The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 512 Kneel Down and Kowtow to Me

“Are you saying that Sister Flora disappeared after the car accident on that day?” After confirming the request with Scott, Lily asked about what happened after the accident.

Scott told Lily what happened next, and he felt depressed. Just now he was carefully avoiding Lily coveting his son, but now he remembered that his wife was still missing. Even if he wanted to have a son, he had to find Edith first.

“At present, I have been trying my best to look for her, and I have found some possible clues. Don’t worry. I will definitely get her back.” Scott said.

Lily nodded. Although she wanted Scott very much, she was essentially a nice girl. She didn’t want to take advantage of the present situation. Instead, she became worried about Edith, just like Scott.

“Have you caught the prime mover? How could she be so abominable that she used such a method to deal with you?” Lily asked again.

Scott squinted his eyes and said, “She won’t be able to have a good time for long. I will attend a dinner party in two days. At that time, I will not let go of anyone involved in this accident!”

It wasn’t long before Natan returned to the ward with steaming food. Scott helped feed Lily and stayed here with Lily until four o’clock in the morning that he went back to the Davies House.

Two days later, in Jinlin Restaurant of B City.

Scott and Natan arrived at the door of the hotel almost at the same time. When Natan saw Scott, he ran toward him immediately.

With a trace of worry on his face, he came with four powerful bodyguards behind him, obviously very careful and serious about Finn’s dinner.

“Scott, didn’t you bring a few more people?

Those from N Group may have already set up a trap for us in the hotel. ”

Natan said to him.
Scott smiled at him and said, “I can handle them by myself.”

Natan frowned. He knew that Scott was powerful, but Finn must know his strength. If he really wanted to set them up, how could Finn not be prepared with a method to deal with Scott?

However, looking at the relaxed look on Scott’s face, Natan could say nothing. Now that he had come, he had no choice but to go inside.

When they two entered Jinlin Restaurant together, it was empty. They could only see two waiters waiting at the top of the stairs.
When one of the waiters saw they coming in, he immediately came over and said, “The hotel has been booked for the whole day.
May I ask your name?”

“Scott.” Scott replied with no expressions on face.

When the waiter heard his name, he showed a gesture of invitation to Scott and said, “The guest who booked the hotel is waiting upstairs. Please follow me.”

They went upstairs together to the door of a rather luxurious private room, where the waiter told Scott and Natan that the guest who booked the hotel was waiting in for them, and then the waiter left.

Scott went to the door and pushed the door open, and found that the room was quite large, and the decoration was resplendent, and a huge chandelier seemed quite dazzling.

The table in the middle of the private room was neither too big nor too small, so that they didn’t need to talk over the table.
However, there were only two people sitting in front of the table, Finn and Margaret.

After seeing Scott and Natan coming in, Finn stood up from his seat and greeted them with a smile on his face immediately.
“It’s my bad not to pick you up downstairs. Come and have a seat. I’ve prepared the first-class maotai alcohol. I’m sure I’ll be able to entertain both of you today.”

Finn didn’t show any dislike for Scott, as if he was really going to apologize to Scott sincerely.

Scott and Natan sat down at the table, and Natan’s four bodyguards stood by him, ready to deal with any emergency.

Scott sat down and glanced at Margaret. Margaret’s eyes met with Scott’s, but Margaret moved her eyes immediately, obviously feeling guilty.

“Why, since you say you want to apologize to me, why don’t you even dare to look me in the eye? Is it possible that you have other purposes today? And you feel guilty? “ Scott asked.

Margaret snorted and said, “Don’t be too proud of yourself, Scott. Today, it is Mr. Turner that is going to apologize to you, not me. The feud between you and me cannot be solved with an apology!”

Scott curled his lips and said, “Then why are you sitting here today?”

Are you here to see Mr. Turner’s joke? ”

Margaret’s face was frozen, and for a moment she could not find a word to refute Scott.

Finn saw that when Scott came, the atmosphere became so embarrassed and stiff, so he frowned. But soon he smiled and said, “ Lord Davies, please don’t be angry. Margaret is a grumpy woman. In fact, I brought her here today also to apologize to you, but she’s a little embarrassed to say that.”

“I know that Lord Davies has some prejudices against our N Group, and we have had some unpleasant misunderstandings before, but there are no eternal enemies in the world, and now our three families are on the same boat, so why don’t we drink a glass of wine to put an end to the past and work together in the future to make profits together?”

While saying so, Finn picked up his glass and made a toast to Scott.

Natan turned around to look at Scott. He was only here to keep Scott accompany today, so all he had to do was to listen to Scott.

Scott hummed coldly, and looked down at the glass on the table and said, “Who knows if you have poisoned the glass? Why don’t you drink the glass in front of me and I’ll let go of what happened in the past?”

Finn showed an expression of embarrassment suddenly, then he put down his glass and said, “Now that Lord Davies doesn’t believe me, it seems that drinking can’t solve the problem.”

Natan saw the change in the expression of Finn and speculated that there was something wrong with the wine.

“Since I’m here to apologize to Lord Davies today, I might as well listen to Lord Davies. What do you want me to do to end our previous feud and work together in the future?”

Finn asked again.

Scott smiled and said, “If I tell you, would you really do it?”

“Of course, and since I want to apologize, I promise to be sincere.” Finn answered.

“Well, how about you and Margaret, kneel down in front of me right now and kowtow to me for ten times, and then you ask Margaret to drink the glass of wine in front of me, and I’ll let go of my feud with you?”


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