The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 511 Lily’s Request

There were several doctors gathered around Lily’s bed to examine her physical condition with various instruments in the ward.
Natan stood next to Scott and cried with joy. It was obvious that Lily’s wake-up made him very excited.

“Doctor Austin is an excellent doctor. He said my daughter would wake up within a week. Lily did wake up in a week. Although it was a few hours late, it doesn’t matter. I will buy a present for Doctor Austin to thank him for saving my daughter.” Natan stared at Scott and said.

Natan’s forehead knotted in a frown at this time. He was staring at Lily who was being examined in the bed. There were mixed feelings in his heart.

At that time, Lily suddenly woke up, which made him extremely excited, so he promised that he would agree with any request of Lily.

Given Lily’s condition, he didn’t think too much. But then he realized it and he suddenly felt regretted, because Lily probably asked him to be with her.

He was a little uneasy. He was afraid that Lily would request him to be with her, and he could not refuse because he had promised that he would accept her any request. If he refused her, it might affect her condition. By that time, it would be too late for him to regret it.

Fortunately, after Lily remained in a stable condition, she didn’t make those requests that Scott thought before, which made Scott feel relieved.

But now the request put forward by Lily still made Scott embarrassed. And the request was only a little better than those requests that Scott thought of.

After a while, the doctors finished examining Lily, and one of them came up and smiled and said to Natan, “Mr. Lowe, your daughter is in a stable condition now, but she is a little malnourished. She needs a nutrition supplement. Then she will be fine. It is a miracle that your daughter could wake up.”

Natan nodded to the doctor and he said, “Thanks to Doctor Austin. Well, since my daughter is in stable condition now, you could go back to take a good rest first. If there is any problem, I will call you again. You have looked after my daughter for so long. I will offer you a generous reward as compensation in a few days and send you to travel for some time.”

These doctors lit up with pleasure immediately when they heard what Natan said. After expressing their gratitude to Natan, they left the ward.

Scott and Natan walked to the bed and stared at Lily lying on it. Natan was happy and he said, “Lily, what do you want to eat? Dad will buy it for you. No matter what you want to eat, I can buy it for you.”

“I want to eat the dragon meat, you go to buy it,” Lily said.

Natan smiled awkwardly and said, “Lily, don’t be joking. I am serious. You just woke up and have to eat something to recover your health.”

“As you like, I want to be alone with Scott. You go to buy something now and you’d better come back tomorrow morning,” Lily said.

Natan turned to look at Scott then nodded thoughtfully and said with a smile, “OK, you can talk first, and I’ll find someone to cook something for you.”

Then he turned to leave the ward to get some delicious food for Lily.

Although it had already passed two o’clock in the morning, it was still easy for Natan to find a chef to cook something for Lily.
After Natan left, Lily looked at Scott and said, “Bring me a mirror.”

“Why do you want the mirror?” Scott asked.

Lily said, “I want to see what I look like now.”

“You are as beautiful as you used to be. When you get recovered, you can get out of bed to look in the mirror,” Scott said.
“No, I want to see it now. If you don’t bring me a mirror, I will slip into a coma again.” Even if Lily was ill, she was still willful.
Scott felt helpless because there was not any mirror. He took out his mobile phone, opened the camera and handed it to Lily.
Lily stared at herself in his mobile phone and cried, which startled Scott.

“What’s wrong with you?” Scott asked her with concern.

Lily cried and said to him, “I am so ugly now. You now certainly like me less. You go out now. I don’t want you to see me being so ugly.”

Scott was dumbfounding and looked at Lily. He took his mobile phone out of her hand and said, “You just look a little slovenly because you haven’t washed up. When you recover and get dressed up, you will be beautiful as before.”

“You said I looked slovenly. All men are bastards!” Lily cried harder.

Scott felt helpless. The girl’s mind was indeed unpredictable. He would never know what a girl was concerned about.

After a long time, Lily stopped crying and looked at Scott aggrievedly and asked, “Now you see my ugliest appearance, will you mind it?”

“No,” Scott replied.

‘Tell me whether you agree to my request,” Lily said.

Scott sighed helplessly and asked, “Are you joking?”

“I am serious. Anyway, I know I can’t marry you, so I can only marry your son,” Lily said formally.

The request that Lily made was that after Scott’s son had grown up, if she wanted to chase him, Scott couldn’t stop her. If she succeeded in chasing his son, Scott couldn’t interfere with them.

When Scott thought that Lily could get his son, he felt worried.

“Can you make another request? When my son grows up, you could be more than 30 years old. Will you wait for my son to grow up?” Scott said.

“Okay. You can promise to marry me now. I even don’t mind being your concubine. If you promised me, I would forget the former request. And I can also give you a son.” Lily immediately stared at him and said.

Scott finally made up his mind and said, “Then I’d better agree to the former request.” Anyway, he didn’t have a son now. If he had a daughter several years later, he wouldn’t need to fulfill his promise.

And even if he had a son, there would be so many years until his son had grown up. In such a long time, Lily would change her mind.

At this time, Scott could only console himself in this way.


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