The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 536 Public Lesson

On Monday, in the School of History of Fudan University.

The visiting professor being invited by the dean personally to the History School had been buzzing in the school. If it was in other schools, it might just be a normal thing, but in the History School, the arrival of the visiting professor was a matter of great importance.

Because Brodie, the dean of the School of History, had never invited anyone to be a visiting professor in so many years, and when Brodie was giving a lecture, he often told his students that the so-called famous historians in society were not qualified to come to their school to be a visiting professor.

The only one who could win Brodie’s respect was Mr. Brown, a real master in the treasure appraisal field.

So, Brodie’s invitation of someone from the society to be the visiting professor of the School of History surprised everyone, and the one who was invited had been confirmed not to be Mr. Brown, so everyone was full of curiosity about the invited visiting professor.

Just a few days ago, there was a rumor in the school that this so-called visiting professor was to spent money to gild himself. A teacher in the History School got to know the visiting professor and thought that this so-called visiting professor was not qualified to give lectures to the students here.

This rumor was particularly widespread among teachers. Many teachers said that the visiting professor was just a young man in his twenties and was not qualified to come to Fudan University as a visiting professor.

Among them, the one that bore the strongest objection towards the visiting professor was Andrews. More than half of the rumors about the visiting professor came from him.

Because of the strong controversy, many people in the School of History were paying attention to the visiting professor’s upcoming public lesson. Before the class, there were already many people in the classroom, including several teachers who had come to attend the class.

Nova and Elodie also came and set in the classroom early, and they were in the first row.
Nova believed Scott in her heart, but she wasn’t sure that Scott was the visiting professor invited by the school until she finally saw him come to the class.

However,Elodie did not believe that it would be Scott, who would come to give the lecture. They sat so close to the platform in order to get “evidence” on their mobile phones, so that they could question Scott, and humiliate him thoroughly.

“Nova, just watch. When the visiting professor comes, you will know whether Scott is a hypocrite or not.” Elodie spoke to Nova.
Nova curled her lips and didn’t know how to answer Elodie.

At this time, Scott was sitting at his desk in the office, thinking about what he should say in the lecture later. He had never prepared a lesson before. In his opinion, finding anything to talk about could be enough for the students who knew little about history and cultural relics.

The purpose of his public lesson was to help broaden the horizons of the students, so there was no rigid requirement, as long as the lecture was not so boring.

Annie was standing next to Scott. There was not even a book on Scott’s desk, let alone other teaching materials. She couldn’t help but worry about Scott.

During these days, she had also heard a lot of gossips about Scott. Many people were saying that Scott paid to come here to gild himself, and he was not knowledgeable at all. And the gossips made Annie very indignant.

She knew that Scott was so good at treasure appraisal that even Mr. Brown spoke highly of him, so, how could he not be knowledgeable? Soa, she had been waiting for today’s public lesson, and as long as Scott gave a lecture, those who looked down upon Scott

would surely shut up.

It was just that now Scott seemed to be unprepared, which made Annie worry that if Scott couldn’t say anything, the rumors would turn out to be true, if this happened, no matter how knowledgeable Scott was, those at school wouldn’t believe him.

After a while, Scott looked at the time, stood up from his desk and said to Annie, “Let’s go. It’s almost time for the class.”

Annie hesitated for a moment and said, “Scott, are you sure you’re going to the class like this? I don’t think you’re ready for the lecture. How about I go to the other teachers to get some teaching material for you? You could teach according to the material today, and you can talk about your own stuff the next time.”

Scott smiled to Annie and said, “I can teach without the teaching materials. Come on, everything I want to talk about is in my mind.”

Hearing what Scott said, Annie couldn’t say anything more, so she nodded and followed Scott out of the office.
In the corridor, they two met Andrews, who was also on the way to the lecture.
Andrews stared at Scott and found that he had nothing in his hands. With a sneer on his face, he said in a strange voice, “This

is the first time I’ve seen a teacher who is going to give a lecture without a teaching material. Professor Davies, you haven’t been to a class before, so you don’t know that you need to prepare before giving a lecture, right?”

Scott stared at Andrews and said, “The lecture is judged by substance. As long as what I’m going say is useful to the students, it will be enough. It makes no difference whether there are teaching materials or not.”

“Well, I wish you all the best in the first class. when the time comes, don’t make a show of yourself. Oh, by the way, the students in our school are already familiar with the knowledge of junior high school and senior high school. When you give the lecture, please pay attention to it.” Andrews said with a sneer, then turned and walked quickly out of here.

Annie was angry and felt that what Andrews had just said had gone too far. He even thought that Scott could only teach the knowledge of junior high school and senior high school. This kind of mockery was simply too disrespectful to Scott.

“Mr. Davies, your arrival may have stolen the thunder of Mr. Andrews, so Mr. Andrews has some temper. I hope you won’t mind.” Annie comforted him by saying so.

“It doesn’t matter. After today’s lecture, he will know if I could only teach the knowledge of junior and senior high school level.” Scott said.

They two walked towards the teaching building together.

In the classroom, everyone was looking at the door, looking forward to see the visiting professor. It was almost time for the class.
The visiting professor should be here soon.

Andrews sat in the classroom, staring at the blackboard with a sneer on his face, thinking that he must ask Scott some tricky questions later to make him embarrassed.

“It is almost time for the lecture, and the professor is coming. Nova,you will soon know the hypocritical face of Scott.” Elodie said to Nova expectantly.

Just then, Scott came in from outside and stood on the platform


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