The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 531 The Plan

At the cassette area, in the hall of the bar.

Dyer and his classmates were sitting here. There was a lot of bottles of wine on the table. Around them, scantily dressed girls were dancing to the music.

Dyer picked up his glass and drank a glass of wine with classmates. After looking around, he said with a smile, “Where is the guy named Scott? Could it be that he’s hiding in the corner and secretly staring at us?”

“Isn’t that guy kept by a woman? Maybe he manages to pick up a 60-year-old rich woman after coming here.” A boy sitting next to Dyer said with a smile.

Hearing it, they all immediately laughed. They directly laughed at Scott.

Among them, only Nova frowned. In her opinion, it was too bad for these people to taunt Scott like that. However, she couldn’t speak for Scott. She just hoped that she could leave here as soon as possible.

After giving Nova a glance, Dyer noticed her expression. Previously, Dyer thought that Nova would get to know what sort of person Scott was and thus began to consider Scott to be a toy boy like everyone else did after they laughed at Scott.

However, judging from Nova’s expression, it was obvious that she thought it inappropriate for them to laugh at Scott and that she wanted to speak for Scott.

Previously, he was smiling. After seeing that, his face was immediately dark. Soon after that, he turned his head, looked at the boy beside him and said a few words in a low voice.

That boy put on a knowing smile. Then, he stood up and left the cassette.

Before long, that boy came back with a few middle-aged men. Those middle-aged men stood beside their cassette as if nothing had happened, turned around and watched the women who were performing on the dancing floor. That boy sat down at the cassette again.

Seeing that, Dyer put on a playful smile. Then he picked up his glass, looked at Nova and stood up.

“Nova, it seems that you are a little unhappy. Is there anything wrong with my hospitality? I’m going to make an apology to you by drinking with you. How about that?” Dyer said.

Nova hurriedly waved her hand and said, “I don’t drink. I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. Just have fun.”

“Nova, you shouldn’t say that. Today, it’s Dyer that treats us. The wines on our table are extremely expensive. At ordinary times, even if we want to drink these wines, we have not chance to do so. Now, Dyer wants to have a drink with you. Why not drink with him?” The boy sitting beside Dyer said.

After that, the rest of them immediately began to try to persuade Nova to have a drink with Dyer.

“Nova, have a drink with Dyer. Anyway, you won’t get drunk after drinking a glass of wine. We come here to have fun, and you should show some respect to Dyer.” Seeing that others were trying to persuade Nova, Elodie also spoke.

Hearing all that, Nova was a little embarrassed. She didn’t understand why they considered her not drinking wine to be a disrespect to Dyer.

Considering that she wouldn’t get drunk after drinking a glass of wine, Nova nodded at Dyer and said, “Well, I’ll have a drink with you.”

Then she picked up the glass in front of her. The boy sitting beside her immediately poured a full glass of wine for her.
“Nova, stand up and drink with Dyer. You can show your respect to him in this way.” That boy stood up with a smile.

Nova had no idea about it. Therefore, after hearing him say so, she stood up and proposed a toast to Dyer like the actors and actresses did on TV.

Dyer smiled at Nova. Then he drank off the wine.

Nova put the glass close to her mouth and was going to drink the glass of wine in one gulp.

Right at this moment, the boy who stood up after her pretended to feel dizzy and hit Nova’s arm. The wine spilled out of Nova’s glass onto the clothes of a middle-aged man standing beside the cassette.

“Oh, oh, oh. I’m drunk. You guys go on drinking, but I can’t drink anymore.” That boy directly sat down, as if he completely didn’t know what he had done.

After giving the empty glass a glance, Nova turned her head and looked at that middle-aged man, finding that his clothes was wet by the wine.

The middle-aged man turned his head and looked at Nova. He reached out his hand, touched his clothes, gave the empty glass Nova was holding a glance and then immediately cursed, “Fuck, I spent more than 100000 dollars on buying this piece of clothes, but you spilled wine onto it. What do you want to do?”

Nova immediately apologized to that middle-aged man, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Just now, someone hit me, so I accidentally spilled the wine. Take off your clothes, and I’ll wash it up for you.”

After saying that, she turned her head and looked at the boy who hit her, finding that that boy had been asleep.

“Wash it up? Are you f*cking kidding me? I spent more than 100000 dollars on buying this piece of clothes. It can’t be washed.
Now, you wet it. You can either buy me a new one or compensate me for it. Otherwise, I, Fulton, will be rude to you.” The middle- aged man said.

“What? He’s Fulton! He’s a capable man working for Walker. We’re done. Offending Fulton, we’ll all be done!” A boy shouted with a frightened expression.

After hearing that, they all gasped. They didn’t expect this middle-aged man to be someone working for Walker.

“I… really didn’t mean to. Someone really hit me…” Nova stared at Fulton in a panic. She was extremely scared.

She was a student. How was it possible that she could pay Fulton more than 100000 dollars? However, Fulton worked for Walker and she couldn’t afford to offend him. If Fulton really made trouble for her because of this, she would really be done.

“Fuck, I don’t care whether you did it intentionally or not. Give me the money now. Otherwise…Ho, ho. You won’t want that to happen.”

At this moment, Dyer stood up, greeted Fulton and said, “Uncle Fulton, it’s you. I’m Dyer. She’s my classmate. What about letting her off?”

Fulton turned his head, looked at Scott and said, “It’s you. I’m willing to do you this favor, but I’m unwilling to suffer losses because of a stranger. If she is just your classmate, she must compensate me for it!”

After hearing that, Dyer pretended to think for a while and then said, “Uncle Fulton, you’ve got we wrong. She’s my classmate, but she’s also my girlfriend. For my sake, let her off.”

Nova’s eyes were immediately wide open. She didn’t expect that Dyer would say such words.
Seeing that, people around immediately began to say that Nova was Dyer’s girlfriend and asked Fulton to let her off.
Dyer was smiling. As a matter of fact, what had just happened was planned by him.

He could indeed be said to be Fulton’s nephew. However, he had deliberately asked Fulton to come here. He had also asked that boy to deliberately hit Nova so that Nova would spill the wine onto the clothes of Fulton.

He did all these to force Nova to become his girlfriend. As long as Nova admitted that she was his girlfriend, it would be easier for him to become Nova’s boyfriend.

After staring at Dyer for a while, Fulton turned his head, looked at Nova and said, “Who knows if you’re trying to fool me? Tell me yourself if you’re Dyer’s girlfriend. If you’re, I can let you off. If you’re not, you must compensate me for it.”


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