The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 509 Kacper Arrived Here

Scott was confused when listening to Anastasia’s words.
“What, go to… the hotel?” Scott asked.

Anastasia suddenly became embarrassed, and suddenly realized that she had just brought herself into the plot of novel about the overbearing president. Although Scott did have a relationship with the domineering president, he was still very easy-going.
Furthermore, how could the plot of the novel appear in life

She just felt embarrassed. She was a little restless standing up for a while, and she didn’t know how to explain to Scott.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I have read too many novels, and I accidentally brought myself into the plot just now, don’t pay attention to me. I have been insane,” Anastasia said in a panic.

Scott smiled at Anastasia, and suddenly remembered Lily, who had watched too many TV shows. It might be because of Lily, Scott had a better impression of Anastasia.

“I have a younger sister. She likes watching TV series very much. She always imagines that the real world is the same as TV series. Therefore, a lot of ridiculous things have happened. You looked a bit like her just now,” Scott said.

Anastasia did not expect that Scott didn’t think she was going crazy just now. He even mentioned her sister. She was also a little surprised and said, “Then your sister should be very cute.”

“Yeah, but she is still lying on the hospital bed now.” Scott sighed helplessly.
“Sorry, I didn’t intend to mention this matter,” Anastasia apologized quickly.

Scott shook his head and signaled that it was all right, and then said, “Do you have time now, please walk with me in the welfare home.”

Anastasia nodded, thinking that the plot of the novel would not happen in life.
She followed Scott into the Anastasia, feeling a little nervous. Walking with the head of the Davies family made her very stressed.

Scott had recently become a little anxious about Edith’s affairs. He also wanted to find someone to talk about his worries, so he took this opportunity to tell Anastasia about Edith and Lily.

After learning that she looked a little like Edith, Anastasia understood why Scott would help her.
She listened to Scott telling the story of Edith as well as his sister, Lily, with deep envy in her heart.

She originally thought that a big wig like the head of the Davies family should be the kind of person who would sleep with different girls every night, but she didn’t expect Scott to be so dedicated, and she naturally envied Edith.

Every girl longed for such a person who loved herself exclusively, especially she who liked to read novels about the love of domineering presidents.

Anastasia frowned when she heard Edith’s disappearance and Lily was in a coma. She didn’t expect them to encounter such a thing.

Scott only said that they had a car accident, and did not mention that Margaret’s tricks were behind this. It was better not to talk to Anastasia about these grievances.

“Didn’t you say that, there is a genius doctor who helped your sister treat the illness, saying that she will wake up soon, and there are also clues about your wife. Cheer up, everything will be fine,” Anastasia comforted Scott.

Scott turned his head and smiled at her, and said, “I hope everything will be fine.”

Anastasia nodded solemnly, and they continued to walk in the welfare home. At this time, Anastasia suddenly realized that even the head of the Davies family was just a person with passions and desires. Scott’s feelings for Edith made Anastasia feel that he was more real.

After pouring out, Scott also felt a lot easier, and he also had hope in his heart to find Edith.
After walking around in the welfare home, Scott decided to set up a special fund for the welfare home to help the children live better.

When Anastasia heard Scott talk about it, she was moved, saying that she would definitely let the children in the welfare home know how kind Scott was.

After he was relieved, Scott didn’t keep staying in the welfare home. After calling Jordan and asked him to arrange the follow-up of the fund for the welfare home, Scott took a taxi and left here.

N Group.

In the office, Finn and Margaret were sitting together chatting. The topic was nothing more than what Maddox had done with their money, but the benefits fell to the Davies family and Tianyuan chamber of Commerce.

Finn had been in a bad mood these days. Almost every day he looked gloomy. Five or six sets of tea sets in the office had been damaged by him.

“Let this damned guy be arrogant for another two days. I will see if he can still jump in front of me when he is killed!” Finn threw out the papers and said with his mouth curled.

“When will the master you invited arrive? I just want Scott to die in a hurry. If he doesn’t die for a day, I won’t be at peace.” Margaret said, still bandaged in her hand.

“I can’t control the whereabouts of that kind of master. You’re worried, I’m also worried. Wait patiently. Guanling still has a good reputation. Since I spent money, they will send that man to me,” Finn said impatiently.

Just at this time, the door of the office was pushed open, and the secretary with black glasses came in, his face full of panic.

Finn saw the expression on his secretary’s face and became nervous. There were not many things that could make him flustered.

He stood up and asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you so flustered?”

“There was a man downstairs who wanted to see you. He didn’t tell his identity or his purpose, so the security guard stopped him. As a result, the man beat them directly and knocked all the security guards into a coma,” the secretary explained.

Finn was stunned first, then became happy. He turned to look at Margaret, saying, “The one we wait for is here, follow me down.” With that, they all rushed out of the office and headed downstairs.

In the hall of Ningyun Building, dozens of security guards fell on the ground and did not move. A man in a strong black suit stood in the middle of the hall. His momentum was like a sharp sword, which was aggressiveness.

Kacper, who was ranked first on the List of Ares, was called Human King in Guanling.

The staff in the hall were shivering and hiding in the corner. They had all seen the person making a move just now. He was so crazy and strong, so no one dared to go up and provoke him.

At this time, Finn and Margaret walked out of the elevator. When seeing the dozens of security guards who fell on the ground, he smiled instead of getting angry.

Only when Kacper was strong enough could he have a chance te kill Scott.

The moment Margaret saw Kacper, she was also surprised by the aura he showed. She had seen many masters in her life, but Kacper was the first one that could make people want to surrender at a glance.

A joking smile appeared on her face, and she murmured, “Scott, with such a master, even if you have every means, you still can’t escape. Your death date is coming soon!”


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