The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 524 Who Is That Rich Beauty

Elodie curled her lips at Scott and said, “What’s wrong with me calling you that way? Isn’t it right? You are a gigolo who was.
raised by a woman, and you behaved so blatantly at the airport. Now you don’t admit it. Shame on you.”

Scott looked at Elodie with a cold look and said, “Who told you that I was raised by a woman? Slandering others without any excuse. Is it what your teacher taught you?”

“Then what does the beauty do? Don’t tell me that she is your friend. Such wealthy person like her don’t even bother to be friends with someone like you,” Elodie said aggressively.

“She is only responsible for picking me up and reporting to me. You think too much,” Scott said.

“Tut-tut, how shameless you are. She drove a luxury car to pick you up. Obviously, she is very rich. You actually said that she was only responsible for picking you up and making report. Are you her leader?” Elodie retorted immediately.

“Almost,” Scott replied. As the young master of Guanling, Scott could indeed be Nadia’s leader.

“Nova, look at him, he is really shameless. He even admitted that he is the leader of the rich beauty. If so, how could he still rent a house with us? I think he is a prurient boaster. Let’s get rid of him as soon as possible. It’s really bad to live with this kind of person.” Elodie said angrily.

Seeing that the two people were about to quarrel, Nova quickly walked to the middle of the two, and persuaded, “Elodie, Scott is a good man. He may have too much dignity, so he doesn’t want to be belittled by you. What you said is indeed too much. You two meet each other halfway. If Scott is driven away, the next person who rents the house will become unknown. Atleast Scott’s moral quality is not bad.”

Elodie still stared at Scott fiercely, and said, “His moral quality is not bad? He peeped at me when I was changing clothes. He is a lecher!”

Scott didn’t intend to continue arguing with her, and walked directly upstairs, ignoring Elodie’s yelling.
Nova walked up to Elodie, dragged her to sit on the sofa, and said, “Well, Elodie, no matter what, Scott is also renting a house from the landlord. We cannot drive him away. Don’t be angry because of such a misunderstanding.”

“I just hate people like him. He is so shameless and refuses to admit the clear truth. Didn’t he still say that he is a visiting professor invited by our school? I heard that there is only a visiting professor invited by School of History recently. He will have his class next Monday. We will have a look at that time, record a video, and bring it back to question this shameless person, and then see how he can defend it!” Elodie said in disgust.

Nova looked at Elodie helplessly. Seeing Elodie didn’t yell at her to drive Scott out, she didn’t say anything.

Scott took a brief look at his room and found that although the layout here was a bit simple, but all the necessary items were available. It was still comfortable. There was a toilet upstairs, so he did not need to share toilet with the two girls, which could also avoid some embarrassment.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the room, Scott lay down directly on the bed.
His main task in H City was to find Edith.

Although there were clues now, it was still not sure where Edith was. Nadia had sent someone to do these things. His ability was limited. At this time, he could only rely on Guanling’s intelligence network.

Although he promised Brodie to be a visiting professor at Fudan University, he, the so-called professor, only had an open class every week, and the content of the course was up to him. The school would not arrange anything for him during other time.

So now he had nothing to do, all he had to do was wait for Nadia to send him news.
After lying on the bed for a while, Scott fell asleep in a daze. He dreamed of Edith and woke up just as he was about to grab Edith’s hand.

He took out his phone and checked the time, and found that it was only half an hour later. Scott shook his head to make himself sober, got up and went downstairs, and found that Elodie and Nova had already left, so he left the room for Fudan University.

Since Edith had appeared at Fudan University, it was very likely that she would come again. Scott was going to Fudan University. If he was lucky enough to meet Edith directly, he didn’t have to wait aimlessly.

In the evening, Nadia called Scott and wanted to have dinner with him. Scott directly refused. Nadia asked Scott where he lived and wanted to come and take a look in case Scott didn’t live well.

Scott was troubled in an instant. Elodie had misunderstood the relationship between him and Nadia. If Nadia came here, it would be even more troublesome.

So, he told Nadia not to bother him if it had nothing to do with Edith. Then he hung up after speaking.

For the next two days, Scott spent most of his time in Fudan University. He was in a daze at the place where Edith appeared, and the rest of his time was resting in the rented house.

Although Elodie was very upset with Scott, she didn’t try to drive Scott out. At most, she mocked Scott when she saw Scott.
Scott didn’t care about her and didn’t pay any attention to her.

In contrast, Nova’s attitude towards Scott was better. Before, there were only two girls, Nova and Elodie, who could not do things like changing light bulbs and hanging curtains. Now that Scott was here, Nova could ask Scott for help.

Scott never refused her. It made Nova think Scott was a pretty good person, while Elodie felt that Scott was pretending and must think that Nova was naive. She believed Scott had conspiracy against them.

That afternoon, Scott went back to his residence to pick up things. As soon as he arrived at the door of his house, he heard a loud noise coming from downstairs. The laughter of several men was mixed with swear words, echoing in the corridor.

Scott frowned and realized that the door was not closed downstairs, but he didn’t intend to tell them. He walked the door and planned to walk in.

At this moment, he heard the voice of a girl.
“Let me go!”

The voice was somewhat familiar, Scott thought about it for a moment, and immediately confirmed that it should be Nova’s voice.

He immediately walked downstairs, and saw that the door of a house was open, and the inside was full of smoke. Several men were shirtless, holding Nova’s arm with a smirk. They looked like they wanted to molest her.

Nova was panicked, but in front of these men, there was no way to break free.

“Little girl, since you’re here, come and play with us. You think we are noisy now. When you scream later, but you won’t think so.”


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