The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 515 Young Master

“How… how could this be? Mr. Kacper, why did you do this to my men? I paid you money to let you kill Scott. The people in Guanling can kill the employer casually?” Finn looked at Kacper with a puzzled face.

Kacper did not answer his words, but walked in front of Finn and Margaret. Then he raised one of his feet, and directly kicked them to kneel on the ground.

“What are you doing! Are you crazy? You even kick me!” Finn shouted directly at Kacper.

Margaret also bit her lip and looked at Kacper with a look of puzzlement. She originally thought that Kacper would kill Scott soon, but she didn’t expect this man actually took action against them.

Both Natan and Anastasia were very nervous at first, and they were already ready to run away. But after seeing this scene, they were both stunned.

What happened? They were all confused. The master Finn spent a lot of money inviting over had actually fight against Finn, which was really beyond their expectation.

Bath of them turned their heads and glanced at Scott, thinking that this matter must have something to do with Scott.

Natan’s four bodyguards also breathed a long sigh of relief. As martial artists, they could naturally judge the strength of Kacper. If they really had to fight against Kacper, they wouldn’t be definitely Kacper’s matches. They could imagine how they would end up at that time.

Kacper still didn’t talk to Finn, but turned and walked towards Scott. After reaching Scott, he bowed to Scott and said, “Young Master, the trouble has been resolved.”

Young Master!

Everyone was shocked by Kacper’s words. All of them turned to look at Scott.

Scott nodded to Kacper and said, “Bother you.”

Finn looked at Scott with an incredible face, and then asked Kacper, “What do you mean? Why do you call him Young Master? When did he become your Young Master? Are you not a staff from Guanling? ?”

Margaret also looked at Scott and Kacper suspiciously. She couldn’t figure out what was going on, either.

Scott smiled and walked towards Finn and Margaret. He said, “He is indeed from Guanling. This does not conflict with him calling me Young Master.”

“It’s impossible! How terrifying the top one on List of the Ares is. How could you be qualified to let him call your Young Master? Unless…” When Finn spoke of here, his eyes suddenly widened. He was in shock.

“Yes. Kacper will call me Young Master because I’m Young Master in Guanling.” Scott replied lightly.

Natan and Anastasia were all confused. They didn’t know what kind of place Guanling was, so they were very vague about the identity of the young master of Guanling, but they all knew the person who looked terrible was actually their side. Today, they would be safe.

“It’s impossible! You are just a bastard from Davies family. Davies family still defected from our Turner family. How could you be Young Master of Guanling?”

Finn’s breathing was a little hurried. He wanted to stand up from the ground, but what Kacper kicked him just now made him unable to move at all. So he could only kneel on the ground.

Scott directly raised his hand, slapped Finn, and said coldly, “What is your Turner family? My father became the boss of Guanling by himself. Your Turner family, such a big family, has not had any slightest progress for so many years! Do you really think that I want your Turner family’s reputation?”

Finn captured very important information from Scott’s words, and then his eyes widened. He muttered, “Your father, is the boss of Guanling? How could this be? Shouldn’t Guanling’s boss be Percy?”

“My father has used Percy as his name for many years. The reason why he has never been exposed is to deal with your Turner family. My grandfather died tragically in your family’s hands. My grandma was also depressed to death because of this incident.
Do you really think that we would forget these hatreds so easily?” Scott said coldly.

Finn immediately panicked. He turned his head to look at Margaret beside him, and asked, “Where is Scott’s father? If his father is not dead, why will he become the head of Davies family?”

Margaret said, “No one knows whether his father died or not. Scott’s father suddenly disappeared more than ten years ago, and just left a letter to Scott. That letter did not have any useful information.”

“More than ten years ago?” Finn frowned immediately, “The exact time?”

“Fourteen years ago.” Margaret thought for a while and said.

Finn frozen, muttering, “Fourteen years ago… Fourteen years ago, it was the year when Percy succeeded in climbing high ladder and became the boss of Guanling!”

He immediately understood something. His face was so pale. His gaze toward Scott was full of fear.

Seeing Finn’s reaction, Margaret panicked. She grabbed Finn’s arm, and asked, “Is what he said true? He is really Young Master of the place named Guanling you mentioned? Terence is the boss of Guanling now?”

Finn’s face was deathly pale. He said, “The top one on List of the Ares has never been respectful to anyone. He calls Scott Young Master. In addition to the identity, there is another necessary condition, that is, Scott has the strength to defeat him, otherwise he would not be willing to call Scott Young Master.”

“Kacper is real. So what Scott said should be true. His strength is even stronger than Kacper. Today, it’s impossible that we can run away.”

When Margaret heard Finn’s words, she was almost collapse. She shouted at Finn, “Didn’t you say that Scott is just an ant in front of you? Why are we now being led by his nose? Isn’t your Turner family the world-class family? Why can’t you even defeat Scott?”

When Finn heard Margaret’s words, he slapped her and cursed, “How the hell did I know that his father is the boss of Guanling? Now Guanling is super strong. Even the Turner family doesn’t dare to provoke it easily. You blame me? Who the hell shall I blame?”

Watching the two people quarrel, Scott said with a smile, “You can save a little bit of energy. After you two go to the hell, you can quarrel there.”


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