The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 519 Toy Boy

In M Country.

In the most prosperous center, in a skyscraper, an old man with gray hair was sitting in the office, reviewing documents on the desk.

A pair of calligraphy hung on the wall behind the old man, with the word “Turner” written on it. The word looked like powerful and the artistic conception was profound. It was only one word, but it gave people a sharp and violent feeling.

A gust of wind blew. The curtain on the side of the window was flicked gently, and then, a figure in black clothes appeared in the office like a ghost.

The old man didn’t look up. He didn’t even glance at the window, and then he just said, “How is the situation in B City? Has the so-called Davies family been eliminated?”

“No.” The voice of the man in black said hoarsely.

The old man stopped reviewing the documents immediately, then raised his head with a frown. He looked at the man in black, and said, “The so-called Davies family is nothing but the product of my useless brother. They are just like bed bugs in the eyes of the Turner family. It should be easy to ruin it. The support I gave to Finn this time is not small. Why hasn’t he ruined Davies family yet?”

“The current head of Davies family is Scott. I didn’t know what methods he used to withstand the several attacks of Mr. Finn.
This Davies family is not as simple as it seems on the surface. If you guess right, it should also have the support of other forces behind them. Otherwise, it would be impossible that he could fight against Mr. Finn.” The man dressed in black replied.

The old man snorted coldly, and said, “A bed bug left by a wimp! What kind of force can be willing to support them? Even if there is, it is definitely not the match of the Turner family. Maybe Finn is not careful enough. When he comes back, I must reprimand him. If he has half of his brother’s ability, Davies family may have disappeared in this world long ago.”

Hearing this, the man in black immediately bent over to the old man, and said, “Master, I’m afraid Mr. Finn can’t come back this time.”

The old man was stunned. Then he asked, “Why? Is he afraid of me to punish him, so he doesn’t dare to come back?” “Our people sent back news that Mr. Finn’s company in B City has been seized. Mr. Finn invited Scott for dinner in a hotel that day. But Mr. Finn never came out of the hotel that day. Our people later thoroughly investigated the entire hotel. No trace of Mr.

Finn was found. There was also a woman named Margaret who disappeared with Mr. Finn. This woman is also a mortal enemy of Scott. I suspect that Mr. Finn might have been killed by Scott.” The man in black replied.

“What are you talking about!” The old man slapped the table sharply, and the pen in his hand was slapped off. “Finn died in the hand of Scott? How is this possible! He is just my brother’s trash grandson. Even if he was given a hundred opportunities, he couldn’t be Finn’s match!”

“We can’t figure out what was going on, but the fact is it. Scott is very cautious. He assisted in accusing Mr. Finn’s company.
Now, everyone thinks that Mr. Finn has been arrested. In fact, Mr. Finn has disappeared. But no one would doubt it at all.” The man in black said.

The old man’s eyes became sharp in an instant. He stared at the man in black and asked, “How long will Fabian be back?” “About a month or so.” The man replied.

“After Fabian comes back, let him go to H Country. When he comes back again, I want to see the head of Scott. A lowly man dares to kill the grandson of the Turner family! My good brother! You really have a good grandson!” The old man gritted his teeth.


In the airport of H City.
A Mercedes-Benz G63 was parked here. A tall, beautiful woman wearing a s*xy short skirt, a denim jacket and sunglasses was

standing by the side of the car, staring at the airport, seemingly waiting for someone.

This person was named Nadia. She was the president of a largest cosmetics company, Lan Couch, in H City. She was also a famous socialite in the business circle of H City. Her high value and outstanding appearance made her be the focus of discussion no matter where she went.

It was just that almost no one knew that everything about Nadia was given by Guanling. She was the more prominent one among the large number of talents that Guanling cultivated. She had been active in the business circle of H City as the president of Lan Couch in recent years. She was responsible for all actions of Guanling in H City.

Scott did not have his own power in H City, so he could only borrow the contacts that Guanling had arranged in H City. Now he was the young master of Guanling and the spokesperson of Guanling appointed by Terence, so he was naturally qualified to mobilize most of Guanling’s power.

People passing by couldn’t help but cast their gazes on Nadia. Many of them stared straight at her, and they couldn’t look away.
But Nadia was full of arrogance, and didn’t care about the people around her.

She had some expectations at this moment, wanting to see what kind of person Young Master of Guanling was, and wondering if he could meet her expectations of a man.

As a famous socialite, Nadia naturally had seen countless men. Ordinary men couldn’t catch her at all.

Before long, Scott walked out of the airport. He was also surrounded by two girls. These two girls were met by Scott on the plane. One was named Elodie and the other named Nova. Both of them were students of Fudan University. Since Scott was going to Fudan University to be a guest professor, Scott wanted to chat with the students of Fudan University.

Scott told the two girls that he was going to be a professor at Fudan University. Both girls didn’t believe it, thinking Scott was joking.

Nova’s impression of Scott was not bad. She chatted with Scott very happily on the way, and didn’t take Scott’s jokes to heart. Elodie was a rich young lady. Seeing Scott look so ordinary, she thought Scott was bragging, so she looked down on Scott a bit. But she didn’t hate Scott.

As soon as Scott came out, he saw the unusually conspicuous Mercedes-Benz G63 and Nadia who was next to the car. Before coming, he and Nadia had been in contact, and the two people also exchanged photos to avoid making mistake.

After seeing Scott far away, Nadia waved to Scott. Scott turned to say goodbye to Elodie and Nova, and then walked towards Nadia.

Elodie and Nova both looked towards Nadia. They were a little surprised when they saw the s*xy and beautiful Nadia and the luxury car next to her.

“My God, the girl who came to pick up this guy is actually a rich and pretty girl. Mercedes-Benz G63! More than two million dollars! That guy looks so ordinary, but there is such a good girl to pick him up.” Elodie spoke in surprise.

“It may be his friend.” Nova said.

“Friend? I don’t think so. Maybe that guy is this girl’s toy boy. Tsk-tsk, he still bragged to us. I didn’t expect that he sucked.” Elodie said with contempt.

“Come on! Scott looks quite ordinary and not very handsome. How could he be a toy boy?” Nova looked puzzled.

“Nova, you are too naive. A person who can be toy boy does not have to be handsome. He just needs to be good enough in a certain aspect.” Elodie said to Nova with a smirk.

Nova looked dumbfounded. She didn’t understand what Elodie was talking about.


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