The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 528 I Won’t Go

In the apartment.

Nova was pacing back and forth anxiously. From time to time, she would put her ear to the door, wanting to hear the movement downstairs.

But after she went upstairs, there was no sound from downstairs, which made her worry about what happened to Scott.

At that time, she agreed with Scott that if something wrong happened, Scott would call for help, and she would call the police immediately. However, there was no movement at all, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Could it be that the person Scott found happened to know the gangsters, and then they took Scott away directly?” Nova muttered, with a trace of fear in his heart.

“No, if this is the case, then Scott must be in great danger. I have to confirm the situation. If something happened, I should call the police immediately.”

Making a decision in her heart, Nova walked directly to the door, opened the door anxiously, and wanted to rush out. At this moment, she felt dark in front of her, and then she slammed into a solid chest and was bounced back.

She stood still on the spot, looked towards the door and found that it was Scott who had bounced herself back, her eyes widened.

“Scott, you… why are you back? Those people let you go?” Scott smiled at Nova and said, “The trouble has been solved, and there will be no more noise downstairs in the future.” Nova looked incredible, and asked, “You mean, those people moved away?”

“Well, it’s almost the same.” Scott replied. In essence, there was not much difference between being taken away by Walker’s people and moving away.

“Didn’t those people say that they have a lot of connections? How did you let them move away? Didn’t they cause you trouble?” Nova still couldn’t figure out how Scott did it.

“Didn’t I say that I have some connections here too? The person called came here and helped settle this matter,” Scott explained.

Nova nodded suddenly. She didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful that he could find someone to settle this matter. It seemed that although this guy was from another city, he still had power.
If she went downstairs to have a look now, she might be able to see the scene that the men molested her were taken away by

hundreds of people in a suit. At that time, she would probably not think Scott just had some power.

“Scott, thank…thank you.” After coming back to her mind, Nova glanced at Scott with some gratitude, showing a hint of affection for Scott on her pretty face.

Scott smiled at Nova and said, “My pleasure.” Then he went back to the room to take things, and left the apartment again.

Although Scott didn’t take this matter to heart, for Nova, this incident was equivalent to escaping a disaster. After all, without Scott, she would most likely be raped by those gangsters this time.

It was enough to change Nova’s life, so it was not an exaggeration to say that Scott was Nova’s savior.

Nova originally thought about how she should repay Scott. In that case, Nova felt that she could agree to whatever Scott asked, but Scott completely regarded it as a trivial matter, and left with his things.

It made Nova feel the charm of Scott, and her affection for Scott rose sharply.

She stayed alone in the apartment for a long time, thinking a lot in her mind, and from time to time she showed an idiotic smile on her face.

“Although Scott isn’t as handsome as those male celebrities, but he was so handsome when he saved me. And his chest is so mighty. He doesn’t have eight pack abs, does he? I really want to touch it. …”

Until the evening, Nova didn’t hear any noise from downstairs again. She went to the estate management company to confirm it.
The estate management company told her that the people downstairs had moved away, so she was completely relieved. At the same time, she praised Scott for being reliable.

In the evening, when Elodie came back, Nova eagerly told Nova what happened in the afternoon, and there was no lack of appreciation for Scott.

After listening to Nova’s words, Elodie stared and stretched out her hand to touch Nova’s forehead, and said, “Nova, are you crazy. Do you think that gigolo is handsome? Oh my god? He used tricks and bewitched you, right?”

When Nova heard Elodie say this, she immediately took her hand away and said, “Elodie, can you not say Scott this way? He really saved me this afternoon. If you don’t believe me, go and take a look downstairs. Those hooligans have moved away.” “Nova, you are too naive. Did you see Scott beat those hooligans away?” Elodie looked like her with disappointment.

When Nova heard what Elodie said, she was taken aback, then shook her head and said, “I didn’t see it. He asked me to come upstairs first, just in case.”

“So, you didn’t even see how this matter was solved, and you were blindly grateful to that guy. Maybe another neighbor called the police to resolve this matter, while this guy insisted that he solved it by himself. Maybe he was to win your favor, coaxing an innocent girl like you.” Elodie said.

Nova felt that there were many mistakes Elodie’s words, but she couldn’t find any words to refute her.

“I’m telling you. I’ve seen a lot of people like him. Do you remember my ex-boyfriend? Isn’t he just a guy who likes to brag? You can’t believe what this kind of person says.” Elodie continued to say earnestly.

“Elodie, I still feel that you have a strong bias against Scott. This matter is not as complicated as you think. Scott really helped to solve it, and he didn’t ask me to do anything.” Nova continued to defend Scott.

“Stupid girl, it’s his trick. He was deliberate. This kind of man is the most terrifying, and he specifically finds you, innocent girl.
And I suspect that those people downstairs were specially recruited by him, in order to trick you. Otherwise, how could he be able to beat several men by himself? This is all a conspiracy. No, we can’t let this guy continue to live with us, or we will be trapped by him sooner or later,” Elodie said, her eyes narrowed, as if she had seen through some shocking secret.

Nova was a little speechless at once, thinking that her girlfriend really thought a little too much.

“Elodie, I feel that you are scared by your ex-boyfriends, so you think every man is the same as them. I can clearly feel that Scott is not such a person,” Nova said seriously.

Elodie rolled her eyes at Nova and said, “Forget it, when you lose, you will know if I am right. Let’s not talk about that man. Dyer invites us to a bar tomorrow. I heard that the bar is Dream Paradise, which is very famous in H City, and the cost is very high. It is said that it is still the site of Walker, a bigwig in H City. Dyer deserves to be from a rich family. He is able to treat us in such a place. Ryanorrow I have to dress up and go to Dream Paradise for fun.”

When Nova heard Elodie’s words, she immediately frowned and said, “Go to the bar to play? I heard that such a place is messy,

or we won’t go.”

“Oh, what are you afraid of? Dyer and the others are there. This time, Dyeris calling the two of us to go. If we don’t go, we will make him angry. You also know the background of Dyer’s family. Offending him is not good. Anyway, it’s just for fun, isn’t it normal for young people to go to bars,” Elodie persuaded.

Nova still frowned. The reason why she didn’t want to go was not because of the mess in the bar, but because Dyer was interested in her and had expressed his thoughts several times. However, Nova didn’t like Dyer, and even hated him a little

But what Elodie said was right. Dyer’s family had a big business in H City. He was indeed from a wealthy family. His family had a great connection, and she didn’t want to get into trouble with Dyer.

“That… well, but can we take Scott with us?” Nova asked.
Elodie immediately stared, and said, “What do you do with that guy?” Nova thought for a while, and said, “Scott is also our roommate. Anyway, we go out to play, it shouldn’t matter if we bring him.”

In fact, she wanted to bring Scott because Scott gave her a sense of security. What happened today made Nova have this feeling, so she subconsciously wanted to go with Scott.

Elodie originally wanted to reject Nova directly. After all, taking Scott would only embarrass her. In case Dyer knew that Scott was a gigolo, everyone would laugh at them.

But after thinking about it, Scott intended to trick Nova. She could take this opportunity to let Dyer beat up Scott. She knew Dyer liked Nova. If Dyer knew that Scott gained Nova’s favor, he would definitely not let Scott go easily.

Maybe he could still use Dyer to drive Scott out of their apartment.

Thinking of this, Elodie showed a smirk on her face, thinking that she was so smart that she could come up with such a good idea.

“Then listen to you. It’s okay to bring him. Dyer will definitely not mind. I will tell him when he comes back later,” Elodie said.
Hearing Elodie’s consent, Nova immediately nodded happily.
After a short while, Scott came back from the outside, opened the door of the apartment, and went straight upstairs.

Elodie quickly stood up and walked in front of Scott. She thought Scott would definitely not miss the chance to go out with Nova as he wanted to trick her, so she said in a commanding tone, “Ryanorrow, Nova and I will go to the bar for fan. As you are our roommate, we allow you to fallow up. Remember to dress well and don’t embarrass us.”

Scott glanced at her and replied blankly,

“I won’t go.”


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