The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 506 There Should Be Someone Taking Care of It

Scott knocked all the bald man’s men down. The bald man stared at Scott in horror. He couldn’t help taking two steps back.
Scott threw the stick to the ground, turned his head and looked at the bald man.

After swallowing his saliva, the bald man quickly turned around, rushed towards the excavators and shouted, “Drive the excavators towards that guy and crush him to death!”

Scott rushed forward quickly, directly jumping on one of the excavators. He grabbed the driver and then threw him to the ground.

Then he did the same thing, throwing the driver of another excavator to the ground. After that, he gave the bald man a kick, making him fall on his face.

Seeing Scott did all these moves quickly, people around were shocked a lot.
“It…I’s so amazing! Has he ever been a soldier of special troops? He defeats so many people on his own!”

“The soldiers of special troops are not as good at fighting as he is. No wonder he dares to interfere with this matter. He is so good at fighting.”

“He’s indeed good at fighting. However, those people are employed by Wanlong Real Estate. He can’t deal with this matter by purely fighting. Now, he knocks down so many people. It means that it has become a serious matter. If people of Wanlong Real Estate is going to do something about it, I’m afraid that this young man will suffer.”

The bald man got up, looked at Scott with some fear and spoke with a somewhat trembling voice, “You…You’re good at fighting, but it’s not over. We’re working for Wanlong Real Estate. You stop us from doing our job. Do you think that the people of Wanlong Real Estate will let you get away with it? I’m going to make a phone call to the boss of Wanlong Real Estate. He will definitely have a way to deal with you. You’re done!”

After saying that, the bald man took out his mobile phone and made a phone call.

“Hi, Mr. Elliott. We’re now in trouble. An unknown guy beats all of us and stops us from demolishing the welfare house. I really can’t deal with it, so I call you.” The bald man acted as if he was aggrieved.

Just after he finished speaking, Scott took his mobile phone.

“What are you doing? Give my cell phone back to me! I’m talking to the boss of Wanlong Real Estate on the phone. Are you out of your mind?” The bald man shouted.

After Scott glared at him, he was so frightened that he immediately shut up.
Scott put the mobile phone near his, asking, “Are you Wilfred?”

“Who is that?” Wilfred asked in a puzzled voice.


Scott heard the sound obviously made in a panic. Then Wilfred spoke in a trembling voice, “Lord Davies…Lord Davies, why is that you? What on earth happened?”

“Come here, and you’ll know then. I’m at the door of the welfare house. If you want to deal with it, come here now. Otherwise, I’ll lower the boom.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Lord Davies, wait a moment, please. I’ll be right there soon.” Wilfred hurriedly answered.
After hanging up the phone, Scott threw it to the bald man. Then, he turned around and walked towards that girl.
After taking his mobile phone and finding that Scott had hung up the phone, the bald man immediately shouted to Scott, “What

did you say to Mr. Elliott? Have you said something you shouldn’t say? Are you f*cking out of your mind?”

Scott ignored him. After coming close to that girl, he spoke, “I’ve basically solved the problem. After the boss of Wanlong Real Estate comes here, I’ll talk to him about the welfare house. Before he finds a new place for you, the welfare house will definitely not be demolished. Ask the teachers to take the children back now. They shouldn’t be involved in this matter.”

After hearing what Scott said, that girl immediately widened her eyes and asked, “Will…Will the boss of Wanlong Real Estate come here? Will…Will it be more difficult to deal with this matter?”

Scott smiled and said, “No. The reason why I ask him to come here is that I want to deal with this matter. In my presence, their boss dares not to make trouble for you.”

Scott spoke evenly, but that girl was greatly shocked. Scott said that the boss of Wanlong Real Estate dared not make trouble for them in his presence. It meant that the boss of Wanlong Real Estate dared not to act unscrupulously in the presence of Scott.

Wanlong Real Estate had been a very large enterprise in the B City. Even its boss dared not to make trouble for them in the presence of Scott. Then who on earth was Scott?

In an instant, that girl thought of a possibility. She remembered the Davies family and its current head–Scott. Both the Davies family and Scott were often discussed in the B City recently.

“Believe me.” Scott smiled at that girl again. Then he went to talk to those teachers, asking them to take the children of the welfare house back first.

Those teachers clearly knew one thing: under such circumstance, they could no longer influence this event. These children were innocent and they were forced to stop the bald man and his men with these children.

Then, under the command of Scott and that girl, they sent the children back to the welfare house. Only those teachers and that

girl still stayed at the door of the welfare house.

“Fella, after you help us in this way, the people of Wanlong Real Estate will definitely not let you get away with it. If they really make trouble for you, tell them that it’s all our fault. Anyway, under such circumstances, I’m not afraid of nothing.” The middle- aged female teacher spoke to Scott.

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. I’ll handle this matter for you.”

At this moment, the bald man had recovered. In his opinion, Scott must had said something that angered Wilfred, so Wilfred would come here in person to teach Scott a lesson.

And Scott must be pretending to be calm now.

After hearing what Scott said, he immediately sneered, “Guy, be realistic. When Mr. Elliott really comes here, you’ll be done.
None of you can get away with it!”

That girl had guessed who Scott was, but she was not sure. Therefore, she came close to Scott and asked, “Well, could you tell me your name?”

“Scott Davies.” Scott replied with a smile.

That girl was immediately shocked. As far as she knew, the name of the current head of the Davies family was Scott Davies.
And it seemed that the man before her was not joking with her.

“My…My name Anastasia Willis. Thank you very much.” After trying hard to calm herself down, that girl said.

“They try to unreasonably demolish the welfare house by force. There should be someone taking care of it.” Scott said with a smile.

Before long, a black Mercedes-Benz drove to the door of the welfare house. Seeing that, the bald man hurriedly came close to the door, bent down, opened the door and said with a smile, “Mr. Elliott, you’re finally here. That guy is very arrogant. Only you can teach him a lesson.”

Seeing the boss of Wanlong Real Estate really came here, people looked at Scott with sympathy.
Wilfred got off the car. Now, his face was drenched with sweat. That was because he was scared on the way to come here.

After getting off the car, he saw the bald man. The bald man was lowering his head and bending over. Without saying a word, Wilfred directly gave him a kick and scolded him, “What trouble did you get me in? You should offend that person. If anything goes wrong, I won’t let you off!”


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