The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 534 Please Bring Some People To Help Me

In the alley outside the bar,

Dyer was waiting here with his male classmates. From their point of view, the situation at the entrance of the bar could be seen clearly.

“Dyer, is that toy boy still in the bar? We have waited here for so long. But he hasn’t come out. I’m afraid that he has left from the back door,” a boy said.

Dyer sneered and said, “He was just an ordinary person. He couldn’t walk through the back door ofDream Paradise. If he wants to come out, he will only walk through the main door. Just wait. As long as he comes out, we will catch him. I must teach him a lesson.”

“Dyer, look, Nova and Elodie just came out,” another boy shouted.
All of them turned to look at the entrance of the bar and found that Nova and Elodie did come out.
Elodie looked angry, while Nova was holding a black bag in her hand and was consoling her.

Although they thought that Elodie should be consoling Nova, it seemed that the two of them were unhappy. They thought that the two girls must have been embarrassed by Fulton.

A boy asked, “They looked not bad. Dyer, did your uncle let them go directly?”

Dyer sneer and said, “My uncle is Walker’s subordinate. You should know what he will do. Nova didn’t want to be my girlfriend, my uncle wouldn’t let her go. They must have promised him something, so they can leave. Don’t you see that Nova is holding a black bag? The thing inside the bag may be the punishment.”

People around heard what Dyer said then nodded in agreement. In their eyes, Nova and Elodie had no choice but obey Fulton’s order.

“Forget it. I must see the toy boy. If I don’t beat him, I won’t be in a good mood. I will beat him up.” Dyer’s eyes were fierce.

In the private room of the bar, Walker apologized to Scott for Fulton. To show his apology, he drank three glasses of wine and begged Scott to forgive him.

Scott said that he didn’t mind it and let Walker not take it too much.

Walker got drunk soon because of the three glasses of wine and fell asleep on the sofa.

Seeing Walker had fallen asleep, Scott got up and started to leave here. When he went out, Walker said dazedly, “The young lady named Sylvie Sue in the Sue family is perfect for you. I have her photo on my phone. Mr. Davis, you can take a look.”

He took out his phone and began to look through photos.

Scott shook his head helplessly, told the waiter to take care of Walker then left here.

Walker found out the photo of Sylvie and shook the photo. Then his phone fell to the ground.

In the photo, Sylvie was attending the dinner. She looked graceful and gentle.

But Scott had left, otherwise, he could see the face of Sylvie.

Outside the bar, Dyer was still staring at the entrance of the bar. He was a little impatient after he had waited for Scott for such a long time.

He scolded Scott in his heart. He thought that Scott might know that he would not let him off, so he intended to stay in the bar for one night.

At this time, Scott came out of the bar, and Dyer’s eyes lit up. Then he said to the boys around him, “He came out. You guys stop him and take him to the alley. It’s time for us to beat him.” They were excited and followed Dyer to walk to Scott.

Scott was intended to take a taxi to go back. At that time, Dyer and his classmates surrounded him maliciously.

“I didn’t expect you to stay in the bar for so long. It’s that you know I am waiting for you here, so you hide in it?” Dyer sneered at Scott and said.

“What do you want to do?” Scott asked calmly.

“I want to teach you a lesson. Do you think I am a coward? I tell you, if I don’t beat you up today, I won’t be a man!” Dyer said maliciously.

Scott curled his lips and looked at these so-called “college students” in front of him. He didn’t want to beat them. After all, they were still students. It was natural for them to be impulsive.

However, Dyer was making trouble for him. The words he just said should not be uttered by a student. Scott felt a little impatient.

“Do you need to be hit in the street or in the valley?” Dyer stared at Scott and asked.

Scott turned to look at the alley next to him. He silently walked into the alley.

Since the school couldn’t teach these students to behave well, he would teach them something that they didn’t learn in school.

Dyer and other boys saw Scott obediently walked into the alley. They immediately burst into laughter. They thought that Scott feared them.

“Coward! You chose to walk into the alley. It seems that you are afraid of losing face. You know that being hit by us in the street will embarrassing. Haha, why don’t you feel ashamed to be a toy boy?” Dyer jibed.

After that, they followed Scott into the alley. They were eager to beat Scott.
Scott stopped when he arrived in the middle of the alley. Dyer and his classmates surrounded him and stared at him ruthlessly.

“If you kowtow to us, beg and please us, maybe I will let you go. I will give you a chance. How is it? Do you want to kneel now?” Dyer snorted and said.

“Just come. I don’t have much time.” Scott said tonelessly.

Dyer’s eyes changed and scolded, “You asked for it, don’t blame us. Guys, it’s the time!”

Then Dyer first rushed towards Scott. Although he felt his strength before, he didn’t think Scott could defeat so many people.
His classmates were all excited and felt that they must win by sheer weight of numbers.

However, the world was full of wonders.

Five minutes later.

They cried in the alley.

Scott tidied up his clothes and looked down at Dyer, who fell in front of him and was badly battered around the face, and asked, “Do you still want to fight?”

Dyer looked at Scott in terror, as if he were looking at a devil coming out of hell. He had unbelievable fighting skills. Dyer went to the gym every day but had never seen such a formidable person.

It was no wonder Nova said that they couldn’t defeat Scott. She was serious.

“You… You don’t be smug. Do you dare to let me call my uncle here? You just defeated some students. If you can defeat my uncle, I will never trouble you.” Dyer screwed up his courage to speak.

“I’m afraid that your uncle dares not come here,” Scott said.

“Don’t talk nonsense. My uncle is Walker’s man. Do you know Walker? He is the leader underworld in H City. No one dares to provoke him. My uncle is in the bar. If you have the guts, let me call him.” Dyer felt confident when he talked about his uncle.

Scott shook his head helplessly. He thought that since he refused to come to his senses, it was better to let him call Fulton to solve this problem completely.

“Go ahead,” Scott said.

Dyer was surprised then sneered. He thought Scott was such a fool to let him call his uncle., It seemed that he didn’t know his uncle.”

Without hesitation, he took out his phone and dialed Fulton’s number.

“Uncle, I am in the alley opposite the bar. Please come. I was beaten up by a man. Before you come, please bring some people to help me, He is good at fighting,” Dyer said.

There was silence for a few seconds. Fulton suppressed his anger and said, “OK, just wait, I will come with several people.”

Fulton was thinking of going to teach Dyer. He promised to come to the valley, not to help Dyer, but to beat him harder.


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