The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 520 Nadia

Scott walked up to Nadia and greeted her, “Hello, I have to bother you this time.”

Nadia showed a charming smile to Scott and said, “It is naturally my honor to be able to serve Young Master. But I did not expect Young Master to be so approachable. I thought that Young Master would be fierce.”

Then, Nadia reached out and grabbed Scott’s hand, stroked it lightly, and said, “I’ll take Young Master into the car.” Scott broke free of Nadia’s hand at once. He said with a frown, “Okay, just get in the car. Don’t do these things.”

When Nadia saw Scott free himself from her hand, the smile on her face became even greater. She pressed her body directly to Scott’s body, saying, “It is my first time to see Young Master. I am a little excited. As long as Young Master needs me, I’m willing to obey all the orders. Being close to Young Master is what I should do.”

Scott sniffed the faint scent of Nadia’s body, and felt a fascinating smell. He knew immediately that this was a dangerous woman. A man with insufficient concentration could only be led by the woman.

Scott didn’t speak any more, but directly opened the door of the car and sat in the back seat, making Nadia unable to continue to get close to him.

Seeing Scott get in the car, Nadia didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Instead, she licked her lips and said to herself, “I didn’t expect that Young Master had no interest in me at all. This really makes me sad. But you’re Young Master. You’re really different from those stinky men. I like challenges.”

After speaking, she went to the driving seat and sat on it.
Everyone around looked at this scene, full of envy for Scott. They all imagined that they could be treated like this.

“Shit, that buddy is too awesome. Such a beautiful woman takes the initiative to pounce herself to him. His identity is definitely not ordinary.”

“Damn it, I really envy. I’m willing to lick the feet of this kind of rich girls.”

“Perhaps that guy is just a toy boy? Shit, when can I have such good luck? I will never lose to anyone in that aspect.”

Elodie and Nova in the distance could not hear what Scott and Nadia were saying, and even they couldn’t see Scott’s looks clearly.

In their eyes, Scott had just flirted with that girl just now, as if they couldn’t wait to do something anymore. He hurriedly got in the car, as if to go back to do something.

Elodie looked at the car in the distance with a disgusting face, and said, “Nova, see! I’m right. That guy is really a toy boy. Look at the actions of the two of them just now, it’s really disgusting. This kind of person dared to brag that he is the professors in our school. This is really discrediting our school.”

Nova also frowned slightly. Thinking of the scene she saw just now, she felt a little surprised. Then she turned her head and said, “Okay, don’t look at it. Let’s go back to school quickly, otherwise we will be scolded by Kaitlyn. ”

Elodie nodded. Then, the two girls left the airport holding hands.

At Lan Couch Building.
In Nadia’s office.

Scott sat on the sofa. Nadia tied her loose hair, revealing her beautiful neck and collarbone, and then she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her clothes.

She went to the drinking fountain to pick up a glass of water, walked s*xy steps to Scott, bends down to hand Scott water, so that her s*xy could reveal through the clothes.

Scott was a little helpless. He couldn’t understand why the person arranged by Guanling in H City would be such an enchanting woman. If it weren’t for asking about Edith’s situation, Scott would have already left.

“Young Master, drink water. If Young Master feels it troublesome, you can let me feed you. I can taste the temperature for Young Master first, and then feed it to Young Master.” Nadia said to Scott with a smile.

Scott frowned and said, “No need.”

Then he reached for the glass of water.

Nadia seemed to feel it not enough. She smirked. When Scott went to take the glass, she pretended that she didn’t hold the glass firmly. She wanted to pour the water on Scott’s body, so that she would have the opportunity to let Scott take off his clothes in the office.

It was a pity that she didn’t know what kind of person Scott was. The moment when Nadia’s hand was shaking, Scott noticed it and then quickly took over the glass in her hand.

Nadia didn’t realize what was going on. Then she found that the glass in her hand was gone.
She looked down and found that Scott took a sip of water while holding the glass. There was a hint of fear in her heart.
Her instinct told her that the person in front of her was very dangerous.

Sure enough, how could Young Master of Guanling look so ordinary? The abilities of such a person were simply beyond her imagination.

“Enough. Just tell me the clues you found here. I am not here to play with you.” Scott said lightly.

Nadia immediately became serious. She stood still and said, “The clues that our people have found are only that photo. After finding this photo, I sent someone to Fudan University to search again, but no trace was found. There should be someone who is very good at anti-tracking around the girl, so that we only have this clue now.”

“In H City, there are not a few people who can have this kind of talent. H City is different from B City. This is the economic center.
There are a lot of super families lurking here. So just looking at this photo, it is difficult to spot the girl’s specific whereabouts.”

“But don’t worry. Since she has appeared in Fudan University, she will definitely leave clues. According to my people, they have seen her again. She went to Fudan University not only just go to play. If you are patient, maybe you can wait until she appears in Fudan University again.”

Scott frowned suddenly. He thought that after he got here, it would not take long to find Edith. Now it seemed that things were more troublesome than he thought.

This was not because of Nadia’s poor ability, but now it was not clear what kind of situation Edith was in and who was around her, so the investigation was more difficult.

“In this case, you must do your best to search for clues. No matter what clues you get, notify me as soon as possible.” Scott said, standing up from the sofa.

Nadia nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master.” “I’m going to Fudan University now. If something happens, I will notify you.” Scott said.

Nadia hurriedly said, “Young Master, you just got off the plane. Why don’t you go to the arranged hotel with me first to take a rest? Let me help you relax. It will not still be late for you to go to Fudan University tomorrow.” ”

“No, don’t worry about me. Someone from Fudan University will arrange the hotel for me.” Then Scott walked out of the office.

It was not that he didn’t want to stay in the hotel that Nadia arranged for him. At first, he wanted to go to the place that Nadia arranged for him. But after he came, he saw that Nadia was too “enthusiasm” for him. He didn’t dare to continue to stay with this woman.

Who knew if he went to the hotel with her, would she block him in the room and force him to do things that he shouldn’t do?

To be safe, he decided to let Brodie arrange a place for himself. Even if the conditions were not as good as the place where was arranged by Nadia, it would be safer than staying with such a dangerous woman.

In this world, the women who took initiative were the most dangerous, especially stunners like Nadia.
Scott couldn’t guarantee that he could hold back under Nadia’s heavy offensive.

Seeing that Scott was about to leave, Nadia was a little anxious, and said, “Young Master, you have only come here in less than ten minutes and you have to leave. I didn’t do well, did 1?”

“If Young Master is dissatisfied, I can give myself to you. I promise I will meet all the requirements of Young Master.”

Hearing Nadia’s words, Scott walked even faster.


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