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The dean’s office.

Brodie was sitting at the desk. At this time, the office door was opened. Annie walked in with Scott. After seeing them, Brodie quickly put down what was on hand and stood up with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Scott, it’s a great honor for you to be a visiting professor in our School. Do you have time this afternoon? I plan to hold a meeting in the school to introduce you,” Brodie said, looking at Scott.

Scott smiled at Brodie and said, “I don’t like crowded occasions. You don’t have to introduce me to them. They will know who I am when the time comes.”

Hearing Scott saying this, Brodie didn’t persuade him again. Then he glanced at Annie on the side and said, “Annie, show Mr.
Davies around his office first, and arrange an abode for him by the way.”

Annie nodded immediately.

Brodie looked at Scott again and said, “Mr. Davies, I still have some work and can’t go away, so for the time being, I can only let Annie accompany you to you to get familiar with the situation of the school. We can’t compete with the rich. Please forgive me if there’s anything wrong with hospitality.”

“You are too polite. I’m not a troublesome person. Please take you time, I will let Annie lead me to get familiar, you don’t need to worry about the rest,” Scott said.

“Mr. Davies, you are really a gentleman.” Brodie looked at Scott with admiration.
Then Annie took Scott and left the dean’s office. They went to the office Brodie arranged for Scott.

The area of this office was very large, almost catching up with the dean’s office. This was an office specially prepared by the School of History for full-time professors at Fudan University. Brodie assigned this office to Scott, which showed that he had attached great importance to Scott.

“Mr. Davies, if you are not satisfied with the layout here, just tell me, I will help you decorate it the way you want.” Annie was still a bit shy while staying in the office with Scott alone.

“No, that’s fine. I won’t spend too much time in the office,” Scott said.

Annie was stunned for a moment. She was thinking that Scott would stay in the office when he was free as a visiting professor, so that she could come in contact with Scott more in the name of consulting Scott.

Now that Scott said that he would not stay in the office often, Annie couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

‘However, it is normal. It is good enough that Mr. Davies come to a public class when he has time. How could he stay in the office forever?’ Annie thought.

“Mr. Davies, your first public class is scheduled for next Monday. I will inform you in advance. If you need to prepare something, please tell me and I will prepare it for you,” Annie continued speaking.

Scott nodded.

Bath of them were silent for a few seconds, and Annie suddenly felt a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say to Scott for a while.

“Then… Then let me take you to your residence. I asked a classmate to help you find a house to live,” after a while, Annie said.

Scott nodded and followed Annie out of the office. As soon as the they arrived in the corridor outside, they ran into Andrews who came out to get water.

Seeing Scott and Annie coming out of the professor’s office, Andrews was stunned for a moment. Then when he saw Annie’s face flushed, a trace of jealousy arose in his heart again.

“Annie, what are you going to do in the professor’s office? I don’t remember which professor is assigned to here yet?” Andrews asked.

His dream was to become a professor in the school of history. He always thought that the Dean left the vacant office for him.

He feels that he was very likely to become an associate professor when he was thirty years old, and then this office would become his.

“Dean Brodie has assigned the office to Mr. Davies. I take Mr. Davies here to take a look first,” Annie said.
When Andrews heard it, his look suddenly darkened, as if his own things had been robbed by others, he was naturally quite angry.

“Annie, you may be mistaken. This office is specially prepared for full-time professors in our school. Visiting professors’ offices are usually downstairs. I think you should take Mr. Davies to take a look downstairs,” Andrews said.

“Mr. Andrews, this is Dean Brodie’s arrangement.” Annie frowned and said to Andrews.

“Huh, the current society is really impetuous. Some people even go to buy a title he doesn’t deserve in order to put on an act. If it goes on like this, there will be a few people who care about real academic research,” Andrews expressed his dissatisfaction directly.

Hearing Andrews’s words, Scott looked at him with a smile, and asked, “Are you suspecting that I don’t have enough level to sit in this office?”

“It’s not a suspicion, it’s that you are at the same age as a student. To make you a professor is to treat us as fools,” Andrews said in a peremptory tone.

“Well, in that case, I have a class on Monday. You can come and listen, then you will know if I am qualified to sit in this office,” Scott replied.

“You don’t need to say, I will go there. I’m afraid that what I’ll see at that time is just a joke,” Andrews said with disdain.
Scott ignored Andrews and walked over to the stairs. Annie hurriedly followed. She looked a little worried.

Andrews snorted while looking at the backs of the two people, and walked towards the toilet angrily.

“Mr. Davies, Mr. Andrews may be a bit straight. Don’t care about it,” Annie said to Scott nervously.

Scott smiled and said, “I have suffered so much taunt and ridicules over the years. If I really care about it, I’m afraid I would have been depressed. I will use my real talents and knowledge to convince these people.”

When Annie heard Scott’s words, she suddenly felt the meaning of Scott’s indifferent tone, which made her feel the charm of Scott more clearly.

That feeling made Annie’s heartbeat speed up a bit.

Half an hour later, they came to a community not far from Fudan University, where Annie asked her classmates to help find the residence.

Annie glanced at her watch anxiously, and then said apologetically to Scott, “Mr. Davies, I’m really sorry. I don’t know much about renting a house, so I can only ask my classmates to help me. I don’t know what kind of house he’s renting.”

“It’s okay, as long as I can live in it,” Scott said.
Seeing that her classmate hadn’t come over yet, Annie called him.
After a while, a boy ran in front of them, handed a key to Annie, and said the house number by the way.

“Annie, the house I found for you is a duplex apartment with two floors. The two rooms on the bottom are rented by two girls from our school. The rooms on the top are still vacant. I will rent both of them,” The boy said with a smile.

Annie frowned immediately and said, “Are you renting a shared house?”

“Yes, people in our university all like to live in this kind of house, which is cheap and affordable. That apartment is the best I know. It is very suitable for you to live in with your boyfriend,” the boy said, glancing at Scott with a smile.

Annie suddenly flushed and stared at the boy, wishing to eat him, “Don’t talk nonsense…”

“Well, I won’t bother you two anymore. I still have a game that I haven’t finished playing, and I should be reported later.” The boy didn’t wait for Annie to explain, and then turned and ran away.

Annie stomped her feet angrily, then glanced at Scott secretly, feeling guilty.


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