The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 529 You Will Be Beaten up

Previously, Elodie had been treating Scott arrogantly. After hearing what Scott said, she was immediately stunned. In her opinion, no matter what, Scott wouldn’t give up such a good opportunity. However, now, Scott refused her without even thinking about it. She was embarrassed.

“What…What are you talking about? Repeat it to me!” Elodie was angry, her chest rising and falling.
Considering her to be unreasonable, Scott didn’t answer. He got around her and was going to go upstairs.

Elodie approached Scott and stood in front of him again, saying angrily, “I kindly invited you, but you dare to refuse. Who do you think you are? Don’t think highly of yourself. You’re but a toy boy kept by someone!”

Scott immediately narrowed his eyes, staring at Elodie and showing a strong air of forcefulness. Elodie was so frightened that she was immediately not angry anymore.

Seeing that they were at daggers drawn, Nova was somewhat anxious. She hurriedly came close to them, grabbed Elodie by her arm and said apologetically, “Scott, I’m really sorry. It’s I that want to invite you to hang out with us. Elodie was out of line, offending you. I apologize to you for her. I’m sorry. Forgive her, please.”

Hearing it, Scott was no longer angry and spoke to Nova in a calm tone, “I have an appointment with someone else tomorrow, so I can’t hang out with you. I’m sorry.”

Nova nodded. She felt a sense of loss. However, seeing that Scott was still nice to her, she was relieved.
After saying that, Scott didn’t waste time on them, but went upstairs.
Clearly finding that Scott treated her differently from Nova, Elodie was even more annoyed.

When talking to her, Scott was obviously impatient; however, when talking to Nova, Scott was very polite. Therefore, she felt that Scott deliberately found fault with her. Besides, because of it, she was more convinced that Scott had an advance to Nova.

The reason why Scott was not nice to her was that she was not nice to Scott. However, she had never realized that.

“I’m so angry! This self-righteous guy really thinks highly of himself. Who really wants him to go with us? He is being ungrateful! Nova, see? This guy has an advance to you. Just now, if it were you that asked him to go with us, he would possibly have agreed!” Elodie said angrily.

Nova gave Elodie a glance with a frown and said, “Well, Elodie, when you talked to him just now, you were being offensive. It’s normal for Scott to refuse. Moreover, he has told us that he has an appointment tomorrow and is not free.”

“Why can’t I be offensive to him? He’s but a toy boy. He should be grateful for my being willing to talk to him. It’s impossible that he could treat me in that way without paying a price. Ryanorrow, I’ll ask Dyer to teach this reckless guy a lesson!” Elodie shouted while staring at the stairs.

Nova was helpless. Finally, she sighed, turned around and went back to her room.

In the next evening, after coming out of Fudan University, Scott hurried to Dream Paradise by taxi.

Yesterday, after helping Scott get rid of those thugs, Walker enthusiastically invited Scott to his bar, saying that he, as a local, should entertain Scott.

Originally, Scott didn’t want to agree. However, Walker was too enthusiastic. Moreover, Walker had helped him. Therefore, it was appropriate for him to firmly refuse. Therefore, he agreed to come to Dream Paradise tonight.

He happened to be tense after looking for Edith for days. He could relax a bit by going to the bar and drinking with Walker.
When Scott was on his way to Dream Paradise, a group of young people had gathered at the door of Dream Paradise.

These people were led by a strong young man who was 1.9 meters tall. He was exactly Dyer, Elodie’s classmate, the rich second generation. Besides, in their class, he was influential. It was said that he had dated more than a dozen girls since he was in College. He was really a playboy.

At this moment, Elodie and Nova arrived at the door of Dream Paradise. Both of them were wearing make-up and were dressed up, attracting the attention of many people.

Seeing them, Dyer put on a smile and came to greet them. After greeting Elodie, he stared at Nova and said, “You’re so beautiful.”

Nova politely smiled at Dyer. She didn’t want to be too enthusiastic about him.

“Wait here for a while. Someone hasn’t arrived yet. We’ll enter the bar after everyone is here.” Dyer turned around and told his classmates.

At this moment, Elodie approached Dyer and asked, “Dyer, I have a piece of important news. Do you want to hear it?” Dyer stared at Elodie, smiled and asked, “What’s that?”

Nova was not far away from Elodie and was chatting with other girls. After turning her head and giving Nova a glance, Elodie said, “Someone has an advance to Nova.”

Dyer’s face was immediately dark. He was determined to have Nova as his girlfriend. Moreover, in his opinion, when he was going after Nova, no one was eligible to go after Nova. Therefore, hearing what Elodie said, he was naturally unhappy.

When a man had an advance to Nova, he offended Dyer. The man having an advance to Nova was provoking him.

“Who? Is that guy our classmate?” Dyer asked while staring at Elodie.

“No. Don’t be anxious. That guy is a toy boy kept by a woman. For you, he’s but a beggar. And it’s easy for you to teach him a lesson. I’m just reminding you.” Elodie said.

“A toy boy kept by a woman? Such a person is going after the woman I’m going after?” Dyer said with disdain.
Seeing his reaction, Elodie immediately sneered in her heart and thought that Scott would soon suffer.

Then she told Dyer that Scott made Nova have a crush on him with some tricks. She even added details, describing Scott to be a toy boy who was scheming and who would bully the weak and would be afraid of the powerful.

After hearing that, Dyer immediately sneered, saying, “Such a lowly man should dare to have an advance to Nova. Don’t worry.
Later, I’ll find a way to teach this guy a lesson.”

Elodie was a happy. In her opinion, with Dyer’s help, Scott would surely be taught a lesson.

When they were waiting for other classmates, a taxi stopped at the door of the bar. Scott got off the tax, walking towards the bar.

Elodie immediately saw Scott. She was surprised. Then she murmured to herself, “He’s shameless. He said that he couldn’t come here with us, but he secretly follows us to here. But it’s a good thing. I’ll ask Dyer to teach you a lesson now. After that, I’ll see if you dare to treat me arrogantly in the future.”

She hurriedly approached Dyer, pointed to Scott and said, “That’s the toy boy I just mentioned. Unexpectedly, he also comes here. I’m sure that he comes here to make trouble for us. Dyer, you mustn’t be humiliated by such a toy boy.”

Dyer looked at the people Elodie was pointing at and narrowed his eyes immediately. Then he spoke to several boys and walked towards Scott with them.

They stopped Scott in an aggressive manner. They behaved as if they were going to fight with Scott.
Looking at these young people and gloating Elodie, Scott was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Elodie and her classmates would come to Dream Paradise.

“Scott, didn’t you say that you weren’t coming? Why do you follow us to here? I find that you’re really low. When I invited you to come here with us, you refused. However, you secretly follow us to here. Could it be that toy boys all act in an unnatural way?” Elodie directly laughed at Scott.

Scott gave her a glance and said, “I come here to meet my friend. Does it has anything to do with you?”

“Humph. Stop quibbling. Obviously, you’re following us secretly. Why do you meet your friend at this time, instead of at other times? Who would believe you?” Elodie said with disdain.

Dyer took a step forward. He was higher than Scott. Then he gave Scott a contemptuous glance and said, “I heard that you’re kept by a woman? I know what people like you are thinking about. You just want to sit around doing nothing. Your being kept by a woman is none of my business. However, you have an advance to Nova. So I have to talk to you about it.”

Scott helplessly gave these people a glance. He clearly knew that the reason why these people came to him was that Elodie said something to them.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have any advance to anyone. If you’re not going to talk to me about other matters, get out of my way. My friend is still waiting for me in the bar.” Scott said tonelessly.

“Humph, you dare to act like that. Why? To make you understand what I say, I must teach you a lesson first, right?” Dyer waved his fist to Scott.

The people standing behind Dyer were also looking at Scott with disdain. When Elodie talked about Scott, they all heard what she said.

At this moment, Nova noticed what was going on here. Seeing that Scott was surrounded by Dyer and Dyer’ classmates, she hurriedly approached them.

“Dyer, what are you doing?” Nova anxiously shouted at Dyer.

“Nova, this guy has an advance to you. Elodie has told me that he is a crafty toy boy. If it goes on, you’ll definitely be fooled by him. Therefore, I’m going to teach him a lesson for you.” Dyer spoke to Nova.

Nova frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about? Now, let Scott go. You’re not eligible to teach him a lesson without any reason.”

Seeing that Nova was so protective of Scott, Dyer was immediately angry. He turned his head, looked at Scott and said while gritting his teeth, “Unexpectedly, you’re so good at fooling others that Nova is fooled by you. Today, I must teach you a lesson!”

After saying that, Dyer was going to start a fight with Scott with a group of male classmates.
“Wait!” Nova shouted loudly.
“Nova, could it be that you’re still going to speak for this toy boy?” Dyer turned his head and looked at Nova.

“No, I advise you not to fight with Scott. Otherwise, you’ll be beaten up by him.” Nova “kindly” reminded him.


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