The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 530 Have Some Self-knowledge

After hearing that, Dyer was a little surprised. To his surprise, in Nova’s opinion, they, so many young and strong men, would be beaten up by Scott, a person kept by a woman.

He was being humiliated! After all, he was 1.9 meters tall. Besides, he worked out every day. It was impossible that he couldn’t even beat a toy boy up.
Could it be that Nova was totally blinded by this guy? She should believe that this guy alone could knock down so many of them!

The boys behind Dyer were also unconvinced. It was obvious that they didn’t t believe what Nova said. They were just courageous, so it was absolutely impossible for them to believe that they, so many people, couldn’t beat a toy boy up.

“Nova, are you kidding us? A person like him wants to beat us up? Isn’t it a joke?” Dyer said, trying to stop himself from venting his anger.

“I’m not kidding. Scott is very good at fighting. You guys really can’t defeat him.” Nova said seriously. She didn’t intend to joke at all. After having seen Scott fight with others, she knew clearly how good at fighting Scott was.

Hearing that, Dyer was even angrier. In his opinion, if he didn’t teach Scott a lesson in the presence of all the people now, he would be not as good as this toy boy.

“How good at fighting can this weak-kneed person be? In my opinion, I can knock him down by myself.”

“You’re right. This guy seems to be ordinary. How is it possible that he could knock all of us down by himself? Nova, you must have been fooled by him.”

“Directly start a fight with him. You can prove it with a fight. Just knock him down.”

Wanting to prove that Nova was wrong, the young people behind Dyer were itching to fight with Scott.
Without hesitation, Dyer directly gave Scott a punch.

Scott raised his hand and took hold of Dyer’s wrist, stopping him from making any movement with his fist.
Dyer wanted to get rid of him. To his surprise, however hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of Scott.

He was a fitness fanatic and had strong muscles. Before, no one could stop him from withdrawing his hand by taking hold of his arm without any movement.

“You f*cking let go of me!” Being unable to withdraw his hand, Dyer shouted at Scott.
Scott threw Dyer’s arm away, making him take a few steps backward.

“You’re still students, so I don’t want to fight with you. My friend is still waiting for me, so I’m going to pass over the words you just said. I hope you had better have some self-knowledge.”

After saying that, Scott walked towards the bar.

Because of what had just happened, Dyer was a little afraid. Therefore, now, he dared not to chase Scott and start a fight against him. He just watched Scott enter the bar.

After Scott disappeared from his sight, Dyer finally gathered his wits. However, at this moment, he dared not to chase Scott.
Dream Paradise was owned by Walker, and he dared not to make trouble here for no reason.
Elodie had been watching. Seeing that Scott went in the bar easily, she immediately became anxious and spoke to Dyer, “You

let him go in so easily? Just now, that guy was so arrogant. Dyer, shouldn’t you have beaten him up?”

After giving Elodie a glance, Dyer sneered, “This bar is owned by Walker. If we make trouble for no reason, we’ll get ourselves into trouble. However, be dares to be so arrogant to me, so I won’t let him off. We come here to have fun. So enter the bar first.
Don’t become unhappy because of a toy boy.”

They all nodded. Believing that Dyer was right, they all said that they weren’t going to be serious with a man kept by a woman.

Seeing that they didn’t fight, Nova was relieved. If they really started a fight just now, Dyer and his classmates would definitely be beaten up.

Dyer turned his head and gave Nova a possessive glance. The reason why he treated them tonight was that he wanted to ask Nova to be his girlfriend tonight. Therefore, he decided that he should make Nova become his girlfriend first. After that, he would teach Scott a lesson.

They entered the Dream Paradise and soon forgot what had just happened.

Dream Paradise was owned by the head of the dark force of H City. It could be said to be one of the most expensive places in H City. It was very popular. Its consumers were all handsome men and beautiful women. There were a lot of activities in the bar, attracting all kinds of young men and women.

It was dark. Colorful lights kept washing over people. People were stimulated by the deafening music.
Immediately after going in, Dyer took out a card and handed it to the waiter, asking him to serve them wine. Others were envious when they saw Dyer being so generous.

When looking around in the bar, Elodie thought: if that woman didn’t give Scott money, he could definitely not afford to have fun in such a place. She believed that Scott must have sneaked into the toilet and waited there.

“Humph, it’s useless for you to follow is to here. Could it be that you can spend money like Dyer does? No matter what, you can only watch us from somewhere far away. A toy boy should dare to have an advance to other girls. If I knew who you were kept by, I’ll definitely tell that person about it, making it impossible for you to be kept by that person.” Elodie murmured.

At this moment, in the most luxurious private box of Dream Paradise, many beautiful women were standing in a row at the door.
There were various expensive wines and special snacks on the table.

Generally speaking, only the most distinguished guests would be treated in this way.
Soon, the door of this private box was pushed open. Then, Scott came in.

The women standing at the door immediately bowed to Scott, shouting to Scott with a very gentle voice, “Welcome you to come here, Mr. Davies.”

Hearing it, Scott was gooseflesh all over.

Walker stood up from the sofa, approached Scott with a smile and said, “Mr. Davies, it’s a great honor for me to have you here.
These women are carefully selected by me, and you can ask any of them to drink with you.”

Scott was somewhat speechless. He gave Walker a glance and said, “I don’t need them to drink with me. Ask them to go out.”

Walker rolled his eyes. Then he hurriedly spoke to those women, “Didn’t you hear what Mr. Davies said? You’re common women, and Mr. Davies doesn’t like you. Hurriedly go out!”

Those women immediately went out of the private box.

Scott approached the sofa and sat down. Walker sat beside him and said with a smile, “You’re so noble. It’s indeed inconsiderate for me to ask these common women to drink with you. You’re so noble, I’m afraid that only the young lady of the Sue family, who becomes very famous recently, is eligible to drink with you.”


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