The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 513 Do You Think It Can Kill Them

The private room was quiet for a few seconds. The faces of Finn and Margaret sank suddenly.

Although Natan knew that today’s dinner was just a trap, he still felt it inappropriate with Scott’s tough attitude. However, he was Scott’s men, so he couldn’t say anything.

“Scott, what do you mean? I sincerely apologize to you, but you gave me that attitude? Do you really think I can’t do anything with your bullying?” Finn shouted at Scott.

Scott said with a smile, “I just made such a small request, but you get so furious? If it weren’t for you, how could my wife disappear, and how could my sister be in a coma for so long. She didn’t wake up until two days ago. Do you really think that these grudges can be resolved with a single apology?”

Finn said with a smile, “It turns out that it’s because of these things. Haha, calm down first. I have a piece of good news to tell you. I have already found out your wife’s whereabouts. I have already taken her here, just to apologize to you.”

Scott was shocked when he heard Finn’s words. He turned his head to glance at Margaret. At that time, he specifically confirmed that Edith’s disappearance had nothing to do with Margaret.

Now Finn said such words, which made him suspect that Edith had indeed fallen into the hands of Finn and Margaret before.
Scott clenched his fits suddenly. If this were the case, Scott could almost imagine what kind of torture Edith would suffer.

What only made Scott a little strange was that after Finn said that, Margaret was also puzzled, as if she didn’t know that Finn had found Scott’s wife.

“Where is she? Let her go! If she gets any hurt, I will definitely kill you and cut you into pieces!” Scott gritted his teeth and said these words. His murderous intent swept the entire room.
“Take it easy! I will invite her out now.” Finn showed a sinister smile on his face, then clapped his hands.

Behind the screen of the private room, two people immediately walked out, carrying a girl who was tied up. At the same time, a dozen people who looked furious rushed out from inside, surrounding Scott and Natan.

Scott looked at the girl, feeling a little nervous. But after seeing the girl’s appearance, the expression on his face instantly changed to shock.

The girl who was tied up turned out to be Anastasia from the orphanage.

Anastasia panicked and looked at the people around her in fear. Her mouth was blocked by a piece of cloth, so she couldn’t make a sound.

Seeing Scott, she struggled immediately, seeming to want to remind Scott that there was danger here.

The expression on Finn’s face had turned into a sneer. He wanted to see if he could trick Scott into drinking that glass of wine.
But he didn’t expect that Scott knew that he didn’t really intend to apologize from the beginning.

So Finn didn’t plan to continue acting with Scott. Since today’s goal was to kill Scott and there was a master like Kacper as the backer, Finn didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Killing Scott was the easiest and effective way.

“Scott, how about it? I brought your wife to you. Can you accept my apology? Hahahaha.” Finn laughed.

Scott snorted coldly and said, “She is not my wife. What are you doing to catch an innocent person?”

Finn stared at Anastasia and said, “Why isn’t she your wife? Look at her, she is similar to your wife. She is younger than your wife. For us, women are just for fun. Why do you still have to find the original one?”

“Let her go, otherwise you will regret it. I will let you taste the most painful taste in this world.” Scott said coldly.

Finn looked at Scott without fear, and said, “Look around you carefully. Is it possible that you still don’t understand the current situation? You should already know that I invited you here today just to kill you. It’s really not easy to deceive you to come here, but I didn’t expect you actually dared to come here alone. At least, Natan brought four bodyguards with him. Are you so confident in your own strength?”

“You can try it.” Scott said.

“Do you think I’m stupid? I know you can fight. That’s why I arrested this girl. For her, you saved a welfare institution. If I guessed correctly, you should be a kind person, right?”

“Scott, you should know if you are not cruel, you can’t survive in this society at all. But you have such a weakness. I arrested her just to want to know how kind you can be.”

“As long as you dare to hit me today, my people will break her neck immediately. Her death will be your responsibility. I don’t know if you can continue keep your goodness!”

After Finn finished speaking, he sat leisurely on the chair, and took a bite of the vegetables.

“I only give you three minutes to think about it. If you don’t want her to die, drink the glass of wine on the table now. Otherwise, three minutes later, even if you drink it, my people will kill her.” Finn added another sentence.

Scott squinted at Finn. Today, he did not expect that Anastasia was arrested.

Standing next to Scott, Natan looked anxiously at the situation around him. Each of Finn’s subordinates was stronger than the four bodyguards he brought. If they really had to fight, there would be no chance of winning.

He reached Scott’s ear and whispered, “Scott, don’t hesitate. I will let my bodyguard stop them first. We have to escape. As long as we can escape, we will have a chance to take revenge. As for the girl, you can only give her up now.”

Scott smiled at him, picked up the two chopsticks on the table, and asked, “Do you think these chopsticks can kill them?” Natan looked suspicious, wondering why Scott would suddenly ask such a question.

Finn laughed loudly, and mocked, “Scott, are you really stupid? Do you want to take these two chopsticks and fight with my men? So ridiculous!”

As soon as Finn stopped laughing, Scott turned his head to look at him, then waved his hand which was holding the chopsticks.
The sound of breaking wind sounded. Immediately after that, the two chopsticks went stuck in between the eyebrows of two people who caught Anastasia.

Scott quickly rushed towards Anastasia, held Anastasia directly, and returned to his previous position.
All of this only happened so quickly. Finn and his men did not have the time to react at all.

The two men fell to the ground, making both Finn and Margaret tremble.


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