The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 518 The Clues about Edith

At Tianyuan Tower.

In front of Lily’s bed, Scott was sitting by the bed, peeling an apple for Lily

Lily stared at Scott. The lights in her beautiful eyes flickered. She was almost stunned by Scott.
After peeling the apple, Scott handed it to Lily and said with a smile, “Here you are.”

Lily swallowed. She didn’t know whether the apple was more attractive or Scott was more attractive.

After a period of recovery, Lily’s condition had improved a lot. Her thin face had recovered a bit of rosy. She had become full of energy. According to what doctor said, she would be able to get out of bed before long.

“I want to eat you.” Lily licked her lips without hesitation, showing a look of desire for Scott.

Scott looked at Lily calmly and directly put the apple into her mouth, and said, “It’s illegal to eat human flesh.” “Who wants to eat your flesh? You know what I’m talking about.” Lily winked at Scott.

Scott glanced at Lily and said, “You should rest now. I have to leave.”

Lily immediately acted like a spoiled child, “Okay, okay. I won’t say that again. Sit down. If you leave, my recovery speed will become extremely slow. Don’t you want me to get better soon?”

Scott looked at Lily helplessly. Thinking of this girl was sick, he sat back again.
During this time, B City was not peaceful. Scott solved Finn and Margaret. N Group was closed. The old town reconstruction

plan removed N Group. Davies family controlled the original industries of N Group. A series of things were fermenting in people’s discussions.

Almost no one could had thought that N Group, which was still promising the day before, already closed down in an instant. But everyone could guess that it was Davies family that made N Group have such a turning point.

This also made everyone appreciate the strength of Davies family again. N Group, such a powerful group, could be closed down in such a short period of time, which was enough to prove the horror of Davies family.

All the forces in B City were aware of the gap between them and N Group. Since N Group was not Davies family’s match, naturally, they were less likely to play against Davies family. Therefore, the reputation of Davies family in B City was a bit higher than before. Davies family had faint tendency to dominate B City.

Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce had also risen because of its relationship with Davies family, and the cooperation in old town reconstruction plan had also made Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce much stronger than that of in the past.

As the person who caused these things, Scott was also famous in B City. The past rumors and slanders about Scott were all wiped out. Now everyone knew that Scott was unpredictable. They couldn’t image how powerful Scott was.

“Scott, what are you thinking about?” Lily blinked her big eyes. Seeing Scott, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, lost in thoughts, she asked.

Scott smiled at Lily and said, “It’s nothing. Just a daze.”

When Scott said this, Lily had already thought of what Scott was thinking. Apart from that person, who else would make Scott show such a face?

Although she was disappointed, she didn’t say anything. After all, she had promised Scott that she would no longer have such an idea for Scott. She also said jokingly that she might be interested in Scott’s son.

Thinking about her own request, she felt she was really stupid. Now no one knew where Edith was, and no one knew when Scott’s son could be born. The most important thing was that if Scott would have a daughter, her request was basically the equivalent of nothing.

“Huh, I’m really so stupid. I really look like a fool in that state.” Lily shouted for no reason.

Scott felt strange, wondering what happened to Lily. Then he asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you like a fool?”

Lily felt that Scott was laughing at her, so she became even angrier.

“It’s all because of you that I have become a fool.” Lily said angrily.

Just when the two people were quarreling, Scott received a text message on his mobile phone with a photo attached to the text message, showing the side face of a girl. After seeing this photo, Scott stood up at once.

Scott could be sure that the side face in the photo was definitely Edith’s! Below the photo, there was a sentence, Fudan University in H City.

Scott carefully stared at the background of the photo and found that it was indeed a landmark building of Fudan University.

Unexpectedly, Edith went to H City and also appeared in Fudan University!

Suddenly, Scott saw the hope. After searching for so long, he finally had Edith’s whereabouts. Seeing Edith’s look, she didn’t seem to have been hurt in any way. Instead, she looked very happy.

After the excitement, Scott had some doubts. He didn’t understand why Edith remained unscathed after she disappeared so long, and she looked so happy.

Shouldn’t Edith rush back to find him if she didn’t get any hurt? Even if she didn’t come back, she would contact him at least. She must also know that he was worried about her. With Scott’s understanding of Edith, if such a thing happened, she couldn’t be in such a good mood to hang out in the university.

Something that Scott didn’t know must have happened during this, or the person in the photo just looked the same as Edith, but she was not actually Edith.

Regardless of the reason, Scott saw the hope. Whether the person in the photo was Edith or not, Scott would be able to figure it out when he found her.

Seeing Scott go from excitement to doubt, and then from doubt to firm, Lily felt a little strange, so she asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Scott smiled and looked at Lily, and said, “I found your sister-in-law’s whereabouts, but I’m not sure if it is her. I don’t think it’s going to be wrong, so I will book a ticket and rush over to confirm it. You quickly get better and wait for me to come back. I’ll bring you a gift.”

After speaking, Scott turned and left the ward.

Looking at Scott’s back, Lily showed a sense of loss on her face. She didn’t know why, the words “sister-in-law” made her feel upset.

After leaving Tianyuan Tower, Scott drove towards the Davies House by car. He took out his cell phone and planned to call Jordan. At this moment, his cell phone rang. It was Brodie’s call.

Scott answered it. The voice of Brodie sounded on the phone, “Mr. Scott, I don’t know how you are thinking. During the recent period, our college needs a professor who understands historical relics. I think you are the most suitable candidate. There are really not many opportunities like this. If you can, I still hope you can come to our school and be a guest professor.”

Scott smiled, thinking of the place where Edith appeared. Then he said to the phone, “Okay, I will rush to H City as soon as possible.”


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