The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 514 It’s Nothing to Fear

After rescuing Anastasia, Scott got off the rope on her body and the piece of cloth stuck in her mouth. Anastasia looked at Scott in a panic and said, “Scott, leave here quickly. They are going to plot against you. We will quickly call the police and arrest them!”

Scott smiled at Anastasia and said, “Don’t worry. These are some grievances between me and them. If you call the police, they won’t get the punishment they deserve. You are standing next me and watching it. They can’t hurt me.”

When Anastasia heard Scott say this, she nodded. In her eyes, Scott was the head of Davies family. This kind of person who was in a high position must have a certain sense of truth in the decisions he made. In the current situation, she only needed to follow Scott’s arrangements.

Scott turned his head again to look at Finn and Margaret, and said coldly, “I took the move. What can you do with me?”

Staring at the two who had fallen on the ground, Finn swallowed. He was shocked by the strength that Scott showed. He didn’t expect Scott to be so strong. Scott actually killed his men so easily and saved Anastasia by the way.

Margaret didn’t expect Scott to be so terrifying, either. There was an uncontrollable fear rising from the bottom of her heart. If the chopsticks in Scott’s hand were pointed at her just now, she might have become a cold corpse again.

It was just that the two of them didn’t know it was already Scott’s limit just now. The blood was surging in Scott’s body. If he didn’t work hard to suppress it, he wouldn’t be able to stand firmly.

Anastasia’s arrest had already exceeded Scott’s expectation. He didn’t want this girl to get any hurt because of him. So he had to rescue Anastasia no matter what.

Finn took a deep breath. Although Scott’s strength was too scary, fortunately, he invited a super master this time. Compared

with that super master, Scott must be much worse than him.

Thinking about it this way, Finn relaxed a little. Glaring at Scott, he said coldly, “Don’t bluff here. Do you think I will be afraid of you? These thugs might not be your matches. But it doesn’t mean that no one can’t defeat you. This time, in order to kill you, I specially spent a lot of money inviting a super master to come over. You are not worth mentioning in front of him. Whether you save that woman or not, the result will be the same.”

After speaking, Finn clapped his hand again and said loudly, “Come out, next, this is your stage!”

As soon as Finn finished speaking, Kacper walked out of the screen and looked at everyone present with a cold face. The temperature in the entire private room seemed to have dropped a bit because of his presence.

After Natan and Anastasia saw Kacper, they both wanted to surrender. They both felt the fierce aura of Kacper. Even if they just glanced at him, they determined the person in front of them could kill them with just one finger.

Seeing Kacper appearing, Finn and Margaret all showed a sneer. Their eyes were full of expectation. Because of this master, they didn’t worry that Scott could escape today.

Scott didn’t have the slightest surprise on his face after seeing Kacper. When Kacper came out and saw Scott, his eyes were also quite calm.

It was as if they had never known each other. Neither of them said a word.

As early as two days ago, Scott had already met Kacper in secret. Kacper also learned from Scott that the person who Finn invited him to kill was Scott.

As a staff in Guanling, Kacper couldn’t attack Scott even if he was paid more money, so Finn had no idea that the super master

he had invited was actually Scott’s men.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible. This person just standing here makes me feel powerless. Even there were be one hundred of me, I still won’t have any power to fight back. Scott, just find a way to leave here. I know you are great, but it is not a wise move to fight against this kind of person. Besides, there are many Finn’s thugs here.” Natan immediately began to persuade Scott after seeing Kacper.

Anastasia on the side also nodded quickly, and said, “Scott, this man is really terrible. His eyes make me unable to move. I think we should try to escape.”

Scott turned his head and glanced at both of them, then he said lightly, “It’s nothing to fear.”

Both Natan and Anastasia felt that Scott was a bit bragging. Although Scott’s saving of people just now shocked them, the aura of Scott was not as scary as Kacper. So they just subconsciously thought that Scott’s strength was actually inferior to Kacper.

But they didn’t know that Kacper was defeated by Scott before. Besides, it happened after Scott defeated nine-strong player in one day.

Hearing what Scott said, Finn laughed immediately and said, “Even if you have some strength, you should be able to feel the gap between yourself and him. This is the master I invited from Guanling. He is the top one on List of the Ares in Guanling and is called Human King. In front of him, you’re just nothing!”

“Really?” Scott glanced at Kacper, with a playful smile on his face.
Neither Natan nor Anastasia had heard of where Guanling was, but they all knew that this was definitely not a simple place.
Since Finn valued the person from Guanling so much, how could Guanling be an ordinary place?

The most important thing was that Kacper’s aura was really scary. Even if Finn didn’t introduce Kacper, they knew that they couldn’t offend this person.

“Scott, if you kneel down to beg me for mercy now, maybe I am in a good mood and then let you die easily. Otherwise, you can only wait to be tortured to die!” Finn shouted at Scott.

“Mr. Kacper, please make this guy die more painfully. I hate him guts. If you let him die easily, it will be too cheap for him.” Margaret said.

Scott stared at them, then said, “Bring it on.”

Finn sneered and said, “I didn’t expect you were impatient. You can’t wait to die? If so, I can fulfill you, Mr. Kacper, your goal is him. After killing him today, your mission is completed!”

Kacper turned his head and glanced at Finn, then he moved.
Both Finn and Margaret looked forward to it. Both of them felt that Scott couldn’t hald on too long in front of Kacper.

However, in the next second, the two of them opened their mouths in astonishment. The master who Finn spent a lot of money in inviting over did not hit Scott, but instead hit one of Finn’s men with a punch.

Within a few minutes, everyone that Finn had brought fell to the ground, leaving only Finn and Margaret standing in place.


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