The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 517 Short-sighted

At N Group.

In Antonio’s office, Antonio and Priya were sitting together. It could be seen that there was a glimmer of expectation on their faces.

Priya played with her hair, and said to Antonio with smile, “If I follow Mr. Turner back to the Turner family in the future, what kind of status will I have in his family?”

Antonio laughed, “I advise you not to have too high expectations. There is no shortage of women around for a young master like him. Even if he does take you back to the Turner family, you will be definitely one of his many women. The struggle among their super-family is not as simple as you think.”

Priya didn’t care at all. She snorted to Finn, and said, “So what? At least I will be one among the real upper class. If it weren’t for Mr. Turner, I thought Davies family would already be considered an upper class. He let me realize that there are still better people than us in the world.”

Antonio smiled at Priya, then stretched a hand towards Priya and said, “Anyway, your first time has already been given to him, so why don’t you let me feel refreshed? I have coveted you for a long time. He will definitely not know it.”

Actually, Priya wasn’t a member of Davies family. At first, she was thinking about being with Scott. Antonio was also itchy for Priya because of her good-looking face.

Priya slapped Antonio’s hand away directly, with a trace of disgust on her face, and said, “If I tell Mr. Turner what you think, do you think he will let you go?”

Antonio smiled and then said, “We are in the same boat now. If you don’t make me feel better, I won’t make you feel better. Are you sure you will tell Finn what I have said?”

Priya gave Antonio a grimace, and then stopped talking.
Antonio didn’t talk about that topic again. He said, “Today, Mr. Turner set a trap for Scott personally. I heard that Mr. Turner invited a master. Maybe Scott is dead now.”

Priya nodded, “How can Scott resist Mr. Turner’s attack? Scott is really stupid. He dares to go against Mr. Turner. Even if he succeeds in avoiding Mr. Turner’s attack in business. It is impossible for him to escape this time.”

“Didn’t you still want to be with Scott before? Why are you saying like this now?” Antonio said with a smile.

“Crap, I just know what is good for me. He is just a fool. He wants to fight against Mr. Turner. Of course I won’t have any feelings for him. Moreover, compared with Mr. Turner, he is nothing. I’m not stupid. Why do I still choose him?” Priya suddenly said with contempt.

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a sound of footsteps from outside, which sounded very anxious.
Bath of them were a little weird. They stood up and walked outside.

As soon as they opened the door of the office, they saw a group of people outside carrying things and running towards the outside. Behind them, there was a group of people wearing uniforms driving them away.

Antonio had a bad feeling. He hurried out, stopped a man who was running in a hurry, and asked, “What is going on? Why are you running?”

“N Group is screwed up. They have come to close the company. Do we have to wait to be caught?” The man shouted at Antonio, then pushed Antonio away and continued to run away.

Antonio frowned immediately, wondering why N Group which was already fine suddenly came to this point.
Priya also walked out of the office. Seeing the chaotic scene outside, she was shocked. Then she asked anxiously, “What’s the matter? With Mr. Turner’s strong background, no one dares to come here to close the company.”

The security personnel over there had already walked towards them. Antonio groaned for a moment, and then walked up to them.

“Who asked you to come here? This is N Group. Without permission, it is illegal for you guys to come in and make trouble like this!” Antonio shouted at the group of people.

Hearing Antonio’s words, the security captain stopped, and said, “N Group is suspected of fraud, making illegal profits, and instigating people to commit criminal activities. We received an order to close the place. Who said we were here to make trouble? ”

“Holly shit!” Antonio shouted directly. How could he believe that N Group would be charged with such crimes, “Show me your certificates!”

The security captain directly took out his own certificates and the documents, as well as the documents signed by Finn and his handprint, and let Antonio read them.

Antonio took a look and found that these documents were indeed genuine, and that they also had Finn’s autograph and handprint, which made him dumbfounded.
He turned his head and glanced at Priya who was on the side, a trace of panic appeared in his eyes. He murmured, “How…how

could this happen? Isn’t he still dealing with Scott today? How come N Group is screwed up in a blink of an eye? ”

Priya also took a look at the documents with anxious face, then froze in place. She suddenly thought of something, then she said, “Is it possible that Mr. Turner failed this time?”

“Why? How did Scott do it? He is not qualified to fight Mr. Turner at all, but why is it such a result?”

The security captain stared at Antonio and Priya, and then took out two photos. After comparing them, he immediately ordered the people around him, “Quickly arrest them both. They are two chief figures in the fraud gang of N Group. I did not expect that the two of them would have taken the initiative to come to us. We can’t let them run away!”

When the people wearing security suits heard this, they rushed towards Antonio and Priya, and subdued both of them on the ground.

Both Antonio and Priya were stunned. They had been arrested before they could figure out.
“You f*cking let me go! We didn’t do anything. Why are you arresting us?” Antonio shouted.
“Whether you guys did it or not, we’ll know when we take you back.” The security captain said.
Then a group of people escorted two people out to the outside.

As they walked, the security captain also said to Antonio and Priya, “By the way, Mr. Scott, who assisted in exposing your N Group’s crimes this time, asked me to tell you guys a sentence. Short-sightedness will only send yourselves into the abyss. ”

Hearing the security captain’s words, both Antonio and Priya frozen. Their bodies went cold in an instant.


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