The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 533 It Has Nothing To Do With You

Fulton, who was staring at Nova coldly, heard the voice behind him. He was confused before he looked back. Then his eyes were wide open when he saw a man.

“Boss, why are you here?”

Walker looked very angry. Fulton felt worried when he saw his expression. He didn’t expect Walker to appear at this time. It seemed that he came here for these two girls judging from his words.

Fulton knew Walker very well. No one dared to provoke him in the whole H City.
Now, Walker was furious.

Thinking that Nova said that she had found a friend to solve this matter, Fulton felt nervous. The friend Nova said seemed to be his boss.

Walker walked to Fulton. He slapped him directly and scolded him, “Are you crazy? Why did you embarrass them?” Fulton covered his face with his hands. He was very obedient in front of Walker and he did not dare to retort.
“Boss, I…”

“Don’t call me like that. You dared to provoke Mr. Davis’ friends, I can’t bear the responsibility of being your boss. From now on, I hope you know what you get yourself into!” Walker said and slapped him again.

Although Fulton didn’t know who Mr. Davis, seeing Walker’s expression, he knew that Mr. Davis was definitely a big shot, otherwise, Walker wouldn’t be so angry.

At that time, he didn’t know how to deal with Walker’s anger. Then he knelt to Walker.

Nova and Elodie were both shocked when they saw this scene. They didn’t expect that Fulton to be so obedient to the man who just appeared.

People around also noticed the situation here, stopped what they were doing, and looked over here.

The music and lights in the bar were turned off under the command of Walker’s subordinates. At that time, Fulton became the “star” of the whole bar.

“What! Is it Fulton? Why did he kneel?”

“The man stands before him was one of the leaders of the underworld, Walker. Walker was his boss. It was not normal that he knelt to him.”

“Oh my goodness, Walker comes here. What happened? It must be a big deal that he come here in person. Fulton is in big trouble now.”

“It seems that it is because of the two girls sitting in the booth. Walker paid much attention to them. Their backgrounds must be complex.”

Hearing what people around them said, Nova and Elodie now knew the identity of the man who slapped Fulton. They felt very surprised.

“He came here in person. Nova, why did he suddenly come to help us?”

Nova was also confused. She only told Scott her own affairs, and he promised to help her. She thought that it was because of Scott that Walker came here.

“It could be Scott. He said he would help us.” Nova said.
“How is it possible? Walker is the leader of the underworld in H City. How could Scott ask him to come here?” Elodie denied.

However, as soon as she finished her words, Scott walked to Walker. He instantly turned around and bent over to apologize to Scott, “Mr. Davis, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen in my domain. I will punish Fulton and make compensation for your friends.”

Scott nodded to him. Then he looked at Nova, smiled at her and motioned her not to worry.

Nova and Elodie were in a shock. The leader of the underworld in H City now fawned upon Scott. He was very obedient in front of him.

‘It is Scott? Is it real?” Elodie couldn’t believe what she saw. She felt that the world was in a mess.
In her eyes, Scott was just a toy boy, who lived on women. She always despised this kind of person like him.

Besides, because of the conflicts between Scott and her, she had always looked down upon him. But now Walker was so respectful to him, which was beyond her imagination.

Was he not the kind of person that she thought before? Nova was excited. She knew Scott was powerful since he promised to help her, he would make it.

But she didn’t expect that Scott was so powerful that even the leader of the underworld in H City was obedient in front of him.
She couldn’t think of Scott’s identity.

Perhaps the pretty lady, who went to the airport to pick Scott that day, was to report her jobs to him. Anyway, Nova would not believe that Scott was just a toy boy.

After apologizing to Scott, Walker grabbed one of Fulton’s ears and dragged him to kneel in front of Nova, and said, “Be honest! Just tell me how much your clothes cost, whether it needed to be paid, and how to compensate for the spiritual damage that you caused to them!”

Fulton knew that Walker had given him a chance. If he apologized and compensate the two girls now, he would be saved.

He glanced at Nova guiltily and said, “My clothes were very cheap. It just cost about 30 dollars. It was Dyer who colluded with me to force you to admit that you are his girlfriend. And he let me get you drunk, so he could sleep with you. It was all arranged by Dyer. I was wicked for a while, so I promised to help him.”

At this time, he didn’t dare to hide anything. Even if Dyer was his nephew, he wouldn’t risk his life to hide it for him, so he could only confess it.

Hearing what he said, Nova and Elodie were surprised. It was arranged by Dyer. At first, Nova just suspected him, but now Fulton told her the truth.

Elodie was angry. She had thought Dyer protected Nova. However, he was the man behind the conspiracy. Although Elodie was sometimes unreasonable, she still had humanity. She felt disgusted at Dyer.

‘I didn’t expect that Dyer would do this. I was wrong. He is really disgusting,” Elodie muttered.

‘I have realized my mistake now. I apologize to you. I hope you could forgive me. I will give you 30,000 dollars to compensate for your spiritual damage. Please accept the money. I will never make such a mistake,” Fulton said.

After Nova heard Fulton’s words, she said, “No, it’s good that you have realized your mistake. But we don’t want the money.”

“Miss, please accept it. Otherwise, I will be tormented with remorse. If you don’t accept the money, it means you won’t forgive me. My boss won’t let me off. Please, I beg you. I’ll get the money later.” Fulton almost cried.

Nova hesitated and looked at Scott when she heard his words.

Scott nodded to her and motioned her to accept it.

Then Nova said to Fulton, “Well… I’ll accept it.”

Nova agreed to accept the money and Fulton felt relieved. He turned to look at Walker.

Walker sneered, then looked at Scott, and said respectfully, “Mr. Davis, are you satisfied with his apology? If not, I will fix him.”

“Well, it’s enough. He has realized his mistake,” Scott said.
Walker nodded, kicked Fulton, and scolded, “Say thank you to Mr. Davis for his generosity.”

Fulton immediately knelt to Scott. He said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Davis. You are so generous. I will never make such a mistake.”

Scott nodded. Then Walker asked Fulton to fetch the money.

Fulton put the cash of 30,000 dollars into a bag and handed it to Nova. Seeing the matter was settled, Walker asked him to leave.

Nova held the bag and looked at Scott uneasily. She said, “Scott, the money…” Just take it. It’s the compensation for you,” Scott said.

Feeling excited, Elodie looked at Scott and said, “I didn’t expect you to know Walker. He was a big shot. I had looked down upon you.”

“Nova, now we have the money. With the money, we can go to buy many beautiful clothes.” She turned to Nova and said happily.
Scott glanced at her and said, “The money is the compensation for Nova, and it has nothing to do with you. ”

Elodie froze and felt upset and embarrassed.

She turned to look at Scott, who was always against her.

“Well, I didn’t say I wanted to use the money. Don’t look at me like this. You just settled a little trouble. What was the big deal?” Elodie said unhappily.

Nova pulled Elodie’s clothes and then thanked Scott.

Scott told Nova to go back home early. It was not safe for girls to stay in the bar. Then he went back to the private room with Walker.

After he left, Elodie shouted angrily, “Damn it! Nova, he must have ulterior motives to you. Otherwise, why did he only treat you kindly? He is fake!”

Nova looked at Elodie and said sincerely, “Elodie, I think you should control your temper. It’s probably because you treat him badly that he doesn’t show a good attitude towards you.”


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