The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 508 I Won’t Go to Hotel With You

After hearing Scott’s words, Wilfred felt a pain in his heart. Although Scott seemed to be asking for his opinion, he didn’t dare to refusal at all.

The land of the welfare home was bought by him with considerable energy and financial resources. If he bought the land in order to continue to run the welfare home here, then he might as well invest that money somewhere else.

But now that Scott had said so, even if he was reluctant, he had to agree to it. After all, to promise Scott was only to lose a piece of land. To offend Scott, he would lose everything of Wanlong Real Estate.

Even a fool knew what it would be like to fight against the Davies family, who was now very influential in B City.

“You… you are right, Lord Davies. I actually wanted to do some good deeds a long time ago to help some friends who are in difficulty. Since you mentioned it today, I would naturally follow your advice,” Wilfred said, gritting his teeth.

Hearing Wilfred’s promise, Scott also smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you will be rewarded if you help others and do good deeds.
I will not let your money be invested in vain. If the affairs of the welfare home are handled, there will naturally be good projects for Wanlong Real Estate.”

Hearing this, Wilfred’s eyes brightened up. It was obvious that the head of the Davies family’s promise was more valuable than the money he invested.

“Thank you, Lord Davies. I will definitely handle the affairs of the welfare home. I will send someone here to renovate and replace all the contents with new ones, providing the children in the welfare home a good environment to grow up,” Wilfred agreed quickly.

After that, he turned to face everyone and shouted, “Everyone, I was blinded by money, and I was only thinking about benefits. It almost led to a disaster and welfare home was almost demolished. But fortunately, Lord Davies enlightened me in time and made me understand what I should do, so I decided to invest in the renovation of the welfare home so that the children here can live a better life!”

When everyone around heard Wilfred’s words, they all exclaimed, especially Anastasia and the teachers in the welfare home.
They never dreamed that Wanlong Real Estate, who plan to demolish the welfare home, would renovate the welfare home for them.

And everyone knew that Wilfred had such a change because of Scott.

“Oh my god, this young man turned out to be the head of the Davies family. They old saying— never judge people by their appearance—is right. No wonder he dared to compete with so many people on his own. If I were him, I would not be afraid of these people in Wanlong Real Estate, either.”

“This old saying is not suitable. He looks like he has clearly experienced a lot. It’s because of being in a high position that he can keep so calm. In fact, from the very beginning, I realize he is not a simple guy.”

“It is really lucky. Wanlong Real Estate promised to renovate the welfare home. The head of the Davies family is so kind. I don’t know why he helped the people in the welfare home.”

“Isn’t it easy to guess? Haven’t you seen that young girl, who looks so beautiful. The reason why the head of the Davies helped was her. Beautiful girls are always lucky.”

After Anastasia heard Wilfred’s words, she was in a daze. At that time, she thought Scott was asking her that question, just wanting to understand their current situation. She didn’t expect Scott to let Wanlong Real Estate changed its investment plan just because of her words.

It actually made her feel a little flustered, because she didn’t feel that she should be treated like this by the head of the Davies family.

And those female teachers were full of joy. They all knew that the reason why Scott was willing to help the welfare home was.
only because of Anastasia. Although they didn’t know why Scott helped Anastasia, they had made up the reason by imagination.

The female teachers all walked towards Anastasia and Scott. They surrounded Anastasia, thanked Scott, and praised


“Mr. Davies, thank you very much. Otherwise, we really don’t know how to maintain the welfare home. Anastasia is indeed a nice girl. She is a beautiful girl with a kind heart. It is because she has always been ready to do a turn for others, she can get you interested in her,” the middle-aged female teacher said with a smile.

The remaining teachers all echoed and praised Anastasia.

Anastasia flushed in their compliments, lowered her head shyly, and said in a low voice, “Don’t be kidding. How could Mr. Davies be interested in me?”

Scott was also a little embarrassed. One of the reasons why he helped the welfare home was because he felt that Anastasia and Edith looked a bit like each other. The other reason was that this was something he could do. If he didn’t run into it, he might not care about it, but since he ran into it, he wouldn’t stand by.

Wilfred on the side kept all the words of the female teachers in mind, and then took a close look at Anastasia. He thought Scott came here because of this girl. Therefore, he must remember the girl’s appearance and never provoke her in the future.

To ease the embarrassment, Scott turned his head to look at Wilfred, and said, “That’s all for today’s affairs. Take your people away, and remember what you promised.”

Wilfred nodded immediately and said, “Yes, Mr. Davies.”

After speaking, he turned around and left here with the bald man and his subordinates. After walking not far, Wilfred kicked the bald man a few times. Although he knew that this incident was caused by the forced demolition, Wilfred felt upset, so he could only vent his anger on the bald man.

After Wilfred took the people and left, everyone around slowly dispersed. After a while, only Scott and Anastasia and the female teachers were left at the entrance of the welfare home.

The female teachers all glanced at Scott and Anastasia with a smile, and then left here wittily.

Seeing Scott and herself left at the door, Anastasia became even more shy.

She was still a senior now. She came to the welfare home just to do volunteer work. Long ago, Anastasia imagined what kind of boy she would meet in the university. Unfortunately, she was a senior now, but she didn’t meet a suitable one.

Because she was eager for love, but couldn’t meet the right person, Anastasia liked reading novels, especially the type of domineering president. She felt that with her own personality, it was perfect to meet a domineering president.

And just today, she met Scott, the head of the Davies family. And even domineering president in the novels didn’t seem as powerful as he was. And what happened today was similar to the plot in the novel. Scott just hit her and helped the welfare home save such a problem.

It made Anastasia tie Scott and the male god that she had fantasized for a long time in her heart.

And according to the plot in the novel, the domineering president often helped Cinderella, and then Cinderella would fall in love with the president.

‘No, I should be more reserved. The heroines in the novel refused at first, and then were forcibly taken away by the domineering president, so that the domineering president can show his dominance.’ Anastasia thought.

Anastasia looked at Scott nervously and a little expectantly, and said, “Mr….Mr. Davies, I am very grateful for everything you did for us today, but I won’t go to the hotel with you.”



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