The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 526 They’re Downstairs

Hearing Scott’s words, the man with buzz cut suddenly felt suspicious. He just said that he had some connections, and he could call more than one hundred people in one call, just to frighten Scott.

He may not be able to call so many people. After all, his so-called contacts were actually the subordinates of the boss of the underground world in H City.

These people may help the man with buzz cut to solve ordinary troubles. However, it was really impossible for him to find more than a hundred men.

Now Scott listened to his words, and even had to use his own contacts, which made the man with buzz cut a little bit wondering how to deal with it.

But soon he was relieved. Although he couldn’t call over a hundred brothers with one phone call, he still had some connections.
Basically, among some forces in H City, there were people he knew. Otherwise, He didn’t dare to do such a thing after drinking.

Scott sounded like an outlander from his accent and he was young, no matter how good he was, he probably wouldn’t have very good connection in H City. Maybe the one Scott called over later happened to know him, and that would be fine.

Nova on the side showed a hint of curiosity when she heard Scott say that he would use his connections. She didn’t expect Scott to have connections in B City.

She remembered that Scott told her that this was the first time he came to B City. It stood to reason that Scott would not have too many connections here. Even if there was, it was probably the rich beauty who came to the airport to pick him up.

Thinking about it this way, Nova became worried again. After all. Scott was a stranger here. They didn’t know the background of the man with buzz cut. It’s too risky for Scott to compete with the man in this way.

So, Nova reminded Scott, “Why don’t we go. Anyway, they have already been taught by you. These people dare to do this kind of thing brazenly. Maybe they really have some support. You have been in H City for the first time. Your connections in B City are definitely not as good as the natives. If this goes on, we have to take a big risk, or let’s forget it.”

When the man with buzz cut heard Nova say that Scott was coming to the H City for the first time, his eyes suddenly brightened. If this was the case, he would be more confident. It was a joke that an outlander wanted to beat him in connections in B City.

Scott glanced at Nova and said, “If this kind of scum is not solved at once, there will be a lot of follow-up troubles in the future.
They just live downstairs and can revenge easily. You don’t have to worry. Although it’s my first time to come to B City, but I still have some connections here.”

The man with buzz cut sneered suddenly and said, “If you have the ability, you can call them. I want to see who you can ask for help. If it happens to be some of my old friends, then I do not have to make a call.”

Scott didn’t pay attention to the words of the man with buzz cut, but took out his phone and called Nadia.

“Mr. Davies, I have finally received your call. Do you need me? Tell me where you are, and I will rush over.” As soon as the call was connected, Nadia’s coquettish voice sounded.

Scott was helpless and then he coughed slightly, and said, “Is there anyone from underground world on your side? I meet a small trouble here and I need to solve it.”

When Nadia heard Scott’s words, she immediately became serious and said, “Yes, where are you? I will send someone over.”

Scott didn’t hesitate, and directly stated his position, and emphasized it later. He also stressed that Nadia only needed to send people here and she did have to come.

Naturally, Nadia was full of resentment, but she didn’t dare to violate Scott’s order and hurried to arrange someone after she hung up the phone.

Nadia was leader of Guanling in H City. Of course, she was capable. Although Nadia was not the most powerful businessman in H City, with the principle of low profile, Guanling would definitely help Nadia with the resources that only the top families had.

So, Scott didn’t worry that the people Nadia sent could not solve the current troubles. If she couldn’t solve even these few hooligans, there would be no need for Nadia to continue to be the leader of Guanling in H City.

After the call, Scott turned his head to look at Nova, and said, “Go upstairs first. Just leave it to me.”

Nova looked at Scott worriedly and said, “This matter has something to do with me. How can I leave you here alone?”

Scott smiled and said, “You go upstairs first, and if I can’t solve them later, you can call the police for me, which is also a backstop.”

He knew that if he didn’t say that, Nova would definitely not agree to go upstairs first.

Nova felt that Scott was right, so she nodded to Scott and said, “Then I will go upstairs first. If something happens later, you must call for help, and I will call the police as soon as possible.”

Scott nodded and said, “This shouldn’t happen. Just go upstairs and wait for me.” Nova didn’t say anything. After staring at the man with buzz cut, she walked out of the house.

After Nova left, the man with buzz cut gave Scott a sneer and said, “It seems that you don’t have much confidence in your connections. Dare you, a newcomer, talk about connections in front of me. Kneel down in front of me and kowtow a few times, begging me to forgive you, then this matter will not be so troublesome.”

Scott turned his head and glanced at the man with buzz cut, and said, “I was to coax her upstairs, can’t you hear it? You might end up badly later. She is a little girl, it’s not good for her to see this.”

“Stop bluffing here. I know people among the major forces in B City. No matter who you call over, they will show me respect. The one who will end up miserably will be yourself,” the man with buzz cut said confidently.

Scott ignored him, but took a stool and sat down.

Not long after, Scott’s phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. Scott answered, and a respectful voice came from there, “Mr.
Davies, I have taken someone to the place you said. But we have a lot of people, so we can’t go up. Just wait a moment, I’ll ask some men to help you deal with the trouble.”

“No, I’ll go down,” Scott replied.
Then Scott grabbed the man’s collar and dragged him towards the outside.

The man with buzz cut suddenly scolded and said, “What the hell are you doing, let go of me. Aren’t you looking for someone to come!”

“They’re already downstairs,” Scott said.

“Couldn’t you call a few bastards over. They even don’t dare to go upstairs. I just pissed myself with laughter.” The man with buzz cut laughed.

Scott ignored him and dragged him downstairs. When they walked out of the building, the man with buzz cut still wanted to see what kind of people Scott had called here.

But when he looked outside, he suddenly froze.

At this time, downstairs, a large number of men in black suits and sunglasses had gathered together. There were hundreds of people standing together. They looked overwhelming, no one dared to approach here for half a step.


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