The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 535 Don’t Be Overconfident

Dyer hung up the phone and sneered at Scott. Because of Fulton, he didn’t fear Scott so much. As long as Fulton come here with people, they must defeat him.

“My uncle will come with people soon. If you have the guts, stay here. When my uncle comes, he will teach you a lesson for me,” Dyer said.

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t be overconfident. Perhaps your uncle will come and beat you.” “You’re daydreaming. How could my uncle beat me? I am his nephew, He couldn’t help you!” Dyer said in disdain.

Scott didn’t mind his words. When people faced a man who had absolute predominance in power, their so-called kinship would be vulnerable. Besides, Dyer was just the nephew of Fulton.

Because the alley was close to Dream Paradise, Fulton came to the alley with some people in five minutes after receiving a phone call from Dyer.

He looked angry. When thinking that he had lost 3,0000 dollars because of Dyer, he got more furious. He couldn’t figure out the reason why Dyer was so idle that he provoked Scott.

After all, Dyer was his nephew. Even if he wanted to teach Dyer a lesson, he had to help Dyer solve the problem first. When it was solved, he would teach him.

He walked into the alley with several people and saw only one person standing with his back to him. Dyer and his classmates all lied on the ground. He felt surprised.

When Dyer saw Fulton, he became excited. He instantly waved to Fulton and shouted, “Uncle, help. It was him who hit me. Beat him please!”

Fulton snorted and walked behind Scott. He stared at Dyer. He was intended to let Scott apologize to Dyer, and then get out of here. Then he would teach Dyer a lesson.


When he began to speak, Scott turned around and looked at Fulton.
As soon as he saw Scott’s face, he felt scared. What a coincidence! It was Mr. Davis who just hit Dyer.

His instinct made him change his attitude. Then he said, “Little bastard, how could you make trouble for Mr. Davis after irritating Mr. Davis’ friends? Don’t call me Uncle. I have nothing to do with youl”

Then Fulton hurriedly bypassed Scott and directly kicked in Dyer’s face.

The two front teeth in Dyer’s mouth were kicked off by him. He didn’t expect that Fulton would kick him. He thought Fulton would beat Scott.

“What are you doing? Just come and beat him!” Fulton shouted at his men.
His men all felt strange but followed the order of their boss. They began to beat up Dyer.

Dyer was aggrieved. He didn’t know why his uncle suddenly beat him with his men. He wanted to ask, but Fulton didn’t give him any chance. He got severely beaten up before he could say anything.

He had been hit for ten minutes. The Fulton stopped his men. After that, he walked to Scott guiltily, bowed to him, and apologized, “Mr. Davis, I didn’t expect this bastard would make trouble for you. Are you fine now? If he hurts you, I won’t let him off.”

Scott shook his head and said, “Since you have taught him, I won’t do anything. Just tell him to behave himself in the future.”

Hearing what Scott said, Fulton breathed a sigh of relief and nodded and said, “Yes. I will educate him. I won’t allow him to do so in the future.”

At that time, Dyer, who was beaten to death, raised his head. He was already covered with blood and could not see the original appearance.
“Uncle, why did you hit me? Shouldn’t you help me beat him?” Dyer asked weakly.

Fulton kicked Dyer again and scolded, “Do you know who he is? Mr. Davis is respected by my boss. How dare you ask me to beat him? Do you think I am as foolish as you?”

When Dyer heard Fulton’s words, he was startled. He was respected by his uncle’s boss.
He knew what his uncle meant.

Fulton’s boss was Walker, and Scott was respected by Walker. It was no wonder that Fulton was so scared when he saw Scott.

It seemed that he had provoked a big shot this time. However, it was useless to regret it. He had been beaten up by Fulton.

The reason why Scott waited for Fulton to come here was to let Fulton help him warn Dyer to stop making troubles for him in the future. Now his goal had been achieved, it was no need to stay here.

He went out of the alley directly without telling Fulton.

Fulton bowed to Scott when he left.

When Scott walked out of the alley, Fulton breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked at Dyer on the ground and said, “Go back and tell your father that I won’t keep in contact with your family in the future. Don’t come to find me for anything.”

In the apartment,

Nova was sitting on the sofa. When she thought of Scott who helped them today, she couldn’t help but smiled.
Elodie sat unhappily beside Nova and frowned. She was still upset because of Scott’s attitude towards her.
For ages, Elodie’s eyes lit up. She stood up and said, “I got it!”

Nova turned to look at Elodie. She felt a little puzzled.

“Scott could know Walker. It was certainly because of the lady who kept him. It wasn’t expected that the lady to be so powerful.
Even Walker had to respect Scott. How could he know that lady?” Elodie said.

Nova was speechless. Elodie had come up with various reasons to prove that Scott was not so powerful.

Elodie sat back into the seat and said, “Nova, don’t think that I said so because I dislike him. Didn’t he say he was a visiting professor in our university? I have been observing him for several days. There isn’t any book about history in his room. Besides, when he is in school, he will sit near the square every time. If he is really a visiting professor, how can he be so idle?”

‘It’s very simple to prove whether he is lying. Let’s attend the open class next Monday.”

“Hum, I will record the class of the professor’s lecture. Then I will question this liar face to face!”


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