The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 521 Visiting Professor

Fudan University.
In the office of the School of History.

A group of teachers were sitting together and chatting. After class, the teacher was no different from other normal people. They liked to sit together and gossip.

“Have you heard that there is going to be a visiting professor in our school. It is said that his background is not simple. Our school is going to open an open course for this professor, which is said to focus on the knowledge related to historical relics,” a female teacher said.

“Really. Hasn’t our school hired a visiting professor for a long time? Doesn’t Dean Brodie look down on the so-called historians from the outside world at all. The person who can make Dean Brodie make an exception and invite him to be a professor must be very powerfull!”

“That’s for sure. I just don’t know what kind of person he is. However, those who have studied historical relics must be old men in the seventies and eighties.”

“No, no, I heard that he is a very young guy. It is said that he is only in his twenties and he is not much different from the students in our school,” a female teacher said at this time.

“You are joking. People who have some research on historical relics and can be invited by Dean Brodie to be guest professors will certainly have very high qualifications. The qualifications are all built on time. How could this visiting professor be in his twenties?” The speaker was a young and handsome male teacher named Andrews, one of the most talented male teachers in the School of History of Fudan University.

Andrews was now 29 years old and had become the best lecturer in the School of History. He had published more than a dozen articles in journals with international influence and had been rated as an outstanding teacher of Fudan University many times. He was one of the most promising candidates to become an associate professor.

He performed very well in the school, so he was very proud. He felt that at the age of 29, he already had the hape of becoming an associate professor, which was very great. How could there be a talent in his twenties who would be favored by Dean Brodie and invited to the school as a visiting professor.

Everyone felt that what Andrews said was reasonable, and then nodded.
At this time the door of the office was opened, Annie walked in from outside, smiled and greeted the teachers, “Hello, teachers.” She came to the office to help Brodie get the documents, and then went to the gate of the university to pick Scott up.

Thinking that Scott had promised to come to their school as a visiting professor, and that he would be here today, Annie was is full of expectation.

All the teachers knew that Annie was Brodie’s most proud student. Generally, Brodie would tell her a lot of things. So, after seeing Annie coming in, a teacher asked immediately, “Annie, do you know who the visiting professor our school wants to invite? How old is he?”

“Mr. Davies is from B City. He should be in his twenties this year, only a little older than me.” Annie replied, and there was a trace of worship in her eyes.

After hearing Annie’s words, all the teachers were all surprised. They didn’t expect that the visiting professor was really only in his twenties.

“Annie, are you kidding us? How can anyone in their twenties be invited to be a visiting professor?”

“No, Mr. Scott is indeed very young, but his knowledge of antiques is no less than that of the experienced senior academician.
Even Felix Brown, the best appraiser in B City, is respectful to Mr. Davies, “Annie said yearningly. Everyone could see Annie’s favor with Mr. Davies.

Andrews saw Annie’s expression, and he immediately showed a trace of dissatisfaction. As the best male teacher in the School of History, Andrews had relatively high requirements for a spouse. Annie, the most outstanding student in the School of History, who was knowledgeable and beautiful, naturally became one of his ideal types.

Although he did not clearly express his thoughts to Annie, he also invited Annie to dinner a few times and showed his feelings for her. He wanted to wait for Annie to graduate, and then proactively confessed, so that there would be no gossip in the school And he always believed that Annie could see his excellence and would not reject him.

But now Andrews felt a sense of crisis. From Annie’s look, he could see that Annie had a good feeling for the visiting professor, which Annie had never shown to him.

“Even if the visiting professor is really only in his twenties, he is supposed to be a visiting professor in our school by improper means. Now this kind of thing is not uncommon. That person should be rich in his family. Anyway, I don’t believe that he can be a visiting professor in his twenties.” Andrews expressed his attitude.

Annie immediately retorted, “No, Mr. Davies is really knowledgeable. Even Dean Brodie admired his understanding of curios and antiques. How could he be the visiting professor by money. At first, Dean Brodie wanted to invite Mr. Davies, but Mr. Davies didn’t agree.”

Hearing Annie’s words, Andrews became more angry. He didn’t expect Annie to maintain that so-called guest professor in this way.

“Annie, you are still young, and you must have been fooled by that person. That kind of person has a glib tongue, and he can’t show any real talents. If you are so fanatical about that person, you will be in trouble,” Andrews said.

Annie still wanted to refute. At this moment, a person appeared at the door of the office and walked in towards the office.
Andrews turned his head and glanced at the man, and said, “Hey, this is the teacher’s office. You must knock before you come in.”

“Sorry, I’m not a student here, I’m here to find someone.” Scott smiled at Andrews, then turned to look at Annie.

Annie was shocked when she saw that it was Scott who walked in. She became nervous, worried that Scott would be upset if he heard their discussion at that moment.

“Mr….Mr. Davies, why did you arrive so early? I planned to pick you up at the gate,” Annie said.
“My business was over soon, and I came ahead of time,” Scott said.

Annie nodded, turned to look at the teachers in the office, and said, “This is Scott Davies, the visiting professor invited by Dean Brodie.”

The teachers were all surprised. They didn’t expect Scott to be so young. Just now Andrews had mistaken him for a student.
“Mr. Davies, I will take you to see Dean Brodie.” Annie gave Scott a please gesture.

Scott nodded, turned and walked out of the office. Although he heard some of the discussions just now, he didn’t take it to heart. He came here because he happened to see Annie inside, then he walked in.

After Annie left with Scott, Andrews showed an unhappy expression on his face, clenched his fist, and smashed it on the table.

“Damn visiting professor, it’s just an undeserved reputation he paid for. I didn’t expect Annie to be so respectful to him. It’s really stupid.”


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