The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 527 Relatively Safe

“Are… these the people you called?” The man with buzz cut stared at Scott with an incredible look. His legs were soft, and he was shivering.

He originally thought that Scott had just called a few gangsters here. After all, how could a newcomer know someone powerful in H City.

But now there were more than a hundred people gathered downstairs. Scott gathered so many men here with one call, and they all seemed to be well-trained senior thugs and are completely different from those gangsters. A sense of fear rose in the man with buzz cut.

Scott nodded to the man with buzz cut and said, “It should be them.”

The man with buzz cut swallowed. What did he mean? Did Scott have too many connections in H City that he even didn’t know who he called?

At this time, two men in suits came out, one was a middle-aged man in his forties who looked calm and decisive, and the other was a young man in sportswear.

The man with buzz cut was shocked when he saw these two men, and almost jumped directly from the ground.

He knew these two people. The middle-aged man was now the leader of the Underground World in H City, named Walker.
Among the current underground forces in H City, Walker was in the foremost rank, and few could be compared with him. No matter who you messed with, you should never mess with Walker.

And the young man who followed Walker was Walker’s capable subordinate, named Henry. The man with buzz cut was lucky enough to have dinner with Henry.

Walker actually brought someone here himself!

No more than five people could enjoy such treatment in H City.

The man with buzz cut only felt frightened. If Walker and these people were really called by Scott, then he would really be in trouble today.

“No. How can this kid be able to call Walker over and Walker also brings such a large group of people. It must be just a coincidence. Walker ant others may come here for something else. How could we be worthy of Walker bringing so many people over to deal with us.”

“Yes, it must be a coincidence. Perhaps the person this kid called was scared away by Walker’s people, so he took me down. He wanted to use Walker’s people to scare me.”

“Hey, it’s a pity that he doesn’t know that I know the little men around Walker. Maybe I can still use them to beat this guy up.”

A few thoughts flashed in the mind of the man with buzz cut. Then, he waved his hand to Henry, who was next to Walker, and shouted, “Henry, it’s me, Bowen, we have had dinner together. The guy who is catching me is troubling me. Can you help me beat him up by the way!”

Henry turned his head and glanced at the man with buzz cut, and found that he did know that person, but the person holding him at this time was the one they were going to help this time.

When they came, Walker said that the person they were going to help this time was very important, and there should be no mistakes. The identity of this person had reached the point where they couldn’t imagine.

That’s why they came here directly with more than one hundred people.
Now the man with buzz cut asked him to beat up this important person, Henry trembled in fright.
Walker turned his head and glanced at Henry, then asked, “Do you know this person?”

Henry shook his head quickly and said, “Boss, I don’t know him at all. I do not know how he knows my name.”

Walker nodded and said, “That’s good.”

The man with buzz cut was dumbfounded at once. He didn’t expect Henry to say that he didn’t know him, as if he was trying to separate himself from him.

At this time, Walker walked up to Scott, bowed respectfully to Scott, and said, “Mr. Davies, after we received the notice, we rushed over as soon as possible. I hope we are not late. What’s your problem, Mr. Davies? If the people I brought are not enough, I will call some more.”

Scott waved his hand and said, “No, it’s just a little trouble. People you brought are enough.”

He didn’t expect that Nadia would arrange so many people over at once, which was indeed exaggerated. But since they were all here, Scott didn’t say anything. It would also scare the man with buzz cut. After today, he would never dare to trouble Nova anymore.

“Mr. Davies, May I know about the specific trouble you encountered? Then I can let someone help you beat up those disgusting people,” Walker asked.

Scott immediately briefly talked about what happened before, and said that it was just a small trouble, and it was enough to let these people taste a lesson.

The man with buzz cut stared at the scene in front of him blankly. He did not expect that Walker brought so many people over to help Scott, and Walker’s attitude towards Scott was so respectful, as if Scott was his boss. He had never heard of anyone who could be so prestigious in front of Walker.

Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the man with buzz cut turned his head and glanced at Scott. Then he knelt down in front of Scott without hesitation, crying and said, “Sir, I knew it was wrong. I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. Please, please spare me, I won’t dare to do so anymore.”

Scott glanced at him indifferently, and did not speak. He knew that Walker would take care of the next thing for him.

Henry rolled his eyes when he saw the man with buzz cut kneeling in front of Scott begging for mercy. He now had to clarify his relationship with the man with buzz cut. If Scott minded, he would be in trouble too.

Soa, he walked directly to the side of the man with buzz cut, grabbed his collar, and dragged him towards the one hundred people.

“Why didn’t you think that there would be this moment when you provoke Mr. Davies? Now it is too late for you to beg for mercy! Guys, this stupid dare to make trouble for Mr. Davies. Now let him know how powerful we are!”

Henry directly dragged the man with buzz cut into the crowd.
Before the call for help from the man with buzz cut, his entire face was already covered by overwhelming fists.

A scream came out from the crowd, but there was no one who sympathized with the man with buzz cut. They all wanted to give him a few punches.

Walker smiled and walked in front of Scott and reached out and handed him a business card. The business card was made quite exquisite, with gold borders, and there was only a phone number on it. It was obvious that he would give others this kind of business card casually.

“Mr. Davies, Chairman Nadia ordered that your business will be our business in the future. This is my business card. You can call me no matter what trouble you encounter in H City in the future.”

Scott did not refuse, took the business card, and nodded to Walker.

Compared to calling Nadia, Scott still felt that it was safer to call Walker.


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