said.

His words caused uproar in the classroom and the students all looked at Scott disbelievingly. Scott was only several years older than them, and how could the school invite such a young man to be the visiting professor.

However, Andrews and several other teachers were quite calm. They all met Scott in advance and knew that this young man was really the visiting professor invited by the dean.

“Oh, my God, is this the visiting professor invited by the dean? He is too young. Are you sure he’s not joking on the platform on purpose?”

“Is it true that he spent money to gild himself? But isn’t this professor invited by the dean in person? Hasn’t our dean always looked down on such kind of thing?”

“Damn, it is estimated that this man has only graduated for a few years. Judging from his age, I deem that he is younger than Mr.
Andrews. Mr. Andrews has been promoted at an amazing speed, and he has not been able to reach the level of professor. This is ridiculous.”

“Scott, would you please have some sense of shame? You think all of us here are fools or something? How old are you? How could you be a visiting professor in our school?” Elodie looked worried and felt that the joke of Scott had gone too far.

“Girl, please sit down now. Class is going to begin. Don’t disturb the class order.” Scott said to Elodie again.

Elodie got angry and thought that Scott was addicted to playing and she planned to tell the true face of Scott directly so that he would be embarrassed in front of all.

Just then, Annie walked into the classroom, and she frowned at Elodie and said, “What are you waiting for? Professor Davies asked you to sit down. Do you still want to make trouble?”

When Elodie saw Annie coming in, she opened her eyes wide immediately and murmured, “Annie, he …” “Stop talking and sit down quickly. Don’t interfere with Professor Davies’s class.” Annie said toElodie.

Elodie only felt as if there was a crash of thunder coming to her ear, and she became frozen immediately. She sat down in her seat subconsciously, staring blankly at Scott on the platform and thinking about the word “Professor Davies” that Annie had said.

Seeing that there were still many people in the classroom doubting the identity of Scott, Annie cleared her throat and said, “Dear teachers and students, this is Mr. Davies, itis our great honor to have him here as the visiting professor of our school. Mr.
Davies will give you a lecture today. I hope everyone can listen to Mr. Davies ‘s lecture with great enthusiasm and earnest attitudes.”

After that, Annie sat down in a vacant seat in the first row hurriedly.

“He…it turns out that he is really a visiting professor invited by the school. How is it possible that he is only in his twenties and is it possible that I really misunderstood him? ”

Elodie felt as if she had done something wrong, and her preconceived ideas made her have too many misunderstandings of Scott.

After confirming that Scott was the visiting professor invited by the dean, the students were even more surprised. They did not expect that this man, who seemed to be only a few years older than them, was really a visiting professor invited by the school.

When Andrews saw the reaction of the students, the sneer on his face was even more evident. It seemed that everyone’s cognition was the same. Man, of this age, was not qualified to be a visiting professor.

If there was no actual content in Scott’s lecture, he would certainly complain to the dean and ask the dean to remove the title of Scott as a visiting professor.

Soon, the class bell rang and everyone was quiet, waiting for Scott to start the lecture.

Scott paused, and then looked up, smiling at everyone, and said, “Hello, everyone. My name is Scott, I’m honored to have the opportunity to give a lecture to you.”

He made a simple self-introduction first, and then began to teach the content of this class in a funny and humorous way as he prepared in mind.

In Scott’s view, no matter it was a lecture or a speech, the main purpose was to make the listeners listen, so there were a lot of skills. As long as you mastered these skills, you could easily make the listeners pay attention to what you were saying.

There were not students who could not be taught well, but only teachers who couldn’t teach well.

As the master of the Davies family, Scott had long been familiar with these skills. If it had not been for the ability to make people listen to him, the master of the Davies family would have been replaced.

In his first class, he mainly talked about the overview of historical relics. According to the time-line, he roughly talked about the main role of historical relics in the long river of history. With a sense of humor, he made everyone sitting in the classroom laugh from time to time.

He perfectly combined his understanding of cultural relics and antiques with the content of his lecture, in which he also introduced many interesting cultural relics that were not mentioned in textbooks, as well as the stories behind those cultural relics.

Not only the students were attracted by what Scott said, but also several teachers present stared at Scott intently, and did not want to miss a word Scott said.

Although the teachers sitting here were all from the School of History, they all thought that they had a deep understanding of history, and they came here to see Scott’s jokes, but now after listening to Scott’s lecture, they suddenly realized that their understanding of history and cultural relics was staying on the surface, and that they had never heard about the cultural relics and stories told by Scott. Everyone was shocked by what Scott said.

Andrews looked blankly at Scott teaching naturally and chicly on the platform, and he felt the same as the other teachers. He had never heard such a vivid lecture on history. In his opinion, even if the dean came to teach, he could not teach as perfectly as Scott.

He had prepared several tricky questions and planned to ask Scott to embarrass him. In his opinion, these questions were of high levels. If Scott, as a visiting professor, was not competent, then he would definitely not be able to answer them.

However, after listening to Scott’s lecture, he looked back on the questions he had prepared, they were just like the questions of primary school students.

This feeling made Andrews a little ashamed. He thought it was ridiculous for Scott, a young man in his twenties to be a visiting professor, and mocked Scott for many times.

Now it seems that he himself was the most ridiculous one.


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