The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 532 I Am Not Interested in Her

Hearing Fulton question her, Nova was in a panic. She didn’t like Dyer. She even hated something he had done. It was very difficult for her to admit that she was Dyer’s girlfriend.

Dyer looked at Nova with expectation. In his view, it was impossible that Nova could give Fulton more than 100000 dollars.
Under such a circumstance, Nova had no choice but to admit that she was his girlfriend.

Besides, he had asked Fulton to do another thing: once Nova admitted that she was his girlfriend, Fulton would take the opportunity to drink with Nova and made her get drunk. After that, Fulton would take Nova and him to one room. In this way, Dyer would have an opportunity to sleep with Nova.

Dyer was not afraid that Nova would resent him for it. After all, he was “forced” to do so by Fulton. Nova should thank him for that and had no reason to blame him.

“Nova, why don’t you speak? Tell Uncle Fulton that you’re my girlfriend now. You just need to say a few words. If you admit it, Uncle Fulton will let you off.” Dyer said.

Nova bit her lower lip. She just noticed that there was a hint of playful expression on Dyer’s face. Moreover, Fulton came here with the boy who went out before. In addition, it was obvious that that boy hit her intentionally. Considering all that, she couldn’t help becoming a little suspicious.

People around all urged her to admit that she was Dyer’s girlfriend, which made her wonder if they were trying to fool her together.

Nova always stuck to her own principles. Sometimes, she wouldn’t be willing to do something she hated, even if at the expense of suffering very serious consequences.

What’s more, she now doubted that it was a trap deliberately set for her by Dyer.

After hesitating for a long time, Nova looked at Fulton and said, “I’m not his girlfriend, uncle. Although this piece of clothes is expensive, there are some ways to clean it. I’ll take it to the laundry to clean it. If it’s torn, I’ll compensate you for it according to the cost.”

Hearing that, people all became silent. Dyer’s face also became cold. He didn’t expect that Nova would refuse to admit that she was his girlfriend under such a circumstance.

Could it be that Nova would be unwilling to pretend to be his girlfriend even if when she was in such a difficult position? Did she really hate him so much?

Dyer remembered how Nova treated the guy kept by a woman and thus became even angrier. He couldn’t help clenching his hands.

In Nova’s opinion, he was not as good as a toy boy. He couldn’t bear it at all.
Fulton also didn’t expect Nova to be so stubborn. Being threatened like that by him, she still refused to admit that she was Dyer’s girlfriend. It was different from what he and Dyer had anticipated.

“Fuck, it seems that you have no idea who I am. Since you’re not Dyer’s girlfriend, I’m not going to show you any mercy. I never show mercy to strangers. If you’re just Dyer’s classmate, I won’t listen to him and let you off. This piece of clothes is worth 188000 dollars. You can either give me money or come with me and sleep with me and my friends. Choose one.” Fulton said.

“Uncle, your clothes can be cleaned. Didn’t you ask for too much money…” Nova said with unease.

Fulton sneered and said, “I tell you that it can’t be cleaned, so it can’t be cleaned. Girl, aren’t you too naive? Do you really believe that everyone will seriously reason with you?”

Hearing that, Nova didn’t know what to say. She was really too naive, otherwise she wouldn’t think that Fulton would reason with her.

“Nova, don’t be stubborn. Admit that you are Dyer’s girlfriend, and it will be over.” Elodie anxiously looked at Nova.
Nova compressed her lips and remained silent.

Dyer took a deep breath. He now finally realized one thing: no matter what tricks he used, he wouldn’t be able to become Nova’s boyfriend. In this case, there was no need for him to speak for Nova.

“Nova, it’s the choice you made. My uncle is not tenderhearted. Don’t regret it later.” Dyer spoke to Nova. Then he got up and left the cassette.

Seeing that, the rest of his classmates also stood up and left.

Finally, only Nova and Elodie were still at the cassette.

“Elodie, you’re really too silly. Why are you unwilling to admit that you’re Dyer’s girlfriend? How can we afford to pay him 188000 dollars? Fulton works for Walker, and we can’t afford to offend him.” Elodie said. She was scared and believed that Nova shouldn’t be so stubborn under such a circumstance, but she really took Nova as her best friend. Therefore, when other people left here after Dyer, she stayed here with Nova.

Nova sighed helplessly and thought of many things. But she didn’t know how to explain it to Elodie.

“I’ll give half an hour to you. If you can’t pay 188000 to me in half an hour, you’ll have to sleep with my friends!” Fulton shouted to them. Then he went drink.

“Now, we can only turn to our friends for help. Dyer shouldn’t be like that. He directly washed his hands of the matter. It seems.
he’s not a good person.” Elodie angrily took out her cell phone and began make phone calls to her friends one by one.

Elodie known many so-called capable person. However, after she told them that it had something to do with Fulton, those people hung up the phone without hesitation.

“Damn it. They’re all just fair-weather friends. When I asked them to come out to eat, they immediately agreed. Now, when I’m in trouble, they all hang up quickly!”

Nova had been trying to figure out a way to deal with this matter, too. Seeing that Elodie couldn’t deal with it, she said, “What about making a phone call to Scott? Maybe he can help us.”

Elodie immediately said with her eyes wide open, “Nova, we’re in a critical condition. You want to ask that toy boy to help us! If he comes here, he’ll only make things worse. Compared with asking him to help us, it will be better for us to ask our parents to give us the money.”

“Elodie, you consider Scott to be a poor person, but he’s not. He’s really very powerful. He can even deal with the thugs around our home. Maybe he can deal with it for us. He happens to be here, right?” Nova said.

Elodie was speechless and said, “Nova, you’re really fooled by that guy. He might have left a long time ago after he saw what was going on here. In my opinion, you had better not waste your time on it.”

“Scott won’t do that. If he knew that we were in trouble, he would definitely come to help us.” Nova stopped arguing with Elodie, directly took out her cell phone and made a phone call to Scott.
In the private box.

Scott was chatting with Walker.

“Mr. Davies, are you really not interested in the young lady of the Sue family? She is among the three most beautiful women in H City. Moreover, she is the young lady of the Sue family. I happen to have one photo of her. If you want to have a look at it, I’ll show it to you now. I’m not able to ask her to come here, but I can introduce her to you.” Walker said with a smile.

Scott frowned and said, “I’m not interested in her. Don’t mention something like that again in the future.”

Now, he just wanted to find Edith. How was it possible that he would become interested in the young lady of the Sue family? However beautiful she was, it had nothing to do with him.

Seeing that Scott was going to lose his temper, Walker was so frightened that he hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, Mr. Davies. I shouldn’t have mention it. In the future, I won’t say anything I shouldn’t say.”

At this moment, Scott’s mobile phone rang. He took it out and found that it was Nova that was making a phone call to him.

After Scott answered the phone, Nova told the whole story to Scott. Scott just made a few sounds. He asked Nova not to be tense and told her that he would handle it.

After hanging up the phone, Scott turned his head, looked at Walker and asked, “Is there a man named Fulton working for you?”

Walker was stunned. Then he nodded and spoke, “Yes, Mr. Davies. Why do you suddenly mention him?”

“He’s making trouble for one of my friends. To put it simply, my friend spilled wine onto his clothes, and he asked my friend to give him 188000 dollars. Does he always wear clothes that are so expensive?” Scott said.

Walker immediately widened his eyes and said, “He was talking nonsense! The clothes that guy wears at ordinary times are worth less than 200 dollars. How dares he say that that piece of clothes is worth 188000 dollars?”

“If that’s the case, please go there and handle this matter with me. They’re in your bar. My friend is just a college student, and she shouldn’t be bullied like that.” Scott said tonelessly.

“Yes, yes, Mr. Davies, I’ll go there with you now. Fulton, the son of a b*tch, is becoming bolder and bolder. I’ll teach him a lesson.” Walker said angrily.

In the cassette, after hanging up the phone, Nova turned her head and spoke to Elodie, “Scott said that he would handle this matter for us and that we didn’t need to worry about it.”

Elodie immediately sneered and said, “In my opinion, he’s just bragging. How can he deal with it for us? Fulton works for Walker.
Could it be that he could ask Walker to come here?”

Right at this moment, Fulton came to them. He looked at them with a sneer and said, “What’s your answer?” Nova gave Fulton a glance and said, “My friend is coming. He’ll handle it for me.”

Hearing that, Elodie was immediately embarrassed and wanted to apologize to Fulton. After all, in her opinion, it was impossible that Scott could handle this matter. She thought that Scott could only make it worse.

However, before she spoke, she heard someone not far away shout angrily, “Fulton, you f*cking come here! I don’t pay you to blackmail Mr. Davies’s friend!”


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